Washington, DC


“Dear PoPville,

On November 3rd, I got a ticket for parking illegally during street cleaning. Yes, November 3rd — after street cleaning was supposedly over on October 31. It was so odd that a very kind neighbor left a note on my car reminding me not to pay the ticket. So I contested the ticket on the grounds that street cleaning ends on October 31 but didn’t step out to take a picture of the sign because I figured all the signs across the city say the same thing and if the hearing examiner has ever parked in DC he or she would recognize the error.

I was wrong. Today I received a letter stating that my evidence is insufficient and I am liable for the ticket. Has anyone else encountered this? What kind of evidence can I produce that’s more substantive than their own website: http://dpw.dc.gov/page/street-and-alley-cleaning ? Are there other street cleaning dates that I’m unaware of and supersede the one that’s posted?”


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