Get a Sneak Peek of Upshur Street Books at Fundraising Party Tues. Night

827 Upshur Street, NW

From Upshur Street Books:

“Support Upshur Street Books!

In conjunction with our Kickstarter campain, we’d like to invite you to come see us in person and check out our progress so far.

Join Upshur Street Books Staff in the Reading Room at Petworth Citizen [827 Upshur Street, NW Tues. at 7:00pm] Pick up perks in real time, meet local artists and authors, and check out the developments in the bookstore space.

Enjoy drink specials and light fare as well!

Hope to see you there.”

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  • I feel like I want to build a stature to Paul Ruppert on Upshur. That guy has brought so much to Petworth. Once he transforms, the (eye sore) Murrel Building, he will have near god-like status in my eyes! Thank You! Hope this transformation continues along Georgia Ave too.

  • Is Petworth Citizen a bar? Can I bring my child to the bookstore event?

    • I was there Sat night with my 3 month old, and saw 3 other babies and two toddlers. Go for it!

    • It is a bar, but they also have tables where families with kids often come in the early evening. They keep plastic cups with kid-friendly design and lids in stock, which I take as a sign that kids are welcome.

      Note also that this event will be in the “reading room” portion of the bar, which is a separate space in the back. I’m bringing my kids (assuming we’re able to get out of the house, which is never a given).

      • There are also a few shelves of kids books in the reading room too!

        In all seriousness- the Rupperts are the best. All of them. Molly, Cappy, Christina, Paul…they do a tremendous amount for the city and the arts in DC.

  • Petworth Citizen is a bar but parents bring in their kids all the time. They have high chairs, booster seats and children’s books in the reading room. On Friday early evenings, there is a lot of families and kids in having dinner.

  • Is this business putting any of its own money into this venture? Doesn’t seem very viable if they already are using a kickstarter and fundraiser. Maybe it should go the non-profit route?

    • give him a shout and talk with him.

    • Why buy the milk when local residents will give you the cow for free?

      • They’re fundraising on Kickstarter- not Indie go-go. I snuck a peak into the soon to be bookstore and there’s a lot of build-out that needs to happen. If you look at Kickstarter, it’s all small businesses or artists funding projects. I don’t understand why you have your knickers in a twist about it.

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