Danny Todd’s “We serve seafood and barbecue along with breakfast all day!” at 13th and H St, NE – Check Out Their Menu

802 13th Street, NE

Danny Todd’s Facebook page says:

“Danny Todd’s is a newly renovated cafe and lounge in DC. We serve seafood and barbecue along with breakfast all day!”

They’re located in the former Chef Corner Cafe space at 13th and H St, NE across from the old library kiosk and current 5×5 exhibit:


Anyone take a taste already? Check out their menu after the jump.





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  • That color scheme is… interesting. And the motif is pretty much the same as Chef’s Corner, so it might be the same owner. Seems somewhat pricey ($15 for a rotisserie chicken). I’ve not tried them but any place that offers all day breakfast is okay in my book.

  • Barbecue _and_ seafood? I don’t know.

  • PoP you read my mind! I was just checking to see if they have a Yelp page yet. This place is awesome and I want people to know about how good their breakfast is..better than my beloved Tony’s Breakfast (gasp). How would one go about making a Yelp page for them?

    • justinbc

      It’s also nearly twice as expensive as Tony’s, and we’ll just have to disagree on which is better.

      • This is a weird reply but ok, justinbc. fwiw, they seem to be working out the prices because the last two times I’ve gone, I was undercharged according to their paper take-out menu, even though I got take out. I paid $8 for 4 slices of French toast with strawberries, cheese grits, and two patties of pork sausage. I’d say that’s pretty fair.

        • justinbc

          What’s weird about it? I specifically addressed your comparison between this place and Tony’s, and even caveated that it’s subject to each person’s taste. I can’t comment on their ringing you up incorrectly, only on the prices they advertise.

    • I have not tried it yet, so I can not say for sure if it is better than Tony’s Breakfast, but 9.99 for waffle and 2 sides??? I can almost guarantee you that it does not beat Tony’s. Have you tried their waffle that has nutmeg, cinnamon and I believe brown sugar nicely mixed into the batter making hidden gems of deliciousness?

  • justinbc

    This happened quite a while ago. I went in and from a food perspective it’s basically the exact same as the place that was there before, which varied from average to not very good. Glad they at least “refreshed” the look though.

  • That photo makes it look like the outdoor seating is taking up the entire sidewalk.

  • The food is somewhere between a take-out place and a typical DC brunch. Was surprised by the higher than expected prices and the long wait for food. Coffee was not great. Staff was very friendly. Feels like an old-school spot that is trying very hard to keep up with a changing H-Street. I want to like this place but not enough to go back.

  • I really wanted this place to be good — especially since they deliver breakfast all day (who else does that?! awesome!!)– but it just isn’t. I cannot recommend this place to anyone.

    We had very slow service, which I could understand if it was busy but there were only two other tables. The waitress didn’t seem all there and clearly didn’t know what she was doing. We inquired about the chicken and waffles only to be told she had to check “if they had chicken.” She told us they had to wash silverware and coffee cups before we could have any. The coffee was weak and had grounds in it. They had no readily available salt and pepper, hot sauce, ketchup or coffee creamer. Just generally seemed very unorganized and kind of surprised to have customers on a Sunday morning.

    When our order finally came out after a very long wait, it was wrong. The food was mediocre at best and a little pricey. Of course the bill was wrong too, but we got that sorted out. Finally, when we tried to split our check three ways (not writing on the back, just throwing cards in to split evenly) we were told by the waitress that she didn’t know how to do that…

    If the food had been good and only one or two service slip-ups happened, I could totally understand. But all together it was a rather unpleasant and awkward experience and I won’t be back.

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