Police Involved Shooting After Man Hits Officer with Car while Trying to make an Arrest near Costco

From MPD:

“MPD Investigating Police Involved Shooting: 31st Street and South Dakota Avenue, NE

Although it is very early in the investigation, preliminary information indicates that on today’s date [Wed.] at 5:34 pm officers from the 5th district were attempting to affect an arrest of a male suspect in a motor vehicle, when the suspect placed the vehicle in reverse and struck the officer. The officer subsequently fired one round at the suspect. The suspect fled the scene and was apprehended a short distance away. Both the officer and the suspect have non-life threatening injuries. The investigation continues.

Anyone who has information regarding this case should call police at 202-727-9099. Additionally, information may be submitted to the TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411″

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  • justinbc

    Keep this in mind next time you think all MPD are just lazily sleeping in their cars.

    • We said they were texting, not sleeping.

    • For some reason, very few people can appreciate the fact that these men and women are out there literally putting their lives on the line for less annual pay than your typical office worker.

      While I agree that there are significant problems with MPD, I think we need to all have more respect for these people as individuals and what they do (or at least try to do) for this city.

      • +1000000000000000000000000

        its amazing you all can sit behind a computer screen today of all days and bash the police officers that work hard to keep YOU safe…just incredible

        • maybe you should listen to the complaints instead of casting a blanket rejection of them. plenty of people have reasons to not think too highly of mpd.

      • I’m not one to bash MPD, but police work isn’t even in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the US. I believe that sanitation work is ranked much higher as a dangerous job, but for some reason people don’t feel the same obligation to trash collectors. They also are literally putting their lives on the line to do their job and without them, the city would be unihabitable in a month.

      • From the DC website: “The starting salary for police officers is $50,664 a year, effective October 14, 2007. After 18 months of service, most police officers can expect to earn a base salary of approximately $55,431 a year.” There are lots of people in offices that don’t make that much.

        • and most office workers don’t get overtime or union protection.

        • I guess you’re signing up for the academy?


          I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the garbage isn’t assaulting the sanitation worker, when that happens – please do let me know. Police Officers protect our communities and maintain the level of society that makes America so great. I agree sanitation workers are important and it is impressive the hard work they do – I also think that about every business owner and every person who holds a job at all. That, is impressive. In fact, I’d argue the people who work hard EVERY day at a minimum wage job are honorable because it takes a lot of fortitude, drive and respect to work 40 hours a week at a minimum wage job. I could go on and on and on.

          You know what also isn’t on that top 10 list, are our soldiers. I bet you think they’re not important or that much in danger either.

          I hope you never go through the loss of losing someone in the line of duty.

          • we all have different experiences. honor people for who they are and how they do things. not their job title.

          • I’m the anon who wrote the post on sanitation workers. I’m also a foreign aid worker who specializes in conflict zones. My job has been listed in the top five most dangerous careers. In 2006 I was living and working in Baghdad (outside the green zone, in the city), I lost a colleague a month that year. I’ve lost count of how many colleagues I’ve known who have been killed or injured on the job.

            Just because people make shows about cops and there is a mythology built up around the work, it doesn’t make it more dangerous than it actually is. Sanitation workers have a much more dangerous job, so do commercial fishers, loggers and any other number of people, but for some reason, we don’t feel that it is forbidden to criticize those people. Some Americans just love to submit to anyone wearing a uniform.

          • justinbc

            It may not be more dangerous than logger or commercial fisher, but we don’t have those here in DC. I guarantee you it’s more dangerous than lawyer, lobbyist, sysadmin, or HR specialist though.

        • For the posters who think that being a police officer is a cushy gig and the money is too much, please, by all means, sign up for MPD for 55K a year. You couldn’t pay me enough to do the job they do. I give them all the credit in the world. Sure, there are some who aren’t great at their job or aren’t dedicated enough, but that’s true of any profession, public or private sector.

          • people are saying that “they” as a group do not deserve “all the credit in the world” because some of them suck.

      • Couldn’t agree more. And all of this complaining about MPD coming from people who are presumably at work, messing around on the internet (on POP – myself included) instead of doing actual work. It’s impossible to “be on” all the time, whether you work in an office or on the street. And I gotta think that if we all think we ‘deserve’ to be on POP every now and again while at work b/c we can’t constantly work on our spreadsheets/word docs, emails, it’s gotta be OK for a cop to take a load off looking at twitter on their cell phone for 5 minutes. Especially when the cops’ being “ON” involves possible getting killed which is something that most of us replying to emails all day can’t even imagine. We’re worried about getting memos out on time, making presentation, etc, while cops are out there wondering if someone is going to shoot at them when they have them pulled over. Let’s cut the MPD some slack and realize that their job is pretty damn tough.

      • respect is earned. not for the job you have, but for how you do it.
        feeling otherwise promotes low expectations.

    • Emmaleigh504

      They are people just like everyone else. .Some are good people some are bad people, some are good at their jobs some aren’t, and everything in between. for a white chick, with all the privilege that gives me, I’ve had enough run-ins with the bad cops to not put them all a pedestal, even on today of all days.

      • Agreed. It is pretty hard post-Ferguson to paint all cops as benevolent public servants. Certainly many of them are, and I do appreciate what they do to keep me safe. But like you say, one’s experience with police tends to vary greatly, depending on one’s race, sexual orientation, gender identity and economic class.

        • Also depending on how you’ve been taught to regard the police by your parents and peers.

        • I must have missed it, has the grand jury even indicted the officer in Ferguson yet? Trial by media.. I suppose that’s what you’re basing your opinion on. I’ll wait to see what the justice system says

      • justinbc

        I don’t believe I ever suggested putting anyone on a pedestal.

  • Props to MPD, indeed. That said, it may be completely irrational, but I’ve never felt all that safe shopping there. It’s really not much more convenient to get to than the MD/VA stores, and there’s few other shopping errands you can accomplish in that area (other than the future Home Depot). The only advantage seems be full beer/wine/liquor.

    • What part of shopping there makes you feel unsafe? Having shopped there nearly once a week since they open, I find this comment confusing.

    • This Costco location is MUCH more convenient to much of DC than the burbs – not sure what you’re on about.

      • justinbc

        It probably depends on where the OP lives in DC. Georgetown, for example, would be much closer to the VA Costco in terms of travel time.

        • That’s fair, but that parking lot is such a clusterf*ck.

        • +1. This is only convenient to some of DC. Even from Mt. Pleasant it is faster to shoot down rock creek to go to Pentagon City, then to suffer through cross town streets. If you are biased against VA for political reasons–I understand. But it is much easier for many people in the District to drive to VA, than to Maryland (or the edges of the District that blend into Maryland).

          • Accountering

            I am biased against VA because it is much cheaper to shop at the DC costco. Gas is cheap, there is no grocery tax, and they have the best liquor prices hands down. Also, my tax dollars (and my spending dollars) go to DC, and to employ people in my city. The moment the DC Costco opened was the moment I knew I would never go to Pentagon City Costco ever again.

      • if you live near 395 or the se/sw freeway, pentagon city is really fast to get to.

    • Yes, that is irrational. I have never felt unsafe shopping there. As someone who lives less than two miles from this Costco, it is much more convenient to get to than the ones in VA and MD. Also, this Costco has gas, and the parking lot situation is much better than the parking lot at the Pentagon City location. Oh, and its a future Lowes, not a Home Depot.

      • Actually, on weekend the parking at the DC Costco is a complete mess. With one entrance somebody in their infinite wisdom has decided to close off the first left turn into the parking lot and funnel ALL traffic to the gas pumps in order to backtrack to the parking spaces. Where people are waiting in line for gas and blocking the travel lanes. Meanwhile 80% of the parking spaces closest to the entrance are empty because NOBODY CAN GET TO THEM. It took me 30 minutes to park and another 30 minutes to leave. If they had somebody directing traffic for the initial turn instead of blocking it with cones and having a rent-a-cop standing there texting on his phone it would have saved everyone an hour of their day.

      • I had a conversation about this topic a few weeks ago. My good friend – a very attractive, young, model-type Caucasian woman – doesn’t like going here because of all the leering and inappropriate comments she gets from men while she shops. She’s gone to the DC Costco a few times and she says each time men would make comments at her – “Hey baby, you’re lookin’ fine….damn girl, you’re sexy….can I get your number?….” etc etc.
        She would rather go the Costco nears her parents’ house in MD since no one harasses her there.

    • Here we go…why are you all acting like you don’t know what sproc means?

    • weird. i’ve never felt unsafe at this costco at all.

    • I so much prefer this to the VA Costco. It seems cleaner and brighter and has booze and gas. It also doesn’t seem to be as busy (at least not on weekday nights), which is a huge plus.

  • “attempting to affect an arrest” Why not “attempting to arrest”? “Affecting an arrest” sounds like someone trying influence how the arrest happens.
    I know this is the least of our concerns with MPD and crime, but these press release thingies are always painful to read.

    • +1. If their communications writers must use this ridiculous construction, the proper phrasing would be “effecting an arrest.”

    • I also wonder why they always report, “on today’s date,” instead of, “on September 10, 2014”. This must make sifting through these reports maddening for the attorneys and juries and whoever else has to use them routinely.

    • I wonder if anyone was “traveling at a high rate of speed.”

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