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  • I’m (nearly) speechless. Big change, eh?

  • Did they totally screw with the perspective in those renderings to confuse enough people that they won’t be disappointed when another cookie cutter condo building goes up?

    • pcat

      I was just going to say the same thin. The last rendering I saw did not have the Leaning Tower of Logan.

    • They’ve been using this rendering for awhile. I want to see how how much people will have to spend in order to live next to a noisy gas station (awful music at odd hours of the day).

  • I just want to know how much they paid for the air rights that allow the building to spread cartoonishly outward onto the lots next to it.


  • Not sure what’s going on with the renderings but I assume it’s a photo of a printout or something that just looks skewed. Building itself looks rather uninspired, although it looks like 8 or 10 units will have private roofdecks as well as a shared roofdeck out front? That’s pretty nice touch, if so.

  • Can these developers come up with an original name without “Logan” in the marque? YAWN

  • Is that a person hanging on the side of the building in the first rendering?

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