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  • binpetworth

    I lived in this house back in ’93, when I was a student renting a room from a Czech professor and his wife/daughter. I believe he sold it for quite a profit a few years ago–would love to know who lives there now and whether it’s still a single family dwelling or been sub-divided into several units. I’m glad they kept the walkway inscription!

    • Looks like this house is metered for 3 separate units, so it’s been likely broken up if it only had one meter before they sold.

  • “Dum Spiro Spero” is the motto of the state of South Carolina.

  • I live across the street and the house is an absolute dump and extremely unsafe.

  • The Russian/Czech professor still owns it, and has expanded it into several units. There must be 10 people living there–used to be students, but there are more long term renters there now.

  • I live across the street from it too. It is a wreck. He and his insane wife or daughter are slum lords. They are always out front screaming and yelling at each other.

    People in the neighborhood have told me stories of his illegal construction activities and unscrupulous rental practices.

    In my book, PoPville just dropped a notch for praising the horror house.

    • Yeah, have to agree that this is a blight in an otherwise wonderful neighborhood. The neighbors would be happy to see him ‘get quite a profit’ and sell the place. His illegally constructed additions have damaged nearby homes and kept other neighbors awake in the middle of the night.

    • To be fair, PoP was specifically praising the walkway, not the house or (weed-filled?) garden.
      Maybe a future owner can restore/clean up the house and garden to make them worthy of the walkway.

    • binpetworth

      That’s too bad. I’ll admit the interior was pretty poor 20 years ago (quite a roach problem along with other vermin, but I was a poor student so what did I care) so for them not to maintain it must mean it’s pretty horrendous now. And I’m sorry to hear the prof, who was eccentric decades ago, has gone completely cray-cray now.

  • This house should not to be profiled unless the profile is to show its decay and an example of how not to maintain and manage a rental property. The walkway should rather state “beware of poor conditions and neighborhood menace.”

  • Sparta

    Forget “Real Housewives of DC.” A “Real Slumlords of DC” with a cast of characters like this has to get at least as big an audience. (Love the walkway, PoP).

  • Well, first off I’m really happy to see my old house featured on here. I’ve always loved the walkway that my old landlord built by hand. He also did the kitchen floor in the same motif. As to all the people on here that are trashing the house, and calling it a slum, you clearly have no idea what a slum looks like. It was one of the most wonderful places that I have ever lived, 08-10, and was sad to leave. I still go back and chill with the inhabitants, who are some of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure to have known. The landlord and his family are very kind and responsive to house needs, as well as great to socialize with. The neighborhood has changed, and I feel many of the newer residents what a sterile and bland neighborhood. It used to be a street with a lot of great character, that felt like a community. I encourage you courageous urban pioneers to leave your bubble and see what a real slum looks like. I would be mad at these negative comments, but I understand that people react with fear to what they don’t understand. Dum Spiro Spero

    • Obviously Adam is a slums kinda guy. Try not being some temporary renter…instead being an owner and see what you think. That house is falling down and the family runs an illegal rooming house.

      Maybe you know worse slums, I prefer to not have anything near alum status across the street from my house.

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