Dear PoP – Where to Get Christmas Trees?

by Prince Of Petworth November 24, 2010 at 11:30 am 21 Comments

I just noticed that a lot went up across from the Convention Center on the 9th Street, NW side just south of Mass. Ave. That lot opens Nov. 27 and what was particularly cool was that they said they delivered. Previously we’ve had some recommendations here, here (for reasonable priced trees), here and here.

One reader was particularly interested in finding a small tree for an apartment. Anyone know a good place to get one of those?

  • jo-elle

    Old City green will have christmas trees as well as Big Bear Cafe will have trees in conjunction with their holiday market on December 5th…

  • Anonymous

    We got ours at City Green last year. It was a nice, healthy tree, but not cheap (we paid what you would expect to pay for a nice tree in the city). We plan on getting ours at the Big Bear market this year since they are close by.

    If you want a bargain and don’t mind some cosmetic flaws, go to that crazy Tropical Garden Center place on NY Ave before Bladensburg. You’ll get one a less than half price, but don’t expect it to keep it’s needles very long. You also may need a nice corner to hide the one side that invariably has a big gap. The price is definitely right!

    When we lived in Dupont we would hit the school sale on R St for some nice apartment-sized trees

  • Bancroft Elementary has a Christmas tree sale – I haven’t seen signs yet for the exact date. They have trees of all sizes including apartment sized ones.

    • 14th St Heights

      +1 Great prices, great cause. Usually their sale is the first Saturday of December.

    • Mike

      Bancroft Elementary Tree Sale
      December 4th & 5th 10a-4p
      Trees, stands, wreaths, & roping
      18th St & Newton St NW in Mt. Pleasant.
      Free Delivery. Cider & baked goods.
      Support a good school.

      • pworthit

        And they have apartment-sized trees.

        • Anonymous

          what size is that, roughly?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never purchased one there, but they were unloading their trees off the truck on Monday at Frager’s on Capitol Hill.

  • ess

    the former church lot on M St. between 3rd & Delaware SW will be (already is? not sure) selling trees.

  • erin

    We got ours from Garden District (14th and S) last year. They had a pretty good variety of smaller trees.

  • Anon

    A good place to get a tree without paying $75 or whatever is Teresa’s Garden Center, that place out on New York Avenue at Montana Ave. NE (just past the Comfort Inn on the north side.) They also have good prices on white pine rope garlands.

    • Amy

      AGREED! Go see Linda or Black…they will tale care of you!! Got our tree for $50, and couldn’t be happier!!!

  • Rod

    The Oyster School in Woodley Park starts selling trees the first weekend of December. Definitely not cheap, but they have a nice selection.

    • DCMom

      +1 They are not over-priced, good cause and you can find trees of all sizes – including apartment and tabletop.

  • PetworthRes

    If you have a car you can get great deals by driving to PG County – many churches in Hyattsville sell them (once got our tree at First United Methodist at the corner of East-West Highway & Queens Chapel Rd), and one year we got one at the Holiday Market in Riverdale Park, MD near where my sister lives. I think in both cases our trees were <$40 and were about 7 feet tall.

    I saw there is a website for the Riverdale Holiday Market http://www.rpholidaymarket.com/ – no details yet on vendors.

    Both of these places are inside the beltway and not far from the Home Depot on East-West Highway, about a 15-20 minute drive from Petworth.

  • Sara

    I third the vote for the Bancroft Elementary School sale. It is reasonably priced and they have lots of little trees. Plus, they usually have yummy cookies and hot chocolate too!

  • Leah

    Eaton Elementary will be selling trees on December 4th. It’s a great fundraiser for the school and we’d love the support!

    • Pookie

      Leah, thanks for the tip! Do you have more details on the Eaton Elementary tree sale (what time, will there be delivery available, etc.)? I’m in Cleveland Park and would love to buy a small tree for my apartment from one of the schools in the neighborhood.

  • cathy

    ross elementary on R between 17th and 18th nw:


    first three saturdays and sundays of december!

  • LA

    Garden District has good prices and a nice selection of trees smaller than 5 ft.

    Johnson’s on Van Ness has a small, pricey selection of 3-4 ft trees.

  • Emily

    Olde City Green at 9th & N has great trees at great prices. If you’re in Shaw come out and support a locally owned business


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