Dear PoPville – Getting Back at MD Representative Andy Harris

by Prince Of Petworth December 12, 2014 at 2:30 pm 49 Comments


Also from the forum:

“MD Representative Andy Harris is at it again… He has written legislation to block the legalization of Marijuana in DC, a law for which over 65% of the DC population voted in favor.

I say that since it seems that he is so interested in having an effect on the laws of our city, that we should all call into his office with our requests for what he can do to improve our city. Beware that he will probably try to do the exact opposite of what we want.

What is even more amusing about what he is doing is that if you try to e-mail him through his website, you have to use a zip code verification form to even be able to send him an e-mail, and DC zip codes do not work. I had to use a different form to send him a message with my thoughts.

Please join me in doing as much as we can to annoy Rep. Harris for trying to get involved in the policies of our city, of which he is NOT a resident.”

Also a few folks have tweeted me from reddit:

“My fellow Washingtonians, Rep. Andy Harris doesn’t give a damn about District residents or our rights, so let’s blacklist him! We can generate and distribute signs/stickers/posters with his face, words like “Persona non Grata” (or something similar), and ask local businesses to display them. We could also put up signs with similar messages all around the District.

Technically, what he’s doing is legal, but we all know that it isn’t right. Hoping my fellow redditors and others will share ideas to make this happen. Let’s show Harris and his staff that if they aren’t going to respect the will of the people, we will protest and disrupt in every way possible until they do.”

Which resulted in a Black List Andy Harris tumblr.


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