K Street Ray’s Hell Burger Too Saga Gets Serious – “until then we continue to fight in court…”


Just when it was looking good why did I have to say – Let the saga continue! A jinx waiting to happen. Thanks to @WeinDC for the update:

“What the…will we ever have a #rays”

@iankapuza also sends:

“@PoPville I guess this explains the delay for @Rayshellburger in Mt Vernon Square [451 K St, NW]”

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  • justinbc

    Well that stinks. I hope they’re not being forced to pay rent there while they wait.

  • we could all use a rays

  • Bet he is wishing he has opened that rumored Adams Morgan Location instead. Streetscape project completed. Like 5 condo developments under construction. Hotel on the way. And that space that was rumored is still vacant I believe?

  • Ugh. I doubt this bodes well for future relations between Ray’s and the landlord…

  • Didn’t they have landlord issues in Rosslyn as well? What is their deal…

    • Indeed they did which is why they moved out of their location on Wilson Blvd. directly across the street to another building.

  • Landrum is such a dbag. Based on his history of landlord relations, I’m skeptical. The guy does make an amazing burger though.

  • I love their burgers, but I am kind of glad. The Ray’s would be too close to my place. I might end up eating there too often.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    When Results the Gym was there, they had issues with the landlord as well. I think it had to do with a plumbing issue, specifically to the fire sprinkler system. There was some kind of major leak and flooding. Half their ceiling tiles had to be removed and had temporary plastic sheeting overhead. Eventually Results up and left. Hoping the current tenant, Vida Gym, fares better.

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