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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • palisades

    Rant/rave? – Snallygaster was interesting. Lots of beers to choose from. The $25 tickets ended up being plenty of beer. Rain was obviously a huge letdown. Complete downpour for a solid 15 minutes at one point. The app to help with beers was completely useless. Too many people trying to use it at once, shoulda seen that one coming.

    • I downloaded the app earlier in the week, and after playing around with it on a home wifi network with no heavy usage I realized it was a piece of crap and deleted it. Turned out to be much better just to write down a list of beers I wanted to try and which stations they were pouring from. I felt kind of sorry for the people who lined up immediately at 11:30 for the Cantillon, waited 45 minutes or so and then didn’t get any because they ran out. Well, not really sorry. Made the lines for many of the other rare beers a lot shorter 😉 I was skeptical, but paying for the early admission was totally worth it.

      • Ally

        Oh, and +1 to the early admission. We were able to sample some of the small cask beers that later ran out and had a good couple of hours of fun before the deluge started. Totally worth the extra money for the VIP tickets.

    • Ally

      I think their servers just got overwhelmed. Hopefully they’ll do better next year. While the app was totally useless at the event, I did remember a lot of what I’d added to my favorites that morning, so it was a little helpful in at least getting a sneak preview of all of the available beers.

  • Rant: Approximately 100 morons tearing down 14th street yesterday evening on quads and dirt bikes with no regard for laws or safety. What is the city doing about these jerks?

    • What is the city doing about these jerks?

    • I wrote into the dr gridlock chat to ask about this issue and what can be done about to, but of course he didn’t take the question. Just focused on a ton of questions about 8 vs 6 car trains.

  • binpetworth

    Rant: How come contemporary furniture stores don’t make bed frames that accommodate box spring mattresses? I bought an amazing (expensive) mattress set a few years ago to last me 15-20 years, so I don’t want to throw away the box spring just to get a decent frame.
    Rave: Fall weather. This is my favorite time of year!

    • Yes! And why do the box spring and mattress each have to be 3 feet thick? The demo models in the store are much thinner so it’s hard to know what you’re going to be getting.

      • I always put a neutral color fitted sheet over the box spring, so that it’s not visible even in a too-shallow frame. (In my case, the frame is a bit too big all around… I guess to accommodate an even-puffier mattress set.) It looks pretty sleek. No sealy logos visible!

        • I do that, too! But the real problem is the height, not the look – I can’t use the few bed frames I’d really like to have because it would then require a ladder to get in and out of bed. And it’s not like these frames are that far off the ground.

        • That’s a smart idea (neutral-color fitted sheet over the box spring), maybe even in instances where the mattress and box spring are on regular metal rails rather than on a platform bed. Currently I use a dust ruffle/bedskirt, but it’s a bit of a hassle to get it off and on.
          I actually have a neutral-color fitted sheet over the box spring on a guest bed, but on the underside rather than the top, and for functional rather than aesthetic reasons. The fabric on the bottom of the box spring was ripped, and my cat showed a little too much interest in climbing in and exploring.

      • GiantSquid

        You can buy a low-profile box spring. That’s what we have on our bed.

    • You can ditch the box spring, too.

  • Rave: I had a packed and fun weekend. Snallygaster was awesome, save for the rain and the app being overloaded. But the crowd was fun and the beers were great.
    Rant: I didn’t get to try all of the beers I wanted to, but really, how can you? I was plastered by 4pm, I didn’t even make it til 6.
    Rave: Breakfast with my sister, brother in law, and the adorable nieces. They are too cute. The little one can’t even walk, but she climbs the stairs at the park and scoots over to the slide, then scoots herself down.
    Rave: Adams Morgan Day never disappoints.

  • epric002

    rant: that gang of asshole ATV/dirt bike riders terrorizing DC last night. was trying to drive home from near H St so got to watch them pop wheelies, weave in and out of traffic, block traffic, and block intersections- all while not wearing helmets. i will be calling and emailing my council member, mayor gray’s office, and the mayoral candidates today. this kind of narcissistic, dangerous, antisocial behavior is not okay.
    rave: spent the weekend at a B&B in scottsville. it should have been more relaxing.
    rant: it wasn’t b/c i was there with my family. i swear i’m going to need a xanax prescription to spend that much time with them.
    rave: puppies had so much fun in the country.
    rave: foster puppy had so much fun with the foster sitter and her pups that he passed out on the 15 minute drive home last night 🙂
    rave: wine and beer tasting around scottsville and charlottesville.
    rave: dinner at mas tapas in charlottesville.

    • GiantSquid

      I hear you with the family. We now deliberately keep our trips limited to a few days and make sure to find/schedule some alone time in there. No one’s been killed yet…

    • +1 on family and the potential for stress.
      My mom is visiting. She’s great in many ways (boundless energy, happy to help me landscape, etc.), but totally vexing in others — CONSTANTLY questioning my judgment, voicing veiled (or not-so-veiled) disapproval, etc.

    • epric002

      thanks giantsquid and textdoc. glad i’m not the only one whose (very nice) family (mostly my parents) drive me up.the.WALL! collectively they can’t tolerate silence for some reason and so they constantly ask absolutely inane questions, which makes me CRAZY.

    • My parents and cousin came over and we took them to Eastern Market for lunch. As much as I love my family, it’s stressful to be around them. My parents are in their 70’s and you would think they had never left the house before. I’m sure some of you out there know what I’m talking about. 🙂

      • epric002

        omg that’s my mother and she’s only in her late 50s. she has lived and traveled all over the world and yet you’d think she’d never left her house on her own. it can be SO frustrating!

    • I hear that on spending times with family. My last family vacation was about as relaxing as a 70 hour work week.

  • Rave: DC Ragnar Relay! The supportive atmosphere, helpful volunteers, and awesome teammates made for a terrific first Ragnar experience, even with the pouring rain at the end of the race.
    Rant: Very hobbly today. And it’s Monday – too much to catch up on.

  • Rant: The commentary on kids riding motorcycles and ATVs in the city disrupted my chi… 10 years ago I was a motorcycle rider in DC and I did some stupid stuff, but that doesn’t mean that I was lawless or a “hood rat”. I now manage IT teams for government and I’ve never had a criminal record. A lot of these kids are good, just out having fun. Societal bias towards them is ugly and driven by a deep seated hate that many people I know carry around hidden in their wallets. And yet these same people grew up watching the Dukes of Hazzard and being happy they always got away.

    Rave: Found a good opportunity for investment, hopefully the business works out so I can buy it!

    • So its just my “societal bias”, that causes me anger when people put other people in danger just to have fun?

      • If you think almost running over pedestrians in a crosswalk because you were too busy popping a wheelie through a red light to look where you were going is a bad thing you are obviously a racist and hate poor people.

        • I never hurt anyone when I rode a motorcycle. A kid on a bike does a wheelie because he doesn’t think about the consequences, the rider is most likely to get seriously injured if anything happens, so if they knew that they wouldn’t be reckless to begin with… Most riders don’t know the extent of the horror that motorcycle accidents can cause because they are young, and they’re only paying attention to the fun aspects.

          No one out of the crew I rode with had accidents involving others. I went to 5 funerals for good friends of mine, one died in a car accident, that’s how I learned that riding wasn’t worth the risk. Not everyone on a bike in the city means harm. People in cars or on bicycles can cause accidents in the same ways, I think the extreme bias towards riders just because they are in the city is unfair. Sure there are bad seeds, but it’s far from an epidemic in my opinion.

          Reckless motorcycle riders are the same as reckless car drivers, and reckless bicycle riders and reckless pedestrians, we shouldn’t put them in a category and paint a picture of them as wild bands of criminals, they should be seen as individuals, and subject individually to law enforcement..

          • Next time 100+ people in cars race down 14th blowing through red lights and weaving in and out of traffic i will be happy to complain about them too. It has nothing to do with the vehicle they choose, even though I’m pretty sure its illegal to ride dirtbikes and quads on DC streets, it’s about how they were riding them.

          • epric002

            they’re not “individuals” when they’re doing this in groups of over 100. it’s fairly easy to avoid an “individual” reckless/speeding/wheelie popping driver/motorcycle rider. it’s not so easy to avoid hitting anyone or anything when you’re surrounded by over a hundred of them.

    • GiantSquid

      I think much of the animosity towards the riders is that they are being incredibly unsafe. Driving around at high speeds, no lights, no helmets, running reds, running stops, and going on sidewalks is dangerous not only for them but the people around them. I’m upset at them because it’s selfish and stupid. There’s an appropriate place to ride ATVs and dirtbikes. H St NE, 14th St NW, I St SW, Penn Ave SE, these are not appropriate places. Go find a track or someone’s backyard.

      • Heard/saw a small part of this group over near Union Market/Gallaudet yesterday evening. Not sure what they think riding around in a giant pack is going to buy them other than a greater likelihood of hitting someone or being hit *by* someone.

    • It worries me that you manage IT teams for the government. What these people are doing is dangerous and unlawful.

    • I don’t see what support for fictional moon-shinning in the rural south, racing around on empty dirt roads, has to do with real people in a crowded part of a city racing around putting lives in danger.
      I was trying to cross 14th St. and a few of these a-holes came within a foot of running me over.
      Please tell me more about my biases and the hatred I have “hidden in my wallet”. What is that even suppose to mean?

      • You can hear them coming. Put your cell phone down when you’re crossing and look around you. I too cross the street, but I’m extra careful because I don’t expect others to care about my personal safety in life. There are people on all sorts of drugs driving around the city every day in all sorts of vehicles, including suicidal maniacs that aren’t on drugs. I can’t expect everyone to obey the law, actually I expect them not to, even though I believe most of them have good intentions, and that’s what keeps me from being injured.

        • You can here them coming, but when you are already in the crosswalk and they fly through a redlight that doesn’t really give you anywhere to go. Was I suppose to not cross the street because I heard loud engines a block away?

          • It’s unfortunate that that experience happened to you, but don’t let it create anger for people who weren’t involved in your specific incident. We’ve all had close calls in life (not discounting yours at all).

            But for example, a person in younger life that gets bitten by a dog and grows to dislike all dogs is potentially missing out on a lot of the good if they hate dogs because of their past experience… And if that person worked to ban all dogs in later life for everyone because of their experience, they would be doing injustice to people that know not all dogs are the same.

          • That’s like saying “It’s unfortunate you were maimed by a drunk driver, but don’t let it create anger for people who drive drunk and don’t run into anyone.” You know, because they weren’t involved in your specific incident.

          • @12:25 anonymous, I see it more as a feeling of entitlement that “I should be able to cross the street without threats to my safety in a populated city, and anyone who makes me feel uncomfortable without conforming to my standards should be arrested”. That pretty much embodies the term “entitlement” for me. The ideal of unequal enforcement of the law for kids in the city versus kids in the suburbs… But when someone’s on a bicycle suddenly they feel like they’re immune to the law or responsibility for their actions and it’s not seen as parallel (irresponsible behavior) because the perps are less threatening for some reason, though they can still cause major accidents and disappear without being caught.

          • epric002

            anon @ 12:38- i don’t think you understand what entitled means. it is absolutely not entitled to think you should be able to (legally) safely cross the street in a populated city. it is indeed entitled to think that you and 100 of your closest friends should be able to (illegally) race, en masse, through a populated city, ignoring all traffic rules and laws and endangering other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. this has nothing to do with “feeling uncomfortable” or “conforming to my standards”. this is about not behaving recklessly, dangerously, or illegally.

          • @anonymous 13:38
            So we’ve reached the point where thinking you can safely use a crosswalk with the light is entitlement?
            If I lived in the suburbs and this happened I’d be just as mad. Reckless illegal behavior is reckless and illegal no matter who or where it is.
            And we are comparing large groups on motor vehicles to individuals on bicycles? I’ll grant you that those critical mass style rides that block traffic and ignore red lights are wrong too.

          • Wanting to arrest people who are not “conforming to my standards” would mean cries for the arrest of girls who wear knitting yarn braided into their hair, or people who weigh more than 50 pounds per foot of height.
            This is a case of wanting to arrest people who break the law. You’re here often enough to know that there is no tolerance among this crowd for white bicycle riders who run reds. Everyone here feels that the cops don’t do enough about that, either. I think your perception is completely biased. There is no form of putting others at risk, by any demographic, that is tolerated among the PoPulace.
            And yes, I AM entitled to cross the street without threats to my safety. So are you. So are the motorbike kids, provided we’re all obeying the law. That’s the social contract. They broke it.

    • I’m pretty sure I’d be just as angry if the people on dirt bikes were entitled white kids and came from families with money. The anger at having 100+ idiots blow through your neighborhood at high speed and putting you and all your neighbors in danger has nothing to do with the race of the riders.

      • epric002

        ^ this. i have nothing against anyone who owns/drives ATVs or dirtbikes legally and safely. hundreds of unlicensed, unregistered vehicles/riders weaving in and out of traffic, blocking intersections, riding on sidewalks, and generally trying to break every traffic law they can think of is dangerous, obnoxious, illegal, and entitled.

      • +5000. The issue is irresponsible and reckless drivers, not their race. I would be this furious about their criminal negligence and complete disregard for the safety of others regardless what their racial and socioeconomic background was.

    • The Dukes of Hazzard was a show, dude. What these morons are doing is endangering innocent people. That is real. Just because the hoodlums happen to be of a certain race doesn’t mean opposing their unlawful, anti-social, and dangerous (potentially murderous) behavior is racist. Get over yourself.

      • Ponch and John would stop the dirt bikers.

      • Maybe then we should ban all motorcycles, then that would make the world a great place?

        I think you’re greatly exaggerating the situation here. It’s a loose bike gang that you maybe see once or twice a year, there have maybe been about 4-5 accidents involving people out of that crew in the city and others (non affiliated)?

        Relative to DC’s population and the other serious accidents that happen it’s a drop in the bucket threat to public safety. Sure it can be mitigated, and sure it’s wrong, but it’s not a wild band of hoodlums, ghetto youth, or an epidemic of lawlessness. This is what I’m upset about. The way it’s portrayed. Let’s be real about the situation.

        It is in many ways about race, because some of the people here are proposing that cops injure these kids in the process of preventing the injury of others (even before the kids injure anyone) and using words like “ghetto black kids”, “hoodlum”, etc to describe people who were just like me when I was that age, but I was none of the above. This all has been way overblown, and people cannot even look at the points I agree with them on. What I’m really suggesting is a more moderate approach to looking at the problem rather than just grouping all the kids into one category of lawlessness.

        • I don’t think it’s about race at all, except that in DC the riders happen to be black.
          When I lived in the midwest and white kids were popping wheelies on their motorbikes on the interstate and weaving in and out of traffic in reckless ways, I felt exactly the same way.

          • It’s horrible, reckless behavior no matter who does it or where, but at least on the interstate the chances of hitting a pedestrian are remarkably low.

          • Oh, true, these guys have added to their list of sins by doing this in areas where there are pedestrians as well as vehicles who could be hit. My point was more that the race of the asshat popping wheelies and going 120 is not what’s behind people feeling threatened and pissed off.

        • If we’re ‘greatly exaggerating’ this situation, you’re trying to downplay it. Face it, what they are doing is a problem. Don’t try to stand up for them, because you’re wrong.

        • “The way it’s portrayed. Let’s be real about the situation. It is in many ways about race, because some of the people here are proposing that cops injure these kids in the process of preventing the injury of others (even before the kids injure anyone) and using words like “ghetto black kids”, “hoodlum”, etc to describe people who were just like me when I was that age, but I was none of the above.”
          I’ve got a news flash for you – if you behaved in that way when you were a kid, you were a hoodlum. I don’t care what race you are, or that you (claim to) have reformed in your dotage – if you act like this, you’re a hoodlum. That’s a race-neutral term, as far as I know. Now, “ghetto black kids” as a reference is problematic (though I don’t know who used it). But posts deploring this BEHAVIOR and referring to those who engage in it as hoodlums have nothing to do with race – as someone else said, if this were a-hole preppy Landon students (OK, that was redundant) doing this, I’ll wager the reaction would be the same.

        • I think everyone understands wild youth – and wild youth with loud fast machines and a f**k off attitude. But why don’t they go ride around a pop wheelies in the parking lot of RFK or the more deserted nighttime streets of downtown?

      • Bo and Luke were just good ol boys, never meanin’ no harm.

        • Beats all you never saw, been in TROUBLE WITH THE LAW since the day they was born…

          I sing it in the shower all the time 😛

    • I don’t think anyone is questioning whether the goal of these kids is to have fun. What they are questioning is that way they go about it. Baltimore has been struggling to deal with these packs of riders for years. You should see the documentary, The 12 O’Clock Boys, for background. “12 O’Clock” refers to the near vertical wheelies the best of the riders can do. Some of the stuff these guys do on their bikes is pretty incredible to watch. It’s also incredibly dangerous. There have been instances of bystanders getting hit, and riders being hurt or killed in accidents. And the police have become reluctant to engage them because if they show up and the riders scatter and someone gets into an accident, the police get blamed for it. That’s probably the reason they wouldn’t engage a pack of 100 bikes riding down 14th St NW. Who knows what kid of chaos would have resulted.

    • I confess that I have a juvenile fondness this sort of thing. Yeah, it’s irresponsible, yeah it’s loud and unruly, yeah it’s dangerous. So what? F*** The Man. You’re only young, dumb and hormone-addled for a short time. Embrace it.

      • I was about a step away from literally embracing the front wheels of a couple of these riders yesterday. I’m trying to walk home, if your idea of fun is to put my life in danger you can go be young, dumb and hormone-addled somewhere else.

        • I was young and dumb years ago. But even now, as my hearing (and knees) goes into terminal decline, I can hear a dozen ATV’s coming down the street.

          • Yeah, you can hear them, but I wasn’t expecting them to blow through a red light and almost hit me in the crosswalk on the other side of the intersection.

          • epric002

            and when you’re driving it’s pretty hard to tell where they’re coming from. and then once you’re surrounded- we’re all just supposed to stop? you often can’t move out of the way b/c there are too many of them and they’re on all sides of you. these aren’t ambulances- there aren’t rules for how to get out of their way. and it’s not like they have the right of way anyway.

        • @epric002,

          How many times has this happened to you? You make it sound as if it’s an every day occurrence?

          • Epric002 was pretty clear that she was describing what she witnessed on Sunday night — not sure where you’re getting this “everyday occurrence” idea from.
            I see enough posts on PoPville about dirt bikers and ATVers to know that events like this are not an everyday occurrence, but they’re not one-offs either. It seems that there are mass rides like this a few times a year, and incidents every now and then of smaller groups of dirt bikers creating havoc.

          • epric002

            thanks textdoc- i also don’t get how my description makes it sound as if it’s an every day occurrence. but for the record, i’d say this was probably the 3rd time i’ve been up close to one of these events. this one was certainly the largest, but it was the 2nd time i’ve been driving and was swarmed by them. i have also been a pedestrian once when they came racing down 13th st NW. fortunately i wasn’t in their way that time.

      • Look, I see your point, but like others said, they can be young and dumb in secluded areas. I know there are plenty of industrial parks they can go and ride around on the weekends and stunt all they want. No reason to be poppin’ wheelies through traffic and sidewalks in the middle of the city or highway. No reason at all other than to be an ass and laugh at the police.

        That being said most of these guys have some serious skills…

    • the dukes boys are fiction.

      if you blew through traffic lights and rode within inches of people endangering them you were an asshole, regardless of your job now. or then.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Despite the rain, had a good time on the 13 colonies ride Saturday.
    Revel: Much-needed massage on Sunday
    Rant: Mr. Squid out of town for a few days
    Revel: tattoos tomorrow!
    Revel: Job opportunity is looking more and more possible

  • Rant: Went to the ER last week after being diagnosed with a very low blood count. Spent the night there and got transfusions and lots of tests.

    Rave: No internal bleeding and I feel a lot better now. I feel so much stronger, sometimes I think that maybe Clark Kent was my blood donor.

    Rant: I need to have some pretty invasive tests to completely rule out GI problems. At least I’ll be sedated when they put the cameras in.

    • Ally

      Aww, hope it all works out. My family’s been through some of that, so I can relate. Rest up.

      • Thanks! I’m feeling really good. I’m able to exercise again and all of the dizziness and exhaustion I was feeling is gone. One of the doctors I talked to advised against doing the century ride I registered for later this month, but I still might do it (or the metric century.) What do doctors know anyways? They always tell you stupid stuff, like “don’t drink.”

        • I dunno… blood transfusions and invasive tests sound pretty serious. (Glad that you’re OK, by the way!) Maybe you could stick to just normal-level exercise for a while, and avoid the super-duper-level exercise? Can you get a refund for any registration cost the century ride might’ve had?

          • I rode fifteen miles yesterday – ten non-stop at a pretty fast pace, then five more after a water break. Felt great when I finished. I’m going to try around 30 miles this weekend. And I plan to start going to the gym again (just for a few weight training exercises) tonight.

            It’s too late to get a refund for the century ride. I’ve been looking into transferring the registration to someone who hasn’t registered it (and giving it to them for half of what it costs to register.) Part of me thinks that if I ride a pace that’s not too fast, keep hydrated and fueled I’ll be able to finish. Still thinking about it.

    • With the transfusion, maybe you can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

    • Be careful and listen to your own body and your doctor. Try to get more specifics from your doctor(s) such as, should I be concerned about exercising for more than a certain period of time?, or getting my heart rate above a certain level?, etc. If you understand what to look for and be concerned about you can go about exercising/training in a more informed manner and avoid harming yourself.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    Rave: Awesome weather!
    Rave2: Google Voice’s inability to translate my dad’s Kentucky-accented voicemail messages. According to Google Voice transcription, my dad went to the Dr and “…he gave me Maria.”
    Rave3: Went to the open house of Friday’s GDON yesterday. What a charming house—the pictures don’t do it justice!

    • What if it’s NOT a problem with Google Voice? How’s your Dad getting along with Maria? Maybe he’s totally enjoying! 🙂 I’m thinking that I”d like an appointment with your Dad’s doctor! Maybe I could get a prescription for the Old Spice guy… or at least a very nice random Joe! lol

  • Rant: getting discouraged about the prospects of find jobs where we want to move. It’s so emotionally exhausting because I just want to have that accomplished.
    Rant: trying to figure out how DC-specific skills translate in to the real world
    Rave: Yesterday’s weather. Went to the Arboretum with another family and have a lovely time. Shared some Uprising Muffins with them – so delicious.
    Rave: I truly love fall – hopefully it really stays here in a few weeks (day time 60s-low70s)

    • I hope things work out for you with your job hunt! I’m planning to start looking for jobs in the DC area very soon — and have kind of the opposite problem. I’ll need to figure out how job skills that I’ve acquired in the Very Real World translate as skills to DC-specific jobs. Not fun.

    • Try using a local address or getting a PO Box in the area you want to relocate to. It might help bolster some callbacks. Also, you can also create a local number on Google that routes to your phone.

      • no address on my resume and I don’t think cell phone numbers matter. If they care about locale, they’ll know based on my current job where I live……

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: Had to drive from Dulles to DC and used Apple maps since I”m not a driver, set the maps to the non toll rd. and still the directions sent me through the toll road. Oh well, I have some cash whatever. When I get to the gate with 2 cars behind me, I realize I have to pay one dollar in coins; no bills. Checked my pockets and I didn’t have enough money in coins, panick attack. fortunately, the people I just picked up at the airport had 50 cents and that was enough.
    Rave: on the way there I was able to avoid the toll road even though the map was sending me through it.
    Rant: Conspiracy theory: Maps are working together with toll roads to make us pay.
    Rave: when my clients like my photos.
    Rave: Being able to photograph the milky way. New photo addiction.
    Rave: Brother and his wife visiting, doing the touristic DC thing.

    • When I was a little kid (really, really little), I was certain that those coin collector baskets at the toll road were also urinals and could be used as such in a pinch.

    • Apple Maps simply suck. Use Google Maps next time.

    • Apple’s maps app is the worst. Gotta use Google.

    • I would not be surprised if state highway authorities worked with Google to steer people on toll roads.

    • If you were driving from Dulles Airport itself, there should not have been a toll since airport traffic uses the free lanes… so that is probably why the app directed you onto the tollroad.

    • If you were coming from the airport couldn’t you have used the free lanes?

      • pablo .raw

        I never, ever drive, so I depend on the maps for directions I don’t know how to get anywhere by car :(. The map showed 2 ways to get there, and warned me about one of them having tolls. So I switched to the other one and started following instructions and suddenly I was at the gates.

  • Rave: I found an apt! Thank you to everyone who helped last week. It is charming and has exposed brick walls!
    Rave: Jack White last night was awesome and the weather was great, albeit chilly.
    Rant: Horrific crash after the show. We were stuck in traffic for an extra hour coming home from Merriweather and when we went by the scene it didn’t look like anyone could have survived.

  • Rant: missed a call from a recruiter (for a job I want) yesterday (2 pm on a sunday?). Responded via email and voicemail and now am waiting/dying for them to call me back and give me some hope. But seriously, a call on a sunday? I totally didn’t expect that at all and I keep all my comms open on weekdays, but weekends I usually don’t look at my phone a lot. Alas.

    Funny senior moment this morning, I got to work thinking I left the oven on at my new apartment, but I think its just my constant latent low level anxiety latching on to something. If my memory isn’t totally broken, I turned it on, toasted bread, turned it off, and then later I opened it again to see if it was still making the new oven smell, it wasn’t hot inside, and then I turned off the oven light. But its still crazy how consuming this kind of thing could be for me.

    Rave: gorgeous lovely weekend, saw my bestie, saw my boyfriend, saw The Grand Budapest Hotel, and even went to the gym. Walking funny today to boot.

  • skj84

    Rave: Had an amazing Sunday. The weather was gorgeous, Adams Morgan Day was a blast. Ended the day watching Miss America with friends. I should’ve brought a jacket with me, by the time I walked home it was outright chilly outside. Didn’t damper the fun though.

    Rant: Rude behavior from a job prospect. While I know the employers have the upperhand, this one crossed the line in my opinion. The whole job search is starting to take a toll on me. It’s just frustrating now, especially since I’ve had a few good looking opportunities that fell apart at the last minute. I’m trying to be optimistic, but I just don’t want to do this anymore.

    • Job hunting can be so discouraging — I’m going through it right now too. Hang in there!

    • It will get better. In the meantime, make sure you do one good, fun thing a day. The search can be tiring, but having something to look forward to (i.e., a good meal, a museum visit, a favorite TV show) each day helps. In terms of the rude behavior from a job prospect: let that bounce off your back. You don’t want to work for jerks. Onward.

    • We were channel flipping and caught the question bit of the contest – I loved it that a Miss America contestant was asked for an 18 second answer on how to solve the problem of ISIL !

  • Ally

    Rave: Snallygaster (and Dogfish brewery tweaking their pumpkin ale recipe to where I actually like it now)!
    Rant: Downpour of biblical proportions at Snallygaster. Will begin work on ark for next year.
    Rant: My “I get comped a lot” sports bar closed last night after 20+ years of being open at the metro center Hyatt. Farewell, old friend. We’ll always have cornhole.

    • Was that just the plain old dog fish pumpkin? Or was it barrel aged? My rule was that I wasn’t going to try beers that I could easily get, but if it’s barrel aged I missed out I think.

      • Ally

        Yeah, I generally was only trying the rarer stuff myself, but the S.O. had gotten it and I had a taste. I usually very much dislike their pumpkin ale but liked this one. He said it was their new recipe, so I think it may have been the basic one as opposed to the barrel aged. Did you happen to try the wildflower mead? That was the one I tried that I couldn’t decide if I liked or not. Weird taste; very carbonated.

        • I didn’t try any of the Dog Fish stuff actually.
          The only beer I had that I had had before was Autumn Maple by the Bruery. It was great, except the guy pouring winked and handed my two 12 oz pours. It’s a 10% abv beer, which was not what I needed late in the afternoon. I mean, I drank them, but still.

    • That bar closed? Sadness – was always a good spot to go after games at Verizon because it didn’t get super crowded and they had beer towers/would put games we asked for on TV.

  • Rant: Have an appointment today with OBGYN about fibroids. Hoping for the best.
    Rant: My mother insisting that I take leave from work to fly to Cleveland for my great aunt’s 100th birthday party during time I will be recovering from surgery.
    Rant: I feel like my mother just uses me to show off to her relatives (because I have a good education and work in DC) and I hate it.
    Rave: made a new breakfast sandwich this morning in microwave with egg beaters and turkey bacon and bread in the toaster and it was pretty good.

    • your rave is cracking me up, and i can relate to the mom using your life story as her stories to friends

      • Are you getting your fibroids removed? how big are they? Do you have pain? I have 3 smalls one, but I have a lot of pain, my doctor says it is not worth removing since they are smalls and we are ttc.. I wonder if it is causing the pain or maybe the infertility too. Anyway good luck!

    • Good luck at the doctor. I also get it about your mother. I feel like my father is only interested in my accomplishments and not me as a person.

    • Sorry, it was meant for you:
      Are you getting your fibroids removed? how big are they? Do you have pain? I have 3 smalls one, but I have a lot of pain, my doctor says it is not worth removing since they are smalls and we are ttc.. I wonder if it is causing the p

      • I’ve had fibroids removed. Something you might want to look into is MR guided ultrasound. It’s completely noninvasive (I wasn’t a candidate and had surgery instead, but first looked into this). Google it for more information. At the time I was considering it, there were only 6 hospitals in the country that performed it, but there may be more now. The closest one was Virtua in NJ and they sent me information on what the preliminary MRI needed to cover and then reviewed my films.

    • Honey, we may have the same mother. The good thing is you’re grown, so you can say no. 🙂

      • If the OP’s mother is manipulative and/or intrudes on other people’s boundaries, saying “no” and getting her to take “no” for an answer might be two different things.

  • thatnewplaceon14th

    Rant: I had a weird experience with UberX this weekend.

    I was in the MD burbs and took a 45 minute long ride back into the city. It was only $40 so, hey, awesome. But for the entire 45-minute ride the Uber driver was talking to me about Jesus and how it was God’s plan that he drove me tonight so he could tell me about God’s love. And I mean, this was a sermon: quoting Bible texts, telling me I’m a sinner, giving me his personal testimony (about finding God at 2am while walking the streets one night) and God misses me and how there is no “coincidence” in life.

    Honestly, I felt extremely uncomfortable. Not at the proselytizing. My family is all extremely religious and his spiel is something I’ve been hearing my entire life. But at how trapped I felt at not being able to get out of that situation. But dear god, that was an extremely awkward ride. At the end, he asked me to pray with him, where we HELD HANDS for 5 minutes and talked to God.

    I don’t think it was something that was bad enough that it was something to report, but it just goes to show you: UberX is super cheap and convenient. But yikes, you will meet some interesting characters.

    • Eek. Sounds like UberX provides that proselytizer with an all-too-captive audience!

    • Ally

      Okay, that’s just bizarre. I could tolerate that for $20, but for $40, not so much 😉 I once had an uberx driver hit on me for the entire 25-minute ride out to my boyfriend’s apartment, so that was nearly as fun. Sometimes it is worth it to spring for the uber black.

      • thatnewplaceon14th

        The Uber Black would’ve been like $75+. I thought about it, but didn’t think I’d be getting a free evangelistic spiel with my $40 ride, hah.

    • Yikes. How did you rate the driver?

      • thatnewplaceon14th

        I didn’t yet. I’m still thinking about it. As a driver, he was safe and good.

        But he made me feel weird. Not sure if “the guy was a weirdo” is enough of a reason to give someone a low rating. Thoughts?

        • I’ve never used Uber… is there a text box where you can type comments, or is it just a “pick one of these numbers” things?
          If the former, maybe you can tell them, “He was fine as a driver, but he was proselytizing and I had no way to get away from it, and that doesn’t seem right.”

          • thatnewplaceon14th

            That’s a good idea. Maybe I’ll just leave a polite comment saying how I thought that, while his driving was good, he was inappropriate with me.

        • I think someone being a weirdo is a perfect reason to give them a low rating. As an Uber user, I would certainly want to know so I could avoid the weirdos!

          • Yes, seriously, please rate this person and report them. If I’m going to be required to hold hands with my driver (a complete stranger who has the ability to drop me off in a back alley if I don’t do what he wants) and pray in order to get out of the freaking car, I’d really want to know this in advance. Yuck.

        • Isn’t there a comment box? If so, I’d use it. This is a serious violation to me (and I am a Christian).

        • Re: UberX driver

          Please PLEASE notify Uber. That is not acceptable behavior. Think of how uncomfortable you would have felt if you WEREN’T the same religion as this person. I’ve been in a similar situation and it shook me to my bone. Please help prevent others from having to deal with this person.

          • thatnewplaceon14th

            Hi Anonymous,

            I’ve already notified Uber. And for the record, I’m not the same religion as the UberX. Don’t believe in God and all. 😉

        • It’s totally a valid reason to report him. He is there to drive you to your destination and conduct himself appropriately during the ride. He should not be creeping you out, trying to touch you or making you a captive audience to his proselytizing. That behavior is not OK and I would think that Uber (and anyone else who gets stuck with that weirdo as a driver) would want to know that this was happening.

      • Ally

        Good question. Apparently if their overall rating dips below a 3 or 4, they get canned. So, I doubt this driver will last very long.

    • Um, yeah that would have made me extremely uncomfortable. I am a very secular person and while I don’t begrudge anyone their right to believe in whatever faith they choose, I also believe they have no right to shove it down my throat. That part at the end? There is no way I would have stuck around for that. I may well have just asked the driver to let me out once it became apparent he wasn’t going to shut up. Either that or put my headphones in and pretend to sleep.

      Also, thank you for confirming why I will never use UberX. I’m sure there are many great drivers, but the mere possibility something like this might happen is enough for me to pay extra for black car.

    • Good grief, report it. I come from

      • Good grief, report it. It is HIGHLY inappropriate, especially if you felt trapped. And the praying with you at the end? Not okay, even if you are religious.

        • thatnewplaceon14th

          I guess I”m just so used to being around very very religious “hold hands and pray to God” people that I didn’t think at how weird this was until I typed it out just now.

          I sent in an email to Uber explaining the situation.

    • Wow. Totally inappropriate.

    • If the driver is being inappropriate, what’s wrong with telling him to stop?

      • thatnewplaceon14th

        He had crazy eyes, he had something to say and was going to say it all.

        • Yikes! Reasons enough to email. I’m glad you did (for all of us!).

          I emailed them once with a complaint much justified than yours and they sent me a credit for my next ride. Hopefully you’re as lucky!

    • My guess is that he’s a religious nut who purposely became an UberX driver simply so he could proselytize. Many of these religious sects have proselytizing goals.
      Please leave a crappy review so they will can him. He needs to be removed from the driver force.

      • “My guess is that he’s a religious nut who purposely became an UberX driver simply so he could proselytize.” I wondered about this too.

    • You might work on some assertiveness issues and learn to speak up. Say politely – Thanks but I’m not interested and I prefer you not talk during the drive. And holding hands to pray for 5 min? Absolutely out of line. I would certainly report him or mention it in the rating.

      • In the OP’s defense I’ve been in a similar situation and did not speak up, even though I am normally a very forthright and outspoken person. When somebody with crazy eyes comes at you, you can’t always predict how you will act and sometimes nodding your head (and then reporting them) is the best course of action!

      • thatnewplaceon14th

        Hi Victoria,

        In my personal experience, growing up Christian but not anymore, telling people like him “no thanks” is a bad idea. Here’s why:

        They think “no” means, “I’m blinded by the devil; please tell me about God o you saint.” and it’ll just make their brains light up with joy that they can talk at someone about God because of the possibility that this’ll be a miraculous conversion story.


        • This would make me put on my headphones and/or start singing loudly. Just because you (driver) want to talk doesn’t mean I have to listen.
          I would not be polite either – “please stop” or “no thanks” are not assertive statements.

        • If an assertive “please stop talking” doesn’t do it, I would make up some excuse like “I have a really intense migrane, and every time you speak it puts me in immense pain. God bless you for your silence.”

        • Sorry – I was definitely trying to word that to be simply straightforward without seeming like scolding or “attacking.” I know it is difficult to stand up for yourself with people in weird situations, but it is an essential skill that all people, especially women, should practice.

          Does the Uber app give a rider any way to contact them if they feel they are in a bad or threatening ride?

    • You should email Uber and tell them about your experience. I’ve emailed them and found them to be responsive. There is no way that you should feel trapped in a vehicle, like you need to listen to a speech, or that you have to touch or pray with a driver.

  • Rave: The cute kids from the day care center on Rock Creek Church Rd. who always say “Good Morning” to me when I am leaving my house and they are walking by. Awesome way to start the day. And kudos to their caregivers who are teaching them the benefit of little things like greeting people they meet.

    • My son just started at a daycare on Rock Creek Church Rd today and I have been bawling b/c I hate that he has to go to daycare (as I have to go back to work). Seeing your rave just gave me a huge smile and made me feel a lot better!! My boy is too little to say hi yet (11 weeks) but I hope he is one of the happy faces you see happy to be at that daycare once he gets settled!

  • In the wee hours of Sunday morning (2:15am to be exact) a dude in a one-man-band get-up walked down my street. In addition to the usual brass instruments and whatnot, he had (I shit you not) a flame-thrower mounted up. I woke up to its deep booms and bright flashes, and looked out my window to see him walking alone down the middle of the street, firing off bursts into the air every few steps.
    Couple of questions: WHAT was going on Saturday night? There were three loud parties in earshot of my house, (in an area where were usually get one loud party per season), and I think The Flamer wandered away from one of them.
    Is Flamer boy a known local performer? I’ve lived here a long time, and never seen him.
    And, if you’re the person who was walking behind The Flamer taking a phone video, please send that in to PoP. It was surreal when woken from a sound sleep. I want to see if it’s as trippy on your video!

    • Ally

      Wow! I’d have been annoyed until I saw the flame thrower, then I’d have just been impressed.

    • I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that guy at Gallery O on H. There is a burlesque/side show group that performs there sometimes and he is part of it (if it’s the same guy, and I can’t imagine there is a second guy with a giant flame throwing tuba).

    • I wonder if he was influenced by that Australian busker with the kilt and mohawk who plays bagpipes that shoot flames. (Search YouTube for “The Bagpiper Thunderstruck” if you’ve never beheld this.) There’s also a guy in Portland who calls himself the Unipiper and does the same thing while riding a unicycle and wearing a Darth Vader costume.

    • Wow! You got me at “flame-thrower”. I SO want to see this guy! Hope there’s a video!

    • Bear

      Mexican Independence. My neighborhood also had many loud parties.

      • My neighbors, hosts of one of the loud parties (but less loud that some others because they’re good neighbors), are Guatemalan. Any excuse for a party, I guess!

      • In DC, I think it would be more likely that people were celebrating El Salvador’s independence day.

  • Rave: After I lowered the rent for my rental unit to $1725, I got an RSVP for my Saturday open house and the person who RSVP’d actually showed up.
    Rant: I think it’s unlikely he’s going to take the unit — he and his partner stayed there only a few minutes.
    Rave: I’ve had another inquiry from someone who sounds like a good prospect (at least over e-mail) and is looking to move soon.
    Rave: Just-right weather (although it’s a bit chilly at night and in the morning).
    Rave: “The Roosevelts” documentary on PBS.
    Rant: “The Roosevelts” is on every night at 8 p.m. from now through Saturday. I was hoping to get out and do stuff this week! Might have to tape (yes, tape) a couple of the installments.

    • skj84

      PBS already released the entire series online! I DVR’d part one yesterday. Looking forward to catching up. Are you going to the Ken Burns/Beau Willimon chat at Warner theatre tomorrow? They are discussing The Roosevelts and House of Cards.

      • I didn’t know about the Ken Burns talk until yesterday — I signed up for a waiting-list spot via EventBrite, but I doubt it’ll come through. (And I’m supposed to be going to an alumni event for my university Tuesday around that same time anyway.) Are you going?
        Yeah, I figured the series was probably available online, but I don’t really want to watch it on my laptop. (My TVs are old-school, so I can’t hook them up via HDMI cable to my laptop.) So I might have to go old-school and use my VCR, and/or watch on Saturday when they appear to be doing a marathon rebroadcast before airing the final installment.

        • skj84

          I’m going! PBS had a block of tickets for social media viewers so I got mine last week. So excited for this talk. I need to find out what the seating arrangements are though. I want a good spot.

  • Rant: Ran into an ex at a friend’s wedding this past weekend. We had a really rough falling-out (my at-the-time best friend, her, etc.) and I can admit to being emotionally scarred after that happened ~7 years ago. I’ve moved on and I’m doing well. We chatted at the wedding for a bit (though I don’t remember this too well) and I thought things went fine, but I got a really awkward voice mail this morning where it seemed that she was seeking personal closure (I cut off communication after the fact), which revisited all sorts of emotional pain. Now I’m unsure what I should do. It’d be easy to just ignore this call and move on, but I can’t help but wonder if we should meet in person – it’s clear she wants to apologize/seek some sort of closure and would likely be better off as a result. Do I risk revisiting some rather searing pain for the sake of offering her a chance to apologize in person? Should I just ignore this voice mail and move on (much easier for me)? Should I help her find closure?

    • Ally

      I guess it depends on what you hope to get out of it. If it would provide you some closure — or if you think you’d ever want her back as a friend — go for it. Otherwise, I think you’re perfectly within your rights to either ignore the voicemail or to handle the situation via email, which might be a little less emotionally volatile.

      I have an ex who — every time I run into him — curses and runs away (which has gotten to just be kind of amusing at this point). And it’s been 2+ years since we broke up; sometimes, for some people, there just is no closure — and that’s okay.

      • laduvet

        her and your best friend got together? ehh… if that was the case… just move on.

      • It would be generous of you to help her find closure, but you’re totally within your rights to decline to meet with her if it would cause you pain.
        It would be better not to ignore her voicemail, though. You don’t have to meet up with her, but maybe you’d be up to phoning to say, “Sorry — I understand that you want to talk this through, but I’m just not up to it”?
        This reminds me of Carolyn Hax columns where people have written in from the ex’s perspective, wanting to apologize for some long-ago wrong they did to someone. She generally advises them to do so only if they think it would be helpful for the wronged person, not if they just want to do it to make themselves feel better.
        If you think it’d be helpful for you, you can agree to see her. But if you don’t, you are completely justified in declining.

    • She doesn’t need to see you or talk to you to get “closure” – she can write a letter if she has something she wants to say to you. It doesn’t require an in-person conversation.

    • Maybe take some time and decide what the healthiest thing for YOU would be. If you have any need to talk things out, to find closure for yourself, or to help her find closure, then it could be worth doing. If I were in your position, I don’t think I would ignore the voice mail — I agree with textdoc. You can acknowledge the getting the voice mail, and either leave the door open for meeting or talking at some point if you think it’s in your best interest, or just kindly say that revisiting your relationship is not something that you feel you need to do right now. Given how things ended, I’d probably just text back that I received the text, appreciate her effort to reach out, but revisiting the relationship is just not something that I feel a need to do.

    • Ignore. No reason to drag that shit back up. As someone else said, if she needs closure or something, she can write you in some form or another.

    • Thank you for all the advice, I just re-listened to the voice mail and I’m currently leaning on letting it hang. Cheers!

  • Rave – Rainy, lazy Saturdays. After doing nothing all day Saturday besides napping and watching Sex in the City reruns, I went to bed early and slept for nearly 12 hours. Woke up on Sunday feeling amazing, and went out on a 15 mile bike ride.
    Rant – Big ass roaches in the house. Found a few stuck in the cricket glue traps in the basement, then I found a dead one in my bedroom. I am so grossed out over these bugs. I am never living in a first floor apartment again.

    • I second your rave, even though I was sick on Saturday. I read half the the 3rd book in the All Souls Trilogy, took some codeine cough syrup, fell asleep, read some more… It was kind of great.

  • Rave: after hearing a couple nos, I’m almost through the mortgage process right where I’d like to be
    Rave: have several places that I like with all my requirements
    Rant/rave: they’re on the first floor so might have noise issues but my older dog won’t have a lot of steps
    Rave: hopefully have a promising date planned in the next couple of weeks. She’s moving here for work, and she already offered to cook me dinner!

  • Rave: Survived the 83 hour work week last week! After the first couple of days running on adrenaline, I really started to appreciate being out of town with all of my coworkers. Fun evenings make the grueling days worthwhile.
    Rant: It was weird to come back to my dense D.C. neighborhood after a week in Detroit. The wide open spaces on the river were pretty nice.
    Rave: I have probably been pushing my luck wearing riding boots the last three days but I am so happy to (almost) consistently have early fall weather!

  • Rave: Great weekend that included seeing a lot of friends and hitting up Adam’s Morgan Day among other fun happenings.
    Rant: Drank too much Friday night.
    Rave: My hangover naps coincided perfectly with the rain on Saturday. Yeah… I said naps, plural.
    Rant: If I drank 10% less yesterday, I’d probably feel 150% better right now.
    Rave: All in all, as far as Monday’s go, this one isn’t too bad 🙂

  • Rave: Many thanks to all the PoPvillagers who helped me with my winter boot conundrum! I’ve ordered what looks like a wonderful pair of Blondo Villerey boots at a great price from 6pm, and I’m thinking about getting a pair of winter Blunnies — in case of real bad stuff. I had a lot of fun cyber shopping!
    Rant: Once again, the very last day of pool season was cold. Yup. I get that that’s probably why it IS the very last day of pool season. I did see a family wearing wetsuits hanging in there though! Brrrr.
    Rave: There’s something about Fall that makes me want to make and tackle To Do lists. I’m definitely going to take advantage of this!
    Rave: A very good friend will be coming back East for a few days on business. So now I get to see if I can find some good spots in the Georgetown area where we can eat and hang out. Maybe Blues Alley? I’m bummed that Pied de Cochon doesn’t exist anymore.
    Rant: I’m now old enough and/or have lived in the same place(s) long enough, that I give directions by saying: “You know, the place that used to be…..” 🙁

  • Rave: I think I saw Accountering and what must be Andie eating outside at Haydee’s on Friday night, and Andie commented on my dog’s big ears. I ate there later for the first time and it was quite good.
    Rave: This weather.

    • Accountering

      Haha, you did! I was quite impressed with that place. Good Pupusas, margaritas, and fajitas. Awesome weather. Good meal overall.

    • Andie302

      Awww…is your dog part schnauzer? That was our first trip there too and it was great!

      • Yes, a mini schnoodle. (I think I that may have to be my SN.) I’ve lived nearby for years but just got around to eating there.

        • Andie302

          Yes I remember! I commented on the dogs ears because it appeared to be part schnauzer but didn’t have it’s ears clipped. I’ve grown up with them my whole life and most of mine had their ears clipped when we got them (we got several as adults that were re-homed). He was a cutie! Next time say hello 🙂 Maybe we’ll see you there!

  • skj84

    Rant: why does it take my youngest brother forever to get back to me? I texted him yesterday. No response. I know his phone is on his person at all times! I think I may have ranted about this before.

    • If you need a response then call him. If you wait for a text and know it takes him time to respond then you’ll inevitably be frustrated.

      • skj84

        He didn’t respond to my call either. That’s the frustrating thing. I have a difficult time getting a hold of him no matter what the medium.

        • I can’t speak for your brother, but fwiw, I tell people who really want to get in touch with me to call — not text — about 10 minutes before my alarm is scheduled to go off. I might not be terribly coherent, but I’ll almost always answer.

  • Revel: Navy-Air Force Half Marathon on Sunday! I shaved almost 10 minutes off of my previous HM time. Until a year ago, I would have never called myself a runner (or athletic, or very fit), so this has been a huge accomplishment for me.
    Rave: The support other runners gave to the Wounded Warriors participating in the race yesterday. It didn’t matter how much people were struggling on the course, they still had energy to support their fellow athletes out there. It was lovely to see.
    Rave: My great weekend was capped off by a trip to the Vintage Crystal – Sip and Salsa event in Crystal City. For less than $25 we sampled tons of wine and delicious food from neighborhood businesses. Then the last couple hours was spent salsa dancing off the alcohol. The weather was perfect and the crowds were manageable. Great event!
    Rave: I don’t even have the desire to rant right now–even though I could. Doesn’t seem necessary.

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