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  • Finally!

  • I have to say, they did a really nice job bringing this place back to life. Congratulations to the tenants’ association.

  • Looks good, but wow did it take forever. I remember the night it burned – friend lost everything.

  • I lived around the corner during that fire and slept right through it….. :^0
    One of the city’s biggest fires I was told.

  • Great news! Once the rebuilding started it seemed to move quickly.
    I’d read on one of the Mt Pleasant groups that a large majority (80%?) of former tenants are moving back.

  • Great news! Does anyone know if the old tenants are moving back?

    • I’m glad it’s almost open again but think that the case can be made that this is more emblematic of change than revival once you look at the numbers. The income requirements look more like current entry-level non-profit incomes for individuals with maters degrees than the Salvadorian laborers and service workers displaced by the fire.
      Income requirements: Studio/$36.5k-$44.9k(1 person); 1 Br/$38.7k- $44.9k (1 person); 2 Br/$46.3k-$57.8k (3 people)
      The rents: Studio/$1,065; 1Br $1,128; 2Br $1,352
      (These numbers are from a request for applicants (Oct. 15-17))

      • Does “1 Br/$38.7k- $44.9k (1 person)” mean that only one person is allowed to occupy the unit?, or that the total income to rent that unit is that rate. It seems strange to now allow a married couple to live in a 1 BR. Two people who make a combined $44.9k may be more along the lines of service workers and laborers, seeing as that’s $19-22k apiece.

      • Any tenants that haven’t already moved away will get a spot on the roster regardless of income.

        These other rates are for new residents. Hopefully they can subsidize the rest of the building or else you will fall it disrepair.

        • The relationship between the cost of maintaining a building and the prevailing “market rate” is very weak. The senior home across the street from the CVS at 14th & Irving is immaculate, and the tenants pay hardly anything. A building manager who doesn’t suck doesn’t need anything close to “market rate” to cover their costs and take care of routine maintenance.

  • Wow, it looks really great!

  • Great news! And it looks wonderful!

  • Funny timing, now that Jim Graham is a lame duck.

  • hispanicandproud

    It’s been fun watching the progress of the construction. I pass by with Dusty all the time when he wants to go to Mt. Pleasant.

  • I wonder where the previous tenants have been living all of these years, and whether any of them are willing to move back (also, what was wrong with where they were that they want to leave).

    I’m curious what sort of oversight there will be with the building to ensure that it is properly maintained, since that seems to have been one of the causes of the devastating fire. Having a few market rate apartments doesn’t mean that the building will be maintained, it just means that there will (theoretically) be funds for better maintenance.

    It will be interesting to see what the addition of 100 or so new residents to Mt P will do for area businesses. Hopefully this will be a big positive.

    • I believe most are planning to move back – a large tenant group bought the building (with help from National Housing Trust and a loan from DC Dept of Housing). The displaced tenants maintained a strong connection over the years and I can imagine they will be grateful to finally be home again.

  • As I remember it, the tenants who were originally displaced were given subsidies for a long time to help pay for their new rents/transportation costs. It really burned some other DC residents up, especially as it looked like nothing was being done on the apartments and these subsidies seemed like they would go on indefinitely.

    I’m not sure if these subsidies were substantial, or if they ever ran out (I never followed the story too closely), but my guess is that now that the apartments are back, those subsidies won’t continue, and that is prompting a lot of people to come back (along with the community and ties that people have to the building and each other.)

    This is all just conjecture. I’m sure there are many who followed this more closely who can comment with more knowledge.

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