Demo Report – Old Warehouses Gone from Rhode Island Ave and Murry’s/H Street Self Storage Getting Ready to Go


A reader writes:

“The old warehouses by Rhode Island Ave Metro are getting torn down. I believe the one still standing is going to become lofts while something else is going to get built on the torn down lot.”


And thanks to another reader for sending an update on the Murry’s/H Street Storage demo prep:

photo 1

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  • The area around RI Ave Metro is going to blow UP in the next few years. If only Brookland Manor would be the next thing to go. . .

    • i’m sure it will.
      its funny though. it was the first metro station in dc, pretty much the last to get decent development.

    • brookland_rez

      Also that empty lot across the street that has the sign “Hot Enough?” It’s been there for like 10 years. If you look at old satellite imagery, there used to be apartments there, I heard from neighbors they were section 8. Brookland Manor getting demoed would be a game changer for that entire Brentwood area.

      • I’ve heard rumor that redevelopment is in the owner’s eventual plans, but when? No idea. At some point the land will hopefully be too valuable for it to continue to be a slum.

    • And where are those people in Brookland Manor to go? Surely they can’t afford to live in any of the new developments?

      • Tiny violin

      • Oh please. I’m all for affordable housing, and there’s no reason it cannot be included in new developments – which will hopefully be much more dense in terms of number of units.
        Warehousing poor people is not the solution to this area’s affordable housing issues. It only creates more problems. For evidence of this, look no further than the crime stats around Brookland Manor.

  • wow. what a waste of cool space.

    • The demoed warehouses were anything but cool (look at Google Maps). The one they’ve left standing is the exception.

  • I definitely don’t need a Whole Foods this close to my house, but I can’t wait to see that Self-Storage building go!

    • I can’t wait for the Whole Foods. Not that I’m a Whole Foods shopper now, but I will be when it’s a block away from my house. Not to mention it’s basically like winning the property value lottery.

  • I was hoping they’d make a mistake and demolish the Murry’s on Georgia Ave instead

  • does anyone live in brentwood? I feel like its the next place to be…really considering moving to that area

    • brookland_rez

      You know, there’s a lot of nice housing stock there. Nice front porch rowhouses along 13th St and 13th Pl. Also along Montana Ave. Same housing stock as upper Petworth/Brightwood. W St has mid-century modern rowhouses built around 1952. I would just stay south of Bryant. You don’t want to be anywhere near Brookland Manor. Plus with the Giant and all the restaurants around the Metro, you have a lot of stuff within walking distance. That area is one of those undiscovered places where you can still get a good deal.

      • I generally agree with you, As I’ve lived in Brentwood for about 5 years. Brookland Manor is where the issues/crime reports are generally are concentrated.

        I tend to avoid it, but the people who I’ve interacted with from there have all been generally nice.

        • albany

          Agree with Bill and Brookland Rez – really nice housing stock, with quiet elderly neighbors generally, all of whom are / have been extremely friendly thus far. The exception being Brookland Manor, which I also tend to avoid.

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