From the Forum – Best composter for town house??

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Best composter for town house??:

“Can anyone recommend a non-worm composter for a DC rowhouse with a typical post-card sized backyard? My husband (surprisingly) would rather try his hand at composting rather than pay for a service. Any related recommendations also appreciated. Thanks!”

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  • houseintherear

    I really like my raised tumbler non-worm composter. Search “Yimby Tumbler Composter” on Amazon. It works especially well when placed in an area that gets a lot of sun… composts super quickly and makes a nice mulch/planting soil. My mom has used the soil for growing tomatoes and it was great.

  • I’m in the same boat – was thinking about getting a YIMBY 6 cu.ft. tumbling composter (RM4000). Seems moderately priced, gets good reviews, and is off the ground, which I’d hope would keep down any chances of bugs or rodents. Anyone have experience with this model?

  • I know it sounds intimidating, but I cannot recommend worm composting enough. Done properly it can be cleanly kept indoors without an odor. It produces an unbelievable amount of fertilizer for your garden.

  • Go for worms. It’s easy. No smell. And they’re so friendly.

  • Something else to consider: ideally you should have two compost bins. Otherwise you have to pause composting for a bit to let the compost rest/form. With two bins you can rotate so that you always have one composting and one where you are putting new organic waste.

  • Does anyone have a composting service they like?

    • I use and like Compost Cab. They supply a five gallon bucket with a screw on lid, and they bring a new compostable bag when they make the pickup. They charge my credit card once a month, they’ve never missed a pick up, and they give me a bag of finished compost twice a year.

      • I have trouble understanding the decision to use compost cab. The way I see it, I pay $360 per year, I have to manage yet another bin of garbage and at some point during the year, I get 2 bags of lovely compost for my money and hassel.

        Is there something I am missing or do I just not love the environment enough? I know the above sounds really snarky but I would love to know that there was some other benefit to the service that would make be feel better about the not insignificant expense.

        • Don’t think of it as buying two very expensive bags of compost. Think of it as paying to divert a significant amount of your trash from the landfill of incinerator, and instead using it in a good way. We all pay to do exactly the same thing with our recyclables. I’d love for the city to create a municipal composting program, but until that happens I’ll have to handle it myself. If I had the space I’d have a pile, but I don’t, so I pay compost cab instead.

  • If it is south-facing and can get plenty of direct sunlight (no shade), I recommend the Green Cone. This will take any kind of food, even meat and dairy, but it does not need or even accept yard waste. However, it requires that direct sun as a way to heat a cavity of air and keep it circulating. It is actually an aerobic sump rather than a composter will reduce 90% of your waste to water and not produce much compost (which means you only empty it every couple years). However, it will not work without that direct sun so don’t buy if it will be at all shaded.

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