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  • Too bad.. They had great sandwiches, but we only visited maybe twice a year. I try to avoid that section of 14th street because of all the riff raff.

    • That is part of the problem. The District expected that area to become a destination, but people from around the city go once or twice, then decide the horrendous traffic and/or riff raff aren’t worth the hassle, especially when there are equally nice amenities popping up just about everywhere else.

  • I hear Popeyes and KFC are highly interested, competition for the Chick-fil-a.

  • A shame- this area is starved for healthy lunch options that aren’t exorbitantly over-priced or sit down places :-/ Would love for the space to be taken over by a Chopt or Sweet Green and NOT another fried chicken joint or fast food joint

  • SusanRH

    Seems like that strip of Columbia Heights is cursed

  • meh, it was nothing special. Maybe a decent bagel shop will take over? A guy can dream.

  • That is a cursed building. too bad because its beautiful and CH could use a really good sit down restaurant in the space. As someone pointed out though, the “rif raf” selling crap around the block probably does not lend itself to anything beyond another chain.

    • There is plenty of foot traffic on that corner. People selling crap isn’t going to keep people from a legitimate establishment. People walk all the way to Le Caprice, they’ll walk to the corner.

  • Anyone know what’s going on with the (potential) future Flip It Bakery spot at 1432 Park Rd NW in CH?

  • Not surprising as that place was pretty terrible. Bagels were always stale.

    • this is the truth. the weekend before they closed I got a toasted bagel, that was stale and not toasted, and I decided I would never patronize them again. Good riddance to the under average food they served, not sure how my roommate ate there regularly. Now if only a real sandwich spot would open in this neighborhood.

  • I wanted to like this place. The people were nice, but man no good food.

  • Tear down the Z-Burger and restore the Tivoli to the glorious theater it once was, rather than the travesty it’s become.

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