Subway Sandwich Shop Coming to Mt. Pleasant?

Former Suns Discount Store, 3174 Mount Pleasant Street, NW at corner to the left of Bestworld

Thanks to all who sent world last week via the Mt. Pleasant listserv:

“It seems that *Subway (sandwich chain)* may be coming to Mount Pleasant. It would be at 3174 Mount Pleasant Street in the old toy store (white brick facade) adjacent to the Best World. This space borders Kilbourne St. and has been vacant for the past two years. The franchise owners are going through the permitting process now.”

Ed. Note: We spoke about Botanica Boricua coming to former Lamont Video Store at 3171 Mt. Pleasant St, NW here.

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  • What we really need is a FireHouse Sub Shop or a WAWA with good gas prices… I don’t understand why all of the well known suburban chains have avoided DC for so long. :/

    • Emmaleigh504

      lol I have never heard of these “well known suburban chains”. I guess we travel to different areas.

    • Accountering

      Firehouse is still growing, and not in that many places, but WAWA is pretty much omnipresent. How have you missed this one! It is ALL over the mid-atlantic, just not in DC! Huge gas station with really good food inside.

  • I can already hear the cries of horror, but really, you could end up with far worse things than a Subway there. When was that a toy store? I don’t remember that at all.

  • Or a Sheetz. They’re finally starting to open some locations without gas pumps in more “urban” settings.

  • While Subway is not Taylors, et. al. I”ll take it over a vacant street corner. The space it’s taking over isn’t that large anyway.

  • I would love a WAWA.

  • Jersey Mikes would a nice option as well.

  • I know what I am about to write will draw the usual array of responses, but what is it about Mt P. (where I live) that seems to deter the sort of establishments that are opening on a regular basis in other neighborhoods? With a couple of notable exceptions, the neighborhood seems to thwart/resist the sort of development that many of its residents would welcome. And yes, in general I mean newer, more affluent residents. The population of Mt. P has changed dramatically in recent years and based on the high cost and speed of home sales that transition is continuing. But instead of establishments that reflect the changing demographics of Mt. P, we are getting a lousy sandwich chain and some place that will sell potions and mystical trinkets. Not helpful for Mt. P or Mt. P St.

  • Nothing is far worse than a subway. And, with all due respect for the chain store aficionados, an independent ethnic place would be the ideal new tenant — I mean, as long as we’re wishing here, why settle for a WaWa?

  • I think that Subway > long vacant storefront. And if it isn’t successful it will shut down leaving a vacancy for a WaWa or kebab place or noodle shop

  • If your sentiment is shared as widely as you think, they won’t do much business and won’t stay around for long. However, I think they will do just fine, and illustrate that even in a rapidly changing neighborhood, there are enough residents who are either a.) not super wealthy or b.) super-wealthy but still like a good, healthy, reasonably-priced quick sandwich, that they’ll do just fine, in which case you might be stuck with them for a while. Although I can afford and enjoy eating at nice restaurants, I don’t have to try very hard to find them within a short walk of here. I am happy to see another place that pretty much everyone across the income distribution can enjoy.

  • I live in the neighborhood and I think its the state of the buildings immediately on Mt P street that deters investors. There are a lot of run down shops and the apartment buildings right on Mt P are not in good shape. This give the impression of a low income neighborhood. It is also hard to draw people across 16th since they’d have to cross Columbia Heights and could probably get what they were looking for there. I predict as Columbia Road gets more upscale and more market rate development fills in on 16th Mt P street will slowly creep up. The neighborhood is awesome though.

  • Subway is way better than a vacant store and it would be nice to be able to get a quick and cheap $5 footlong sometimes.

  • If the Subway does well, maybe that will draw other stores and restaurants. Each Peach and Flying Fish are doing well as are some of the old staples like the Chinese takeout spots. getting any business into and fixing up the vacant buildings is a big step.

  • Yeah! This is why I’ve always gotta have a car… If I only stayed in DC I’d think that all KFC locations world wide were frighteningly un-renovated with filthy bathrooms! Hah.

  • to be honest, as a former Mt. pleasant resident, I think you should probably just be more realistic about your neighborhood. It is still (and will likely continue to be) home to a very diverse population both ethnically and socioeconomically. not trying to be snarky, but the establishments there cater to the majority of people who live there.

  • sorry this was in response to anon @1:30

  • That’s a very small shop, so there aren’t a lot of folks interested in locating their business there. Subways have a very small footprint, though, so I guess they can make it work. Typical storefront in this area, small storefront with no alley, etc., doesn’t attract much interest.

    A lot of landlords in Mount Pleasant bought their properties years ago, and they can let them sit vacant without having to pay a mortgage every month. They aren’t very aggressive in seeking tenants, and they don’t face anything to make them urgent.

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