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  • variety is the spice of life. kudos for being different.

  • I like it. A lot. And contrary to my previous post about loving derivative architecture in DC, this one’s not — and I think it’s great!

  • Emmaleigh504

    I love it.

  • I like that it’s different, but it looks too much like a bunker to me, sort of shutting out the surrounding neighborhood. I understand why (persistent sketchiness around that corner), but I feel like it could’ve been a bit more inviting. Not sure I’d want to meet the architect behind this structure.

    • Also, I think that shade of red is a poor color choice. A cool yellow or a powder blue would stand out much better against that warm wood, but to each their own.

      • Haha, this funny because I have met the owner/architect of this place and she is not friendly. I stopped by once why she was working on the house to say hi, the look she gave me I just moved on.

        • I had the same sort of experience with the owner. I stopped by shortly after they started construction, I said hi and asked if she knew what was going in here and she just said “my office” and turned and walked away. From then on I made it a point to report her illegally parked car and truck on the sidewalk every afternoon.

          • Haha, pretty good, it doesn’t cost a thing to be friendly!I will report her too if I see her doing something illegal.

          • I’ll echo that, I attempted to say hi one day because I was glad to see the space developed and got the cold shoulder. After that, the construction was fun to watch as they skirted the DC setback restrictions.

          • Anonymous 10:57, did you report them for violating the setback restrictions?

          • nope, ianal, but it looked like they were very careful in how they entirely replaced the old building so that they always maintained something in the old footprint. Personally I was glad to see something go in there, same w/ not calling in the illegal Douglas construction on the south corner though they got nailed eventually and will raze the building :(.

  • It looks like it’s derived from those security grates that cover the windows of shops in bad neighborhoods. I dig it!

  • justinbc

    I like the wood, but what’s up with the extra thick screens? Is that done for design or functionality?

  • Mug of Glop

    I like this. It’s a bit odd they went with so few windows on the side, though.

  • Loving this; great way to hide/not hide the fact that it may have been once a storefront…Very creative, now I’m curious to see the interior and how that was done…Hate to ask but will anyway: Does mod new architecture invite burglaries or not really? I wonder…I’d add some cool big angle pots of plants to either side of the entrance just to green it up a bit.

  • Love it. Used to live around the corner from it, at some point it was a T-shirt/clothing store that had really really ugly metal screens over the windows. I feel like this should be some secret sushi spot lol.

    • Or a sweet neighborhood dive bar or something like that. I agree that it is a shame it is being used as office space. The door was just added a few weeks ago though, so maybe it is temporarily office space until they finish the inside. One can hope…

  • I’ve seen this in person and it looks really great. It’s one of those blocks without a lot of architectural consistency from building to building, so this is less of a “statement” than it would be, say, in a string of rowhouses. It’s totally unique and it really works.

  • Dual purpose, I’d imagine.

  • It looks like the offspring of an outhouse and a stealth bomber.

  • there seems to be a lot of residential construction on this block. the road is terrible though. there was some utility work recently and every day i’m amazed i don’t get a flat when i go by on my bike.

    • the road construction is due to the utility work for Munde Verde that opened in the old Cook School

    • Also from the 20+ ton trucks, from FedEx to cement mixers to giant dump trucks that speed down the street, in spite of the “No Trucks” signs at each end of the block. Oh — and the parade of honking cars with Maryland plates dropping their kids off at the CAPCS scam school at 1st and P NW.

  • If what they are saying about the owner is true. then it sounds like yet another example of beautiful on the outside and ugly on the inside!

  • Would have been better if the front was more suitable for climbing vines….they could have left a little dirt out front instead of concrete and grown some vegetation, trellis style. That would look much nicer, in my opinion.

  • I dig it too! Rustic look!

  • Yeah, she parked her cars illegally on the sidewalk for the years it took to rebuild that place, next to an awful fast food joint. Even when told, she remained a bad citizen and a bad neighbor. Let’s hope the dumpsters two feet from her eastern wall enhance her summers inside that bunker.

  • clevelanddave

    It still looks like a bathroom or a sauna, PoP!

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