Hawk ‘n’ Dove (et al) Bankruptcy/Lawsuit Saga Continues

329 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE

And the wild story continues – Washington Business Journal reports:

“One of the former owners of Hawk ‘n’ Dove and other D.C. restaurants is accusing the new owners of fraud, conspiracy and racketeering and is seeking almost $9 million in damages, according to a lawsuit he filed last week.”

All the details here.

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  • I can’t say I’m surprised to see this mess. Anyone else remember when the owner of all these places was clearly responding on here anonymously whenever anyone would dare to criticize them?

  • Is it normal to peraonally guarantee that amount of debt for a business that you neither own or operate?

  • Didn’t one brother (Cervera) sell to a group that was run by his brother? If so, I don’t imagine they will get together for Thanksgiving this year!

  • I wonder if he is pulling these same sort of shenanigans up in Maine now?

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