Sleepy’s Coming to the 1300 block of U Street, NW


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“looks like sleepy’s is about ready to open on the 1300 block of u street — saw them hauling mattresses in there this morning. can’t say I hate the addition to the ‘hood!”

So what’s the Sleepy’s equivalent for CityCenter?

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  • “So what’s the Sleepy’s equivalent for CityCenter?” – I don’t think their conscience allows them to sleep.

    • Not necessary. Their clientele only sleeps on their Gulfstreams (or private suites on Emirates if they’re slumming it).

  • Tsar of Truxton

    This seems out of place to me.

  • I guess it’s nice to diversify from bar/restaurant scene….but a mattress store? I know people need mattresses…just seems like it would be expensive rent for a mattress store to survive.

  • I’m so happy to see something besides another small plate restaurant open.

  • At least it’s not another overpriced restaurant. We need more daytime traffic in the area. Not sure Sleepy’s is the answer to that. I thought the JBG hotel across the street was a pretty good idea, but that had to be scrapped. What would be a great location for a hotel is the building behind the 13th St metro entrance, where DPR currently is.

    Wasn’t this a Bank of America branch?

    • It was a Bank of America (formerlly Coutrywide) Mortgage office. You could not do banking transactions there….only mortgages.

      • And sometimes not even those. I lived at 11th & Florida and when I closed on my BoA loan, I had to go to the Columbia Heights branch – they said I couldn’t go to that one.

  • Has anyone tried these online mattress brands? They seem like good quality/prices but you can’t try them out in person. or

    • I got a Tuft and Needle mattress eight months ago and love it. I think they have a 30 day no questions asked return policy.

    • FWIW, Accountering speaks well of Saatva (sp?). Littlen bought a mattress set there on Accountering’s recommendation, and I think she’s been happy with it.

  • I’m kinda surprised that Verizon; T-mobile; or AT&T haven’t opened a store on 14th and/or U Street area.

    • AT&T has a Cricket store there. I’m surprised they didn’t turn it into an AT&T store when they bought Cricket.

  • don’t mind the store – but I was surprised how big and awful looking that sign was – not necessary…

    • That sign is seriously problematic. It’s too large and so bright that it overpowers everything on the street. It belongs at the far end of an empty suburban strip mall parking lot, not hanging over U Street.

  • Agree with RKM, this seems out of place to me, too. As a discount retailer, it seems more appropriate for a strip mall than an urban streetscape IMO. No doubt with all the development in the vicinity there’s plenty of mattresses to be sold but they might find it tough going in that location. I’m still waiting for a solid, classy (dare I say upscale?) irish pub/sports bar in the neighborhood along the lines of a Ri Ra, but preferably not a chain (at least not a national one, local/regional I could live with)

  • They already have a location in Dupont on Conn Ave & R, so this it is interesting to open one here as well. I assume they are going after all the new people moving into the tons of new condos around U St.

  • As a resident of the building, this is a huge disappointment. There’s no way this store will last very long

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