Reader Reports Shots Fired at 9th and Quincy St, NW near Petworth Metro

A reader reports:

“At least 6 shots fired, vehicles seen fleeing. A whole mess of cops there now, searching the neighborhood”

On twitter @PoPville followers say shots were heard around 7:30pm. More info if/when it is known.

Update: MPD says this morning the investigation is ongoing.

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  • We heard them too, but we face away from Quincy St, so we couldn’t see the car or police response. Was anyone hurt?

  • This is the fourth incident in less than a week involving a shooting with multiple shots fired in petworth. I’m hoping the 4D can get a handle on the situation.

    • +1000

      I was just telling a friend about the recent upturn in shootings in Petworth. I do hope the cops can figure out what’s up and tamp it down.

  • Jesus christ, when will the clowns over at MPD get it together on this? No news on any of these shootings other than “we don’t believe they are related.” A 12 year-old gets shot and they don’t seem to be doing anything to stop this.

    • Clowns at MPD? Seriously? Talk about misplaced outrage. You do realize that cops can’t be everywhere all the time and these criminals try not to get caught, right? My fear is that these dangerous individuals are growing in numbers exceeding the ability of MPD to effectively combat them. How about some outrage about that?

      • Are you kidding? Sorry to tell you, but if someone can be robbed and shot in their own backyard (800 block of Emerson) and the policy do nothing about it, your police are clowns.

    • A 12 year old getting shot is about the only thing that gets MPD or the local media to pay attention, but then it doesn’t help when local media interview neighbors who profess that the neighborhood is “quiet and safe” when in reality there is gun violence several times a week. C’mon neighbors: when you have a microphone, let folks know that you want something done about it.

  • Heard them last night. There were 5 or 6 police cars on scene after the incident.
    9th st below Quincy is a creepy area at night, lots of dudes hanging out, smoking weed, and shouting at people walking by

    • “Hanging out, smoking weed, and shouting at people” – perhaps Andy Harris knows better than the voters of DC. because removing barriers to mj isn’t going to help with this problem one bit. Conversely, it will remove the only justification for the cops to engage these people as “hanging out” and “shouting at people” are both legal.

      • If I remember correctly, smoking weed in public still won’t be legal.

        • Tom, nothing to do with mary jane legalization bc smoking will still not be allowed in public. Besides, it’s not so much the weed smoking that disturbs me bc weed raaaaaarely makes somebody violent. What annoys me there is the potential dealers that it could bring. It’s the catcalling and low-level harassment that could someday escalate

    • smoking weed has nothing to do with these crimes.

      the underground market for weed, on the other hand, is a huge contributor to violent crime in our neighborhoods.

  • I live in Park Place at Petworth Metro and these shots were right outside my balcony on 9th. I heard 2 shots and then between 4-5 more rapid shots after a brief pause and immediately called MPD. I’m relatively new to Petworth and have to admit that this block is the only one where I’ve ever felt mildly uncomfortable. I hope MPD gets this one figured out quickly.

    • @djan07, Welcome to the neighborhood. You’ll love it here. These hoodlums are by-far the exception to the good folks in Petworth.

      • Are they really the exception if this is happening with this frequency and MPD claims these incidents aren’t related? Welcome to the neighborhood, sure, but I hope you’re ok with the risk of stray bullets flying into your home. I’m not.

        • Thousands of people live in Petworth. A small handful cause problems from time to time. Is it an issue? Yes. Is it still an exception to the norm? Yes.

      • 9th St still has a ways to go to catch up with the surrounding blocks. There are still dealers operating there, but they’re a lot less blatant than they were a few years ago. The cops know about their operation, the neighbors know about their operation. One day it’ll be gone – but it’s not going to be fast.

        • You couldn’t be more wrong. The number of people loitering on the street has significantly decreased in the past few years after a couple of problem neighbors left. Are there occasionally kids sometimes taking drugs on the street? Yes. Selling them? No.

          • US Marshals finally pushing the guys out of 902 was a big deal. But if you don’t think the dude with the dreads on the bicycle who goes back and forth between there and 10th & quebec (and surrounding blocks) isn’t in some way dealing, you’re kidding yourself. I agree it’s a LOT better, but it’s not perfect yet. In 2009, the street literally resembled something out of the Wire (kids on bicycles spotting, runners, etc)

          • There’s no question that the total number of people loitering on street has gotten better, at least since I moved there 3 years ago. Unfortunately, the people loitering were mostly just there drinking and hanging out. They’re gone but the core contingent of drug sellers is still definitely there. And I’d say that while 3 years ago it was essentially an open air drug market, and it’s now at least more discreet., there are still absolutely drugs being sold regularly on 9th.

  • epric002

    this is really getting out of hand. did anyone see this reported in either the MPD Daily Crime Report or get a DCAlert? if you’re available, please attend the neighborhood meeting with MPD this thursday at 7pm at the raymond rec center.

    • Definitely going to the community meeting this Thursday. In DC, Police seem to respond to squeaky wheels so if you want the area to improve make the effort and show up!

  • When will MPD 4 be held accountable?

    • For what? Not knowing in advance where and when criminals are going to shoot at people?

      • Yes, exactly. PoPville readers have a pretty good sense of where shit goes down, and they’re not spending more than an hour a day on the question. Why can’t the cops figure it out?
        “Police work is as much about preventing crime as it is about fighting crime.”

        • That’s hilarious. You actually think that the cops know less about where shit goes down than PoPville readers? I’m also going to make a bold (not really) assertion that the cops know far more about police work than PoPville readers do. I’m not happy that there are shootings in my neighborhood. But this kneejerk assumption that it means the cops are doing a lousy job doesn’t follow for me.
          Also, where is that quote from? I agree with it, but saying it doesn’t mean it’s always possible.

      • For the rise in violent crime in Petworth. They do little other than react and respond. How many times do crimes actually lead to arrests?

      • no, for not having a presence on the street. i call about once a month. calling 311 to pick up the dumping on the street is more productive than calling the cops simply to drive slowly down the street. 9th street is one block long here, so it’s basically an alley. ie. few people drive through, so sketchy things gravitate towards it. not to mention that there’s an elementary school and community center within 100s of yards of it. you’d think that’d be reason enough to respond to the community’s concerns…

      • At a minimum they could solve crimes after they happen. It’s not like these thugs are mastermind criminals. If MPD can’t close a few of these cases they should definitely be held accountable. Bowser needs to get on this. All of these are blocks from her campaign headquarters.

  • Where the hell is BOWSER on this? Not a peep from our CM or MPD. Kidnappings, shootings, and not a word from the electeds. Disgraceful.

  • Called 911 after hearing the shots and was *on hold* for over two minutes before I gave up, figuring plenty of others had called.

    Let me reiterate: I was on hold after dialing 911 for over two minutes, and never talked to anybody. Hopefully if anyone was actually shot, they wouldn’t have to wait on hold before talking to an operator.

  • Park Place management can directly aid in helping security on 9th Street improve by installing cameras that have a few of the street from their building (particularly the alleyway at the first right turn once you’re off of 9th). Individual homeowners can do this too – but none of us really want to be “the one” who’s identified in court as hosting the camera with the damning evidence. Enter corporate Park Place. The minimal investment should serve their own interests of having a safer neighborhood which will improve the rents they can command.

    • *few = view

    • you wouldn’t be identified in court if your camera was the source of damning evidence.

      • HaileUnlikely

        But as long as there’s only one house with a camera, then unless it was hidden very well, the defendants could easily enough surmise that it was from “the house with the camera.” And it would obviously be more straightforward to retaliate against the owner of “the house with the camera” than to take on “the several hundred unit apartment building whose off-site management company installed cameras.”

        • ^ This. The selling of drugs is a really profitable enterprise. The people at the top will make sure to use intimidation if someone is cutting into their profits. Works for a homeowner. Doesn’t work for a corporation that owns an apartment building. I’ve always wanted to start a neighborhood coalition of wifi cameras to get more eyes on the street (would help with incidents like this, car break-ins, robberies, package thefts, etc) but haven’t quite figured out how to do it. If you could convince everyone to put one up, there’s a unified front and more safety for all.

  • It’s no secret which house is the problem house on 9th st.

    • Have you or the commenter called the police to investigate or to track down the “guy on a bike in dreds”? The squeaky wheel gets the grease and the cops obviously aren’t monitorinf this area so its up to the residents to do our own policing – apparently.

      • The cops know who every dealer in the neighborhood is, both by sight and by name. The better question is whether they ever have enough credible information to make an arrest (that sticks). The dealers aren’t dumb – they know how to avoid doing anything that will get them into trouble. If you go to a PSA meeting or talk directly to the cops, you’ll find this out. To get a meaningful arrest, they need to have positive evidence of an exchange of drugs and money. That is extremely challenging for them to do. Sure, they can turn up the heat by parking on a corner, etc…but they can’t do it forever, unfortunately.

    • Is it just one house? Or more? I knew the ones on Quincy, but I don’t know about 9th as I usually don’t wander down there too often.

  • This comment is spot on. Working with MPD to install cameras would be ideal. There have been two homes in the area — one on 9th and one on Quebec Place that have almost a decade of crime issues. MDP knows very well who those folks are. Whether they are the source of last night’s issues are not yet known. I bet MPD is quietly working the issue. And, let’s not forget that MPD has helped us a great deal in the last several years. They shut down crime houses at 902, 909, and 1207 Quincy. It takes time, but they have helped. And so did many neighbors.

    • has anyone ever heard of a case where the MPD crime cameras led to a conviction? I don’t think they have. They are placebos there to make you feel like MPD is doing something.

  • I was walking home from the metro — north along New Hampshire towards Grant Circle — probably 10 minutes before this happened. This is really scary. My comment isn’t directly related to the activity on 9th but I continually wonder who to contact about adding lights to the NH side of the metro station area? There’s a stoop immediately next to the metro yard – next to the Temple of Truth – that always has ppl loitering on the steps. There’s often a dog chained up, too. The loiterers often take up the width of the sidewalk and I feel unsafe walking around them. I try to convince myself that they’re probably harmless drunks with no place to go but I’d feel safer if there were more lights along that first block of NH in the evening. It seems dark by contrast to the immediate metro station area. I’m not sure if that white row house next to Temple of Truth is a flop house or what. Any suggestions as to who to contact about this (getting added lights)? Maybe it won’t make a difference in terms of who hangs out but at least it won’t be so dark for shading dealings to happen out in the open.

    • I agree it’s a problem. On the busy, highly trafficked streets, DC uses huge lights that illuminate the streets, but the sidewalks are very dark. This problem happens mostly on the streets named after states. New Hampshire, Illinois, Arkansas, Kansas… The sidewalks are very dark and need better lighting. Is suggest contacting DPW.

  • epric002

    and at 4:10, got this crime alert: Alert: Attempt Robbery Force and Violence 1545 hrs at 10th and Randolph St. NW. No usable look out at this time.
    DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/ EVENT # I20140673183
    Sent to 4th District (PSA 401-409) Alert DC
    at least we got an alert about this one?

  • Would anyone be interested in co-signing a letter to the MPD 4th District Commander asking for MPD to install police cameras on the street as a crime deterrent? I’ll plan to attend the community Meeting this Thursday at 7pm at the Raymond Rec Center, with a copy of a letter.

    • Crime deterrent or housing price lowering mechanism? I’m not sure it’s the answer, as it’ll just push the dealers a block or so down to be out of its view. Neighborhood pressure that they’re unwelcome (mostly by repeated calls to the police when you “see something”) will serve us better.

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