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  • Sounds like they didn’t pay off some of the cooks/staff. That’s a very shiesty move if that’s the case – you don’t short-change your staff.

    • Maybe you shouldn’t make such accusatory assumptions, especially about the owners of what was for years a community institution.

      • Did you not read the actual graffiti? The accusations were made by those responsible for the graffiti.

        • Yes, I read it. I don’t see where they specifically address the words that were written to the owners of Duffy’s. Graffiti is made all of the time that isn’t directed at the owner of the canvas.

          I see why you made those assumptions, I just think you jumped to a conclusion a bit too quickly.

          • This isn’t graffiti, there is no artistic intent.
            If there was one car on the block with “asshole” spray painted on it, would you assume it was graffiti or that the car’s owner had really pissed someone off?
            If it wasn’t devoid of art and localized to just this building I might feel different but I don’t see any reason to be purposefully obtuse and ignore the clear message.
            I’m not in a position to judge the truthfulness of their accusations but I don’t think it is a stretch at all to read it is such.
            Taggers also tend to avoid windows and storefronts because they get cleaned up fast and believe it or not care how their stuff looks, and that wouldn’t look good to any tagger/artist. Plus, like I said, it isn’t a tag or graffiti.

          • Of course it’s graffiti.
            graf·fi·ti: writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.

        • What accusations? Are you referring to “CROOK” and “THEIF [sic]”? Those are pretty vague to qualify as “accusations.”
          I also see “FAT ASS” (at least twice).

    • Why would you make that assumption? Isn’t it better to have some evidence before you publicly state such an awful thing…anonymously?

      I hope you got coal in your stocking.

  • Wasn’t going to comment on this at all. But just to reply to the above post. We don’t know who would do this, …but all the staff were paid, they are great people and wouldn’t do anything like this regardless.
    Andy Duffy

    Here’s to a better 2015 🙂

  • It seems like there’s been a lot of graffiti added in the past month around Logan Circle, Shaw and U Street Corridor. Not saying it’s related, just an observation.

  • Does anybody know why Duffys closed? The quick closing and common explanation don’t seem to make sense considering how much business it seemed to get. Just seems like there is more to the story.

    • Not sure but a lot of great places in the neighborhood have closed up when their lease comes up for renewal. The $/sqft has skyrocketed for those commercial properties. No idea if that is the case with Duffy’s, but they opened 8 years ago when neighborhood rents demanded a fraction of what they do today.

  • The France family intends to show up tomorrow with some graffiti cleaner. Andy Duffy is a good man, who opened and ran a great place, and was a tremendous support to our beloved Washington Renegades Rugby Football Club. This is a brutal area to make it for food/beverage/hospitality and we know plenty of good people who have had to close up. Wishing you well in the New Year Andy.

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