Where to Buy Christmas Trees?

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“Dear PoPville,

This will be my first Christmas in Columbia Heights and I was wondering if any of your readers knew where to purchase a live tree within a few blocks of 14th and Irving? I do not have a car so it will have to be walked to my apartment at 14th and Irving.”

Ed. Note: If you have a favorite spot and/or fundraiser sale you’d like to tell folks about in other neighborhoods please do so in the comments here. Thanks. And you can see last year’s recs here.

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  • The Saturday farmers’ market on 14th Street between Kenyon and Park Rd. will be selling trees very soon! They always have a range of sizes.

    • I’ll second the farmers market – they are very helpful, will wrap it for you, and if you’re at 14th and Irving you can easily just walk your tree home.

  • Believe it or not, I got ours from the RI Home Depot last year and it was really nice. They had a lot of variety and the trees were nice and full. It lasted for a long time and would have lasted longer…Price was great too.

    • Yeah, I make no apologies for paying half as much at Home Depot for a perfectly fine tree. We’ve been doing it for several years.

    • I second/third Home Depot. For years my roommate and I got a 7 footer for Christmas, and we have just taken it on the metro and walked it up Connecticut Ave to Adams Morgan from Dupont Circle. It’s totally worth it for all the looks you get. It was more than half off the farmer’s markets price.

  • My fiancee have made the trip to Middleburg Christmas Tree Farm for the past several years.
    It’s nice to get out of the city and chop your own tree down. The staff is very helpful and friendly.

    Makes a really fun day trip. http://www.middleburgxmastrees.com/index.html

  • Creative Minds International will be selling them on 16th and Park rd NW on Dec 14th. starts at 11 AM. Great way to support a local school! 3224 16th ST NW.

  • Bancroft Elementary (18th and Newton St in Mt Pleasant) will be selling trees and wreaths the weekend of Dec 6 – 7

  • My husband and I love the guys who set up shop every year in the open lot at Wisconsin & Edmunds st. NW in Glover Park. Prices are eh..but the trees seem to last for quite a while.

    • You don’t happen to know if they’re still open the weekend before Christmas, do you? I bought a great tree from them last year and planned to buy from them this year, but I’ll be traveling until the 22nd.

  • Annie’s Hardware on Upshur.

  • We’re selling Christmas Trees at West Education Campus (14th St NW between & Farragut & Gallatin). Friday and Saturday from 10am-9pm and Sunday from 10am-5pm. All profits go to support the students.
    We have all Fraser Firs: 5′-6′, 6′-7′, and a few that are 8′-9′. We also are selling wreaths.

    We also offer free delivery within the area – Columbia Heights definitely fits.

  • No idea if they’ll do it again, but last year Uber offered to deliver a tree to you for about $50-$75, and that included the cost of the tree. It was ideal for all the people who didn’t have a car.

  • On a similar note, any suggestions on where to buy poinsettias? I can certainly pick one up from the grocery store, but if there’s a fundraiser or farmer’s market that’s selling them I’d love to check that out.

  • We get ours every year from Annie’s Ace Hardware on Upshur. The trees have always been fantastic and a great value – last year we got the lower priced point tree (they have “premium” trees as well), and it looked just as nice as any of the premium trees. It was so full we could barely fit it in our living room.

    • epric002

      we got a great deal on our tree at annie’s last year. biggest, most beautiful one we’d had in years and it was cheaper than the smaller ones we’d purchased at home depot in the past.

  • Not really in the OP’s neighborhood, but I saw 6th Engine setting up their tree farm last night on their patio. I believe they do it for a Fire Fighters fund.

    • Yep, they’re open- weekdays from 4:00 as well as weekends. I live right there so it was super-convenient to get my tree from them the past two years, but it seems to me their trees have gotten considerably more expensive – I just saw one (not nearly the biggest) tagged at $94! Sounds like there are many cheaper options for quality trees in the city, so as convenient as they are for me, I’ll be looking elsewhere this year.

  • shawmainstreets

    Old City Farm & Guild, 925 Rhode Island Avenue, NW: And they have a Small Business Saturday offer on 11/29/14: 20% off 6.5-7′ Fraser Fir Trees! Tell them, “Shaw Main Streets Sent Me!”

  • Casey trees is selling Fraser fir trees this year. Profits go to planting living trees in DC!


  • brookland_rez

    Home Depot on Rhode Island Ave has trees, wreaths, and accessories in the garden section.

  • Someone in my hood leaves a fresh tree in an alley mid-December near my house. I usually snag it and set it up in my house. I suspect they have it up for a while but then go away, afraid it may go poof! in flames! So they leave it, perfectly good, nearby. But I don;t know in fact who puts it there! A Christmas mystery… Anyway, that’s where I’ve gotten my tree these past three years….

  • If you live around Georgetown / Foggy Bottom / West End, then SWW at Francis-Stevens (a DCPS school) is having an on-site tree sale the weekends of Dec 6th and 13th (both days).

    Items include small trees (Table toppers) all the way to 9-footers. Wreathes and tree stands also available.

    You can also pre-order here and select to have it delivered!!

  • LAMB public charter school is selling trees again this year: http://www.lambpcs.org/winterfestival

    December 6 & 7 @ 1375 Missouri Ave. — just east of the intersection of 14th and Military.

    Come on out and support the school!

  • Any suggestions for procuring a blue spruce? Went out to Middleburg Tree Farm last year, but it was definitely quite a hike to get out there.

  • After some disappointments with dry trees at Theresa’s (that nursery out on New York Ave) and Home Depot, I’ve been getting trees the last couple of years at the Whole Foods on P Street. They are all about the same size but they’re fresh and smell incredible.

  • Does anyone know if any of these places has someone there with a saw to trim it? Maybe even place it in my stand for me? I live alone- no one to help me make sure the tree is standing straight in the stand.

    • The Bancroft tree sale (benefits the PTA) has someone who can saw the trunk for you. You could put the tree in the stand right there, but it may shift during transport.

    • The tree sale at West will trim any branches that you want from the bottom and provide a fresh cut. We sell stands too, and we can get the stand started, but you’ll want to make adjustments when you actually set it down. You should be able to do that by adjusting the screws one at a time. You can also bring your own stand and we can see what can be done with it.

      We will be on 14th St NW between Farragut St and Gallatin St on Saturday 12/6 and Sunday 12/7 from 10am to 5pm.
      We have 5′-6′ and 6′-7′ Fraser Firs.

    • The DC Bilingual sale (1420 Columbia Road NW) on Saturday, 12/6 should have someone there that can trim the tree down and give a fresh cut.

      It looks as though that will be closest to the intersection that the OP originally referenced.

  • DC Bilingual Public Charter School (1420 Columbia Rd NW, right down the street from the corner of 14th and Columbia) will be selling trees on Saturday, December 6 and Sunday, December 7.

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