Little Dog found in Mt. Pleasant


“I found an adorable little dog this morning on the corner of Newton and 19th St, NW. She does not have a collar but seems to be well fed. She is grey and light grey. A little bigger than a Yorkie.

My email is: mary.p.illes(at)”

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  • Aw, she is ADORABLE.

    For what it’s worth: there’s an apt building just around that spot (maybe 18th, but def Newton) that has a nice-sized yard that sits on the corner and the dogs that live in that building congregate there for outdoors time. It might be worth going over there and posting some kind of notice. I go by there occasionally and in the evening there are LOTS of dogs in the yard with their humans. The yard is metal-fenced by this little pooch could easily have slipped out. I saw a dog larger than her slip out once before her human grabbed her.

    • The apartment building is on the corner of Newton and 16th – putting up a photo around there would be a great idea. Also, if you haven’t done so, post on the Mt P forum and yahoo group. I know someone must be out there looking for this sweet pup and will be relieved to know she is safe.

      • I got an email reply from Mary (the Good Samaritan who found the pup) and she said Coco has been reunited to her human.

  • I just ran into the pup’s owner on the street and passed along OP’s email address. I hope they are reunited soon!

  • I found this dog wandering around Mt. P a few months ago and reported to the Humane Society and owner and dog were reunited. I hope the owner can figure out a way to keep better track of the little guy :/

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