Washington, DC

1054 Palmer Alley NW (10th St NW Between H & I)

“Dear PoPville,

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Today, [Sunday] just after noon, my husband and I were leaving our apartment at CityCenter to go to brunch. We typically walk past Hugo Boss and noticed four individuals running out of the store with arms full of suits and shirts and sweaters. A black Cadillac Escalade truck pulled up, they all rushed in, and the truck sped off.

My husband was quick enough to whip out his phone and get a picture of the car. We went into the store and shared it with the manager.

Given how unique the pick-up truck is, and the fact that security cameras throughout the store would have gotten solid shots, they’re confident that they’ll catch the robbers.

Still, though, sad and aggravating.”


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