Pedestrian struck at 13th and Q St, NW around 6:30pm


A reader reports:

“occurred at around 6:30 PM. Dark Range Rover with VA tags turning left from eastbound Q St to northbound 13th St struck a female pedestrian in the crosswalk across 13thst. Victim cried out. Police on scene within minutes, EMS shortly after. Victim alert as she was loaded into ambulance was moving.”

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  • Was this a hit and run?

  • Prolly due to low visibility and speed. There was a nasty rain at the time. It must have happened right after i passed by the accident location while running to catch my spinning class. I am hoping the victim is doing well and sending my good vibes.

    Here’s the situation. What needs to be debated in Logan Circle and 14th St. are:
    1) Speed on main and side roads. And possibly lowering the speed limits in the area by 5 miles, at least. Especially speeding on 14th St. is out of control.
    2) An immediate solution to pedestrian crosswalks and again especially the ones on 14th St.

    Re #1, I request the City to install speed cameras on multiple locations on 14th St. below U St. These will be permanent speed cams to bring safety and insanity to 14th St. traffic. 14th St. Below U is a very populated area now and each day the population is growing with the new buildings.

    Re #2, for how long will the City wait until a pedestrian(s) get hit on 14th while crossing one of those crosswalks without the traffic lights? The cars either won’t stop or when they do the front bumpers almost touch my knees. Bonus for taxicabs honking at you. I stopped using those crosswalks long ago. Too dangerous. If they are so useless what are their purpose?? Just remove them and direct people to the traffic lights.

    Again, this accident is not the first but, with the current rules and the setup, it won’t be the last. It’s the City’s responsiblity to prevent further injuries.

    This is my open letter to the community and thank you Popville for this great platform.

    • Agreed on the crosswalks on 14th below U Street being dangerous. Even though pedestrians have the right of way there is minimal signage, and cars rarely stop.

    • Many sensible points, but this accident was at 13th & Q. It’s close to 14th St but that’s where the similarities end. Based on the description – a vehicle turning left from Q onto 13th northbound – we don’t know that speed was a factor. It may have been a driver not paying attention while turning left – which happens all too often, but won’t be fixed by speed cameras on 14th St. But you’re totally right that cars go too fast on 14th, and those crosswalks without lights are crazy.

    • This pedestrian was in a zebra striped crosswalk according to the information provided. Any vehicle turning left had an obligation to yield.

    • So what–this is 13th which is largely residential and more narrow.

    • It wasn’t a nasty rain.. it was basically a mist at the time. I had crossed this intersection about 30 seconds before it happened. By the time I got into my door 1/2 block away, my BF was at the window because he heard the screams and the cops were there within seconds.

  • DC needs to pass a law similar to NYC, where you cannot turn at a red light. This should help with people making right turns, but not left, as was in this case.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Turning on red is probably the best time to turn because the pedestrians have a don’t walk (of course, that assumes they don’t jaywalk when you have the space to turn right). Turning right is tricky when the pedestrians have a walk sign and then you need to wait (too many cars try to rush out of the box and cut off the pedestrians before they can cross). Turning left is worse because the cars are looking at on coming traffic, see a gap and try to gun it across traffic only to see pedestrians in their way (not the case on Q though as it is a one way, so the turning right issues are more likely the cause).

    • Wouldn’t help in this instance. Makes no sense in many parts of the city. Despite being a non car owner, I find it amusing how the proponents of more car regulation approach things in such a heavy handed way, which makes it easy to view them as dogmatic trolls.

      • That’s not how I took the prior comment at all. Right turn on red is legal some place and not in others (besides NYC). We should be able to have a conversation about whether they make sense in pedestrian-dense parts of the city (personally, I don’t know if it is the answer) without calling people heavy-handed, dogmatic, or trolls.

    • Shut the heck up with that nonsense! As someone else pointed at that’s really the only time to get through when the pedestrians don’t have the right of way, and can help not back up traffic

  • That intersection is controlled by traffic signals. If the driver was turning left from Q to 13th, then traffic on Q would have a green light, and pedestrians crossing 13th would be given the “walk” signal. According to the description provided, the driver illegally failed to yield to the pedestrian. Some people think a green light is carte blanche to move their death boxes.

    • I ride my bike every day in the city so I am pretty attune to issues relating to careless and unsafe urban drivers, and I agreed with everything you said…until you felt compelled to end your statement with that absurd reference to “death boxes.”

      Can you see us down here from way atop that high horse?

      • Cars are as deadly as guns, and we let just about every adult use them. That should make you angry.

        • west_egg

          “Cars are as deadly as guns”
          Somebody dies every time you use a car in the way it was intended to be used? I was not aware of that!

  • Yep, completely driver error to blame, not anything unusually unsafe about the intersection. Only safe option would be to have this and all intersections stop all traffic and have a time when only pedestrians have the green light, walking in all four directions. The setup we have for turns, where drivers can turn but have to look out for pedestrians who have the right of way, is inherently a bit unsafe for pedestrians. That said, I’m careful to not hit pedestrians when driving, and since I became an adult have always been amazed at the way running down pedestrians who have the right of way is usually considered “an accident” rather than negligence, with just a slight tap on the wrist given to the driver.

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