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  • justinbc

    It would probably be more effective if businesses he’s actually likely to frequent (or his coworkers frequent) did this.

  • epric002

    i hope to see many, many more of these signs around the district.

  • i would be willing to go out of my way to support any business that did this.

  • what did this guy do?

  • Nothing more meaningful than passive activism.

    • If you have suggestions for more effective means of activism, by all means do chime in.

      • Off the top of my head, maybe do something to impede his ability to perform his duties. Sit-ins, phone-ins, mail dumps, etc. The impact of wasted time will make more of an impact at the source than this little sign. Actually do something physically and literally take a stand. Taping up a photocopy does what? At most, you are placing the burden of statement making on the consumers to support the cause by supporting your shop? At cynical worst, you’re exploiting it. It’s no different than buying a box of pink cereal to “support” breast cancer.

        • Per the earlier thread, there already are people calling and emailing his office to express their dspleasure. Or to report minor local concerns for him to address, since he acts like he is our representative. However, those have limited reach, since we aren’t actually his constituents.

          • They have more reach through their inconvenience and waste of his staff’s time than this time. Rosa Parks didn’t hashtag it in. It’s a long, grinding away process requiring commitment and sacrifice to accomplish something as significant as social/political parity. This is kind of embarrassingly juvenile, tantrum like, easily dismissed from serious discourse.

        • Buying a box of “pink” cereal could actually go a long way towards supporting breast cancer. Cause marketing is one of the least expensive ways to fundraise and raises both awareness of the issue and funds for the non-profit (typically the producer is donating per unit sold, sometimes up to a cap).

          Now if you’re one of those people who believe non-profits should not pay their employees decent living wages or that non-profits should have no overhead, you’re not going to like cause marketing. But it is still is very effective for a number of non-profits and their programs.

        • You implement *your* suggestion and let others do their part. The time you’re spending on here criticizing someone else’s activism could be dedicated to your own.

      • Donating money to an opponent goes a heck of lot further than a snarky sign.

        • I think it does help spread the message that Rep. Harris is who we should be targeting and blaming for this interference. There’s nothing wrong with doing all of the things above AND this. To assume this is the limit of this business’s activism is just that, an assumption. But at least it helps keep people thinking about the issue, which to me, is the biggest problem with the DC Vote movement. No one can keep the momentum going. We all get angry when things like this happens and then go about our lives. It’s nice to have an enemy and Rep. Harris will do just fine.

  • Weren’t there a lot of people who opposed businesses taking a political stance not too long ago?

    • Yep, and I was one of them. Still think it is a risky idea to do politics on your business front window. Why alienate even one paying customer? CHB is my local bike store, and I’ve bought bikes and had my bikes serviced there. However, I don’t like these in-your-face kinds of posters- whatever your politics may be. BTW, Harris and his staff are likely to never use or even hear about CHB, so this is a pointless (and except for PoP, ignored) publicity stunt at best.

      • Yes, but you’d admit it’s a risk the business owners have every right to take if they so choose? I’d say the owners of that business probably care enough to take the risk. I applaud them for it.

      • You’re missing the point, and biker boys are probably include a lot of 420 fans. Alienating hard core right wingers isn’t going to hurt a bike shop.

      • (and except for PoP, ignored)

        Except for PoP and a decent sized headline on the Washington Post page right now.

  • clevelanddave

    Soooo… I guess then all those who support this are ok for a business to boycott an individual or group of Individuals who hold a position you do like and support? I’ll keep that in mind when the issue is a favorite of yours- maybe the environment or a lifestyle issue or a liberal/libertarian politician…

    • Dave, do your worst. 😉

    • This isn’t a pet issue, this is a question of democracy. This is an elected official overturning the will of the people who voted for something at a 2 – 1 margin. People he doesn’t represent, nor is he accountable to.

  • Mixing politics and business can be dicey. The punch at the pug brouhaha was not that much fun. I think it’s pretty funny. A little smile while hating congress isn’t so bad. I know he’s the main boogeyman here, but really aren’t they all culpable on the hill? Has anyone but Corey Booker spoken in our defense?

  • I wish DC Vote would organize some kind of event where I could show up to demonstrate my rage. I sent in something to Harris’s website, but I want to do something more. Someone really needs to capture the anger and turn it in a constructive direction.

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