FIOS Fail – Helluva Install in Bloomingdale


“Dear PoPville,

Approximately a week ago Verizon installed this FIOS related travesty in an alley in Bloomingdale. The bundle of wires is sitting on the ground and the wires are zip tied to a neighbor’s fence. Note that the wires don’t even travel down the pole; rather they hang straight down from the cross wires and attach to a fence. Has anyone else seen anything like this I’m hoping it is temporary and they will come back to clean up as it is sloppy and also could be easily vandalized / damaged.”

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  • I would call them. I had fios installed this fall and they had to run wires across my neighbors yards until they got to me. The technician had two managers come out and make sure everything was bundled properly and offered to return the next day if my neighbors didn’t like the way it looked. I found them very attentive and helpful.

  • Yikes! Have you tried calling Verizon?
    (Props for using the word “travesty,” BTW.)

  • shoddy, but it’s not all that dissimilar than I’ve seen in other places. Lazy installer/technician, I would think.

    Wonder if these folks can help to bring it to Verizon’s attention?

  • I had the same issue with Comcast. Their drivers came by 2 times and cut our line because they thought it was illegal. If your own people think it is an illegal job probably time to fix it.

  • Looks like my Comcast installer is moonlighting for Verizon. If you haven’t made any progress on the phone, I’d recommend posting this to @VerizonFiOS on Twitter.

  • justinbc

    Wait, we can get FiOS in DC now?

  • I have seen the same thing behind the 1700 block of U St NW. The large black thing with a wire is sitting on the ground next to a dumpster and it has been there for at least four months.

    • PS: technician installing the lines told me it was for Fios but it is still not available on our block – four months and waitng.

  • I have a similar problem and would appreciate people’s thoughts. There are Verizon and Comcast wires that run across my yard and are so low that I can reach up and grab them. I had a Verizon guy come out and agree that they are illegal but didn’t think I would be able to convince Verizon or Comcast to do anything about them. The wires don’t even guy to my house so I’m tempted to just cut them but don’t want to be “that guy” and piss off my neighbors. Anybody have any luck getting Verizon or Comcast to fix something like this?

    • I would try first talking to your neighbors to have THEM call Comcast/Verizon. If that fails, I would go through DCRA. I’m sure that having wires hanging that low can’t be up to code…

    • Frustrating as they may be, I think cutting any utility cable is a really bad idea. Legality aside, you can’t absolutely assume that those lines are just coax or fiber optic cable. No different than dig safe.

    • What neighborhood? In Bloomingdale all electric is underground, so those are coax/phone. You have a right to cut them (tv companies don’t have easements at this level) but the nice thing to do is talk to your neighbors. They should at least follow the fence lines.

  • I am the poster of the pic. It was not my Fios install and I am not a customer of Verizon, so I’ve not yet called them. When I tried dealing with them a few years ago when the very pole pictured had to be replaced after being hit by a fallen tree, it was painful because when I called, everyone I talked to asked me my account number and seemed less than interested when I told them I was not a customer.

    • justinbc

      Yeah, if you ever have to call Verizon for anything expect an endless loop of forcefed answers. I love their product, but hate speaking to their zombie employees.

  • I would not be complaining about that and would just be happy to get FiOS. Anyone know if it will ever come to Lincoln Park area?

  • Our alley-install is just as bootleg in Shaw.

  • We had our Fios installer first run a line across the back alley of our house to another house. We didn’t check and realize it was hanging kinda low. Truck drove right through it and – snap!- the next day, ha.

  • I complained about wires to my councilmember, and he complained to the Office of Cable Television. Verizon and Comcast both showed up to clean up within a week.

  • I work for Verizon and wanted to inform you that the case on the ground is part of an active job on which our splicers are still working. They expect to complete the work and rehang the splice case later today. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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