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Where to Get a Christmas Tree?

by Prince Of Petworth December 3, 2013 at 3:15 pm 45 Comments


Lots of folks have been writing/tweeting about this. A few readers also send reminders about Bancroft’s sale in Mt. Pleasant:

“HOLIDAY TREE SALE! On December 7 and 8 from 10-4, come out to buy your holiday tree, gifts and bake goods and support Bancroft Elementary School. The Bancroft PTA is sponsoring our annual holiday tree sale on the school playground (off 18th Street, North of Newton) with trees for every budget, wreaths, roping, tree stands, and baked goods. We also deliver trees in the neighborhood for a small donation. The kids can decorate their own pine cone ornament! We hope to see you there!”

Ed. Note: You can see last year’s recommendations here.

For those who get them, where will you/did you get your Christmas tree?


  • Anonymous

    Repeating again what I wrote last year because it’s still true:
    Ross Elementary (near 17th & R NW) will sell trees of various sizes this weekend and next to benefit their PTA. I’m getting a small tree and a wreath. Can’t wait! Starts Saturday at 9am.

    • Anonymous

      and they deliver. we do it every year too :)

    • Anonymous

      LAMB PCS will also have a tree sale and winter lights festival this weekend to benefit the school. They are selling the trees from the Missouri Ave and 14th Street location on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm or while supplies last. Hope to see you there!

  • pedro

    st sophia’s greek church in NW has a nice selecton

  • saf

    Columbia Heights farm market. Fresh and beautiful and reasonably priced.

    • KenyonDweller

      We got ours there too and are really happy with it.

  • MsSunshine

    Annie’s Ace Hardware! The one I got there last year was green well into January.

    • ditto! we got one last year that lasted forever, and just got this year’s on sunday.

    • Chops

      We got a great tree at Annie’s – it might be the best we’ve ever had, and it probably could (should?) have been sold in the next-up height bracket.

  • Jeremy

    6th Engine

  • amber

    +1 for Annie’s – good price for a pretty tree. They’ll also deliver for a small fee!

    • AG

      We got beautiful live wreaths at Annie’s!

  • dcsquaredance

    Old City Farm & Guild, on Rhode Island Ave.

  • Anonymous

    Home Depot up in Brentwood


    Where can you pick out christmas tree and chop it down yourself?

    • jrudian

      Butler’s Orchard in Gaithersburg is pretty fun. It’s a haul to get to, about an hour from downtown DC, but well worth it. They also sell delicious homemade apple butter!

  • trebek

    Love to support Ross but don’t want to pay and arm and a leg for the convenience or mark-up.

    Better question: Where can you get a cheap, decent tree?

    Live in studio by myself so don’t need anything too big or fancy – maybe around 6′?

    I hear Home Depot has some competitive prices.

    • Anonymous

      We got a 5.5 foot tree from the home depot for like $25. But you might want to get there before they are picked over.

      whole foods down in Olde Towne Alexandria sells little baby trees, they seem to be around 3 feet tall, which they say is for a tabletop but I think you could put it on a little stand and it would be fine for a small studio.

      Praise be to allah, and merry christmas!

    • Anonymous

      They do mark it up (profit goes to the PTA), but FWIW it’s also tax deductable!

    • Anon


  • Mary

    Lots of options at the pop ups in front of the churches off Mass. Ave. in Upper Northwest

  • unknown

    I think I’ll forgo the fake tree this year and get a real one. How much do trees normally cost?

    • MDH

      I think we paid $60 or $65 for our 6ft tall tree at Sixth Engine. I’m happy with the tree, plus a portion gives back (and they had trees last weekend – since we didn’t want to wait til this coming weekend). I think $40-100 is reasonable, depending on the size.

  • ET

    On the Hill Frager’s has some at their Penn location. My 7 foot-ish was $40 which is a bit less that ones I got in the past from vendors at Eastern Market who are a bit pricy. I know Ginko Gardens on 11th SE has them but don’t know the pricing.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been getting mine from Frager’s too. Usually $35-45.

      I checked out Ginko Gardens’ last year, and their cheapest tree was more than that, though I don’t remember exactly.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    The Safeway in Georgetown had some lovely live pine – about 3 ft high – for $20.

  • jcm

    I get mine from Licking Creek Bend Farm. They used to be at the Columbia Heights market, but now they are in Adams Morgan. They grow their trees without pesticides, herbicides, or artificial colors.

    • saf

      I have bought from them in the past. Good trees.

  • $30 for a 7 foot Douglas Fir at Home Depot on RI. They were abnormally helpful this time around, it shocked the hell out of me.

  • power of flight

    It looks like most of the chain supermarkets sell at least some smaller ones (I got a 3 ft one from the CoHi Giant for $20).

    • No, we are not doing that. No CoHi. This is not New York. Also, avoid the new Giant like the plague between 5 and 7:30 weekdays.

      • Anonymous


  • Rebecca

    The Ace hardware in Takoma Park has some really nice trees and they are affordable. I just got a four-foot tree there for $20, tree is about twice the size of the little ones in front of Whole Foods and very healthy.

  • Anonymous

    Brent Elementary on the Hill is having their sale this weekend. They deliver!


  • crazz

    I paid $65 even for a 7′ douglas fir up on Mass Ave and Idaho Ave (at church lawn). Tree looks great but I may have overpaid. I always ask when they were cut down and where they came from. Mine was cut down on Thursday (bought on Sunday) and is from NC. You never know how fresh the Home Depot ones are….

  • ITS Parent

    Inspired Teaching School is having a tree sale and bake sale this Satuday at 10am. They are located at 13th and Florida. Proceeds will benefit the school.

  • TropicBird

    Got a nice fat Frasier fir at Whole Foods on P Street last year. They tied it on my car, it smelled terrific and lasted a lot longer than the trees from Theresa’s Garden Center on New York Ave, where I usually get one. I liked Theresa’s because their prices are good, they always have pine roping for the porch, but the needles start dropping a bit sooner than I like.

  • ryan2499

    Old City (pictured at top above) on (now) 9th & Rhode Island NW at the closed Shaw Junior High. We got a beautiful Frasier Fur 8-9″ for $75. Delivered to them on Friday, we got it Saturday morning. After putting it up in our house, it literally still had some ice melting off of it from being so fresh. One of the better ones we’ve gotten in some time. Outstanding shape. $75 is pricey, but in the city proper for anything decent you are usually paying $8-10/foot. Not saying that’s reasonable, or that there aren’t deals to be had, but that has been our experience over the years as the median market rate.

  • Ashley B

    It’s expensive, but worth every penny to me. North Star Trees, http://www.northstartrees.com/, delivers, sets up, and will even come back to pick it up. Can’t wait until mine comes on Friday!

  • wolfpackwx

    6th Engine has a great lot on their patio. WaPo had a good write up on it. Proceeds benefit D.C. Firefighters Burn Foundation: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/going-out-guide/wp/2013/11/29/sixth-engine-turns-its-patio-into-a-christmas-tree-lot-for-charity/

    • RL

      This. Not cheap – pretty sure I paid $10 less last year for the same size – but they’re super helpful, even going to their backstock (in the vacant storefront adjoining) to look for something in the size I wanted. Didn’t get my card for a free drink this year, though. But considering it is not possible for them to be any closer to my building, well worth any reasonable upcharge.

  • LAMB charter school is having a tree sale this weekend: http://www.lambpcs.org/winter-festival/ – at 14th and Missouri Ave. Both Sat and Sun. Proceeds go to the school.

  • Trinidaddy

    Got mine from Brent Elementary last year and it was gorgeous. A bit more expensive than HD but a lot cheaper than Eastern Market. Doing the same thing again this year. They deliver for free and their trees are gorgeous.

    • Trinidaddy

      Also, a shoutout to the DC Costco – they have 7-8ft Frasiers for 27.99.

  • chln

    Here’s a follow up question- Where is the best place to get a fake tree? I am pretty against the idea of getting a fake one, but my boyfriend insists. I’m playing the long game, in that I will get my real tree when we aren’t traveling for days at a time without being to water it.

    That said- thoughts? Just Target?


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