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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: I’m enjoying the things gained through age more than I’m missing the things lost. I don’t miss my youthful looks as much as I actively enjoy my comfort, freedom, and confidence. Now, when my energy starts to go, or god forbid my mental faculty, it’ll probably be a whole different story. But for now, the message is, Young’uns, don’t fear middle age. It’s a surprisingly satisfying place to be. πŸ™‚

    • I think on here I’d qualify as a young’un, but my friends keep telling me that my 30s will be so much better than my 20s. So now I want the last half of 29 to hurry up!

      • skj84

        oh same! I have two weeks of my 20’s left. I may have had a freak out or two about turning 30, but I’ve come to accept that my 30s will be great. I look back at my 20s and I realize I made a lot of mistakes and was greatly immature. I had fun too, but I spent time worrying about things that weren’t even worth it. At 30 I’m realizing I shouldn’t sweat the small stuff and to relax. Oh and to stand up for myself. I shouldn’t care what others think so much.

        • As I approach 30, I don’t understand why people want to celebrate the “anniversary of [their] 21st birthday” instead.

          • skj84

            hehe. My actual 21st birthday was so lowkey. I had a cocktail with a friend at the Cheesecake factory and went swing dancing. I had just moved to DC that summer and was pretty shy. It was the first day of classes at my school and I didn’t know anyone. And to top it off Hurricane Katrina had touched down that day. It was definitely a bit somber.

            I do want to have a big party for 30. Not super expensive or anything, but I definitely want it to be more exciting than 21!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Hurricane Katrina was my 30th birthday present, I quit celebrating after that. And no, my 30s are not better than my 20s. Pretty much the same, but more boring and crappier work. I hear the 40s are good…

        • your 30’s are great! i was old enough to know what i wanted (not so insecure about what other people thought about me like I was in my 20s) and had enough money to have hobbies and not be totally stressed out — i spent a lot of my 20s working multiple jobs and checking under the couch cushions for spare change so i could buy a slice of pizza!
          now that i’m turning 40 i can feel myself (and my metabolism) slowing down, and am wondering if my 3rd decade was my peak…

          • I’m 49 now, and this is the best time of my life. While I’m no longer as fleet on my feet on the dance floor, I finally have financial security and the leisure to enjoy it, and I have finally met the woman of my dreams.

      • My cousin’s 21st was on 9/11. I don’t think it gets any worse than that!

        • It could – my husband’s sister’s 21st birthday was the day their mom died. Her first beer (legal one anyway) was in the diner around the corner from the hospital, processing her mom’s death.

    • You could not pay me to relive my 20s. There were some good times, of course, but on the whole it was worse than adolescence.

  • Rave: Done with trainings!
    Rant: Now the typical first-year teacher work anxieties begin
    Rave: I get to go into my classroom to start setting up later today
    Rave: Kickball tonight
    Debating: Is it worth an extra $200/mo to live near the Tenleytown metro v. near the Georgia Ave Walmart?
    Thought: Not going to any more open houses. They’re the worst.

    • re: Tenleytown vs. Georgia Ave- nope, not worth it. I’ve lived in both places, currently live in Brightwood (near Georgia Ave Walmart) and I like it a lot better. Bus lines here are better and it’s more walkable; in general I’ve found the city to be a lot more accessible from here. And I like Tenley, but it gets really boring after a while…

      • You think it’s more walkable? Granted, I’ve lived in Tenley but never east of the park other than downtown Silver Spring, but I thought Tenley was pretty walkable.

    • For your debate – yes. That is a bargain for a much more pleasant neighborhood experience.

    • You’re looking at a few months for this – either choice would be fine for short term.

    • Will you be going to work/nightlife/etc. by Metrorail? If so, it’s a pain to have to take the bus to the Metro.
      And as StubsDC said, Tenleytown would be the more pleasant of the two neighborhoods.
      However… you were looking for something just short-term, right (for the 4 months or so your landlord was going to be renovating your group house)? For something fairly temporary, it probably doesn’t matter as much one way or the other than if you were planning on living there longer-term.

    • Accountering

      I would say that is not worth an extra $200/month. Especially if you are driving to PG county, Tenleytown just adds an extra 10-15 minutes to your commute each way.

    • Lets see…

      In Tenleytown you don’t have to wade through constant street trash as you walk down the street. You don’t have to deal with anywhere near the crime, the run down building decay of the housing or commercial retail building stock. You don’t have to be constantly confronted with the omnipresnet poverty, all the folks begging on the street, or passed out drunk covered in their own urine at 2:00pm.

      Is an extra $200 worth it to live in Tenley with its equal (if not better) access to transit, and not have to deal with all the above? Absolutely.

      Signed – Lived 2 blocks from where the new Walmart is for almost 3 years.

    • i find both neighborhoods a bit removed and not desirable. but if i had to choose, i’d pick brightwood, especially if you’re young. your younger neighbors will be more interesting and hipper. unless you’ve got kids, or have a very low tolerance for urban living( crime, littering, etc…) , screw west of the park. its far more dull. and really, metro is not the best way to get around this city. living near a metro is way overrated.
      get a bike, take a cab, take the bus. be above ground. see more.

      • “Urban living” shouldn’t have to mean “crime, littering, etc.” (I’ll pause a moment while some troll says, “If you don’t like ___________, move to Reston!”)
        I live east of Rock Creek Park, and yes, west of the park does seem a little dull in terms of nightlife, etc…. but damn if I don’t have some serious envy every time I’m driving through and I see stretch upon stretch of gutters and sidewalks with NO LITTER.
        You might feel that Metrorail is overrated, but it really depends on the individual, where he/she lives, works, plays, and shops, and his/her own temperament and preferences. If you’re an avid bicyclist, then sure, proximity to Metrorail isn’t a big deal. If you’re not, though, it very well might be.
        Given that iindsay has been living for a while in Woodley Park, I suspect Tenleytown will be more like what she’s used to. But given that it’s for such a short time, I’m not sure that it matters much.

        • i agree it shouldn’t mean those things. just being realistic about it.

          and yeah, it is just my opinion about metro, and which are is more interesting. i think doing something just because one is more used to something similar isn’t a good argument though.

    • It’s temporary — so I’d say do Brightwood if there’s something about the area that attracts you — that you’d like to get to know/experience on a deeper level. Beyond that, the convenience of being near the Metro and multiple bus lines, of having access to the shopping in Friendship Heights and the restaurants in the area would be more than worth an extra $200. Three Whole Food stores within about a mile vs Groceries at Walmart plus easy access to the Red LIne would be worth $7 a day.

      • That’s assuming that Whole Foods is iindsay’s grocery store of choice.

        • I wasn’t making that assumption — and hope it didn’t come off that way. I was trying to describe shopping options in one neighborhood vs another that might make a difference to someone choosing between them. For me — as I’ve indicated — public transportation options would matter a lot. For someone who travels by car, pretty much everything I’ve said would likely be irrelevant.

  • SFT

    Rave: I just added SiriusXM internet listening to my package and now I can listen at my desk. Awesome. And my husband can listen on his phone during his commute. Not sure why it took me so long to make this update. Stern!

  • Rave: Made my first sale on Poshmark. Easiest $50 I’ve ever made and it’s motivating me to go through my closets and get rid of more clothes/shoes/jewelry that I haven’t worn in years.
    Rant: My hoarding tendencies.

  • (Small) Rant: Maternity photos, we would really like to get a few pictures taken to capture the last few moments of pregnancy with our first baby but having a terrible time trying to find a photographer with the right style (and price). We don’t want some cliche studio photos of belly holding, etc, we would just like someone to capture some high quality moments between the two of us (maybe the furry big brother as well) but not having any luck! Any suggestions?
    Rave: On the tail end of what has been a great pregnancy and so anxious to meet our little girl! November can’t get here soon enough!!

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: I just cannot wrap my head around what is happening in Ferguson, MO, specifically the horrific abuse of power and public trust that is going on by law enforcement. They are neither serving nor protecting and peoples’ rights are being run roughshod over. Someone suggested taking a serious look at where the funding came from for all the gear and vehicles. There’s a good chance this is DHS endorsed post-9-11 security theater gone horribly wrong.
    Rant: Feel like crap today, crappy things feel magnified.

    • Accountering

      I have read articles about some of the equipment these departments get. This is what happens when you give carte blanche to a police department. They spend millions of dollars preparing for the worst, and then they feel the need to use their fancy equipment. The example they gave was California, and why every neighboring city had bought a 2 million dollar SWAT/Hostage situation tank (essentially a tank) despite there only being one hostage situation within 100 miles over the past 20 years.

    • The military tactics are horrific (and your analysis re security theater is spot on) but what really stopped me in my tracks last night was the arrest of journalists. We’re allowing police control of the press now? I guess I thought we had more time before sliding into that kind of police state.
      I wonder if the Second Amendment defenders will take up the First Amendment with anything like their usual vigor.

    • I’ll be the first to say I don’t usually trust the police. While many of these guys are decent (I’m not totally anti-police), a lot of them are idiots with power they don’t understand and arrogantly/irresponsibly yield over others. HOWEVER, that said, the Ferguson episode bothers me more because of the mob mentality taking hold over there. We do not know all the facts, even though there are a lot of personalities on TV acting like this was a case of random police brutality, period. I don’t know that, and you don’t either. The witnesses themselves are pretty sketchy, given that they are talking to the NAACP over the actual people they need to speak with: the police. I’m hoping cooler heads prevail. We live in a country where there should be due process and thoughtful, careful investigations. No one should support mayhem, violence, and mobs who say they’re acting in the name of “justice.”

      • Emmaleigh504

        One of the witnesses lawyers talked to the police to set up and interview and they police said they didn’t need it. The police are pretty sketch too.

      • We live in a country where there SHOULD be due process and thoughtful, careful investigations, but history has pretty much shown that some folks are unlikely to see any sort of help from police.
        If you witnessed your friend shot by police, would you go to those same police, who have a history of racism, and talk to them? I wouldn’t, without a horde of cameras ensuring my protection.

      • I don’t think the Ferguson PD is doing themselves any favor by being so secretive. They won’t release the officer’s name. They won’t disclose the preliminary autopsy results other than to say that the young man died of “gunshot wound(s).” Wow, thanks for that Captain Obvious. No indication of exactly how many wounds and where they were. The absence of facts is allowing rumor to take over.
        That said, it is also clear that some of the folks turning out are not interested in protesting, they are interested in provoking a violent reaction from the police. I read an article today in which buried at the end was the statement that some in the crowd threw “gasoline bombs” at the police. And then there was the looting and burning of stores on the first night. They have also thrown rocks and bottles. That kind of “protest” isn’t accomplishing anything positive.

        • Well, yeah, if you have violent “protesters,” no one should be suprised that the police are dressed up in riot gear, etc. I understand your point, Beau, about not trusting the police if you’ve had a history of things not going well with them. I get it. However, we still need to work within the system and improve the system when possible.
          The whole situation is disconcerting. Regarding why they’re not releasing the officer’s name: (1) there is a mob that is not under control, and (2) there are known death threats in circulation. You don’t throw gasoline on a fire if you can avoid it. The worst thing to happen would be for an innocent police officer to lose his life because the mob got hold of his name and convicted and sentenced him on the streets.

          • If the system is as broken as it is, why work within it?
            As for protecting the officer due to death threats, I call bs. The police have ways of protecting people. Hell, George Zimmerman’s name was known and he had plenty of protection. We’re in the USA – our democracy functions, in large part, due to transparency. The Ferguson PD have been anything but transparent. However, this is not new – since the overreaction to 9/11, police departments have become insular and militarized.
            Here’s a good David Simon piece from 5 years ago that’s tangentially related. http://davidsimon.com/in-baltimore-no-one-left-to-press-the-police/

      • You do understand, I hope, why people who do not have the experience of the police as being, say, “thoughtful and careful” might choose not to communicate directly with the police? Many of us do not have any experience with “Officer Friendly”. The incident in Ferguson would push me to talk with almost any entity other than the local police. As Beau pointed out — trying to work with a broken system is not necessarily a healthy move.

        • They talk to NAACP Legal Defense fund lawyers (look up the group’s function) because “the system” has proven itself to be untrustworthy. Please consider that in the last few days Ferguson PD has been forceful to peaceful protesters and called them “animals;” and used tear gas on and illegally detained members of the press. What would ever make anyone want to go to the Ferguson PD to tell their story? Seems like a logical response to me. BTW – There are videos of these incidents floating on the internet. I didn’t even mention the incidents that are still alleged.

      • But, the so-called “mob” is a pretty small contingent of the people protesting there.

        There was an interesting NPR piece a couple months ago about a police chief who advised officers in Seattle on how to deal with protests in the city. He said that coming to a peaceful protest in combat fatigues and face shields is not the way encourage an image of law enforcement as allies.

        I really believe that had the Ferguson PD approached citizens during the first protest/vigils as allies instead of full combat gear ready for something to go down, this situation would have not escalated as much as it has.

    • i can’t for the life of me understand how it’s acceptable that we can not photograph or film the police.
      i can understand undercover officers. but uniformed police? its anti-democracy to me.

      • It’s perfectly legal. If only the cops would, you know, support legal behavior.

      • One of the first things they teach you is not to point your gun at anything you do not want to destroy. Basically, don’t point your gun unless you intend to shoot. It’s not like the movies where cops run around gun first pointing at everything they’re looking at.

    • Emmaleigh504

      What kills me is the is the police roaming around town with guns drawn and aimed at people. When the national guard was sent to New Orleans after Katrina to keep the peace they were told to keep guns down, they were not there to attack the citizens, but keep them safe. Ferguson police missed the memo on keeping citizens safe and not threatening them with guns aimed at them. It’s like the police want to play war with the people there.

      • If you throw molotov cocktails at police, you should feel lucky if they only POINT a gun back at you.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Yeah that person gets guns on them for good reason. People peacefully gathering, no reason to have guns aimed at them. The cops could still show their force with guns pointed at the ground.

  • Rave: Want to say thanks to the person who dropped off my escaped dog to the shelter. She is now back home. This was in Trinidad.
    Rant: The person in their 30’s who makes 100K and says they live in a group house because of $700 debt in loans and saving for retirement. Sorry to say but that is totally your choice. You can afford to live on your own and still be able to pay your loans and save for retirement. Easily.

    • skj84

      RE: Rant two: I think that is a legit choice for healthy finances later on. Why do you have an issue? Not antagonizing, just curious.

      • Not antagonizing? Why not? dcreal just bashed a stranger who made an offhand remark in another thread on another day. In other words, an out of context insult. I’d call that antagonistic.

        • bashed? really? ok buddy.

        • skj84

          I’m not antagonizing DCreal. Just was curious about his issue and didn’t want to come off as argumentative.

          • As I mentioned below- my issue was with NOT what they’re doing, but that he was calling the OP entitled. They listed their salary and debt etc to basically say- hey this is have I have and this is what I’m doing and not complaining- so basically you shouldn’t either.
            But still 100K salary- and a $700 month loan- leaves plenty of money behind to have your own place- max out 401K and still have funds for living it up.

    • Accountering

      Regarding your rant, I don’t really understand. I didn’t take it as him complaining about his situation, simply him explaining it. I don’t see anything wrong with what he is doing, he is being EXTREMELY financially smart, but saving for retirement, living below his means, not having a car, and paying down his loans. I don’t see how this is a rant to be honest. It is his choice, he could very likely live in a more expensive place, but the fact that he prefers instead to (likely) max his 401K should not be a rant.

      • Because he called the OP entitled. I didn’t find the OP questions and or concerns as entitlement. It was obvious the OP(though is currently making do) doesn’t have the funds/resources that the delays are costing and was looking to see what options they have. IT wasn’t like the OP was just sitting on their “ass” waiting for a handout. It was a more of Well I make this and this is what I’m doing so- you should basically shut up.

        • Accountering

          I also think it sounded a bit entitled. There were construction delays, anyone who has dealt with a new construction or renovation knows this happens. My renovation took an extra two months. I negotiated a $200/day penalty for over the limit, but that was my only recourse. I just had to wait. With that said, I was able to negotiate that penalty because I was coming from a position of strength (I had cash, contractor wanted said cash) and OP clearly is not in the same position. It sounds like the project is ongoing, and the OP does have an alternate place to stay, as well as the means to rent a car and pay for storage.

          If OP was really hurting, he would have been taking the bus from his relatives house, and would have sold his belongings such that he didn’t need storage. I am not going to weigh in on the merits of affordable housing (except that it should not be nearly so concentrated in Columbia Heights, SW, and DC in general) but I do feel that for someone who is waiting on a unit to expect a contractor who is working hard (for a unit that is ultimately subsidized) to subsidize his luxury lifestyle (rental car) is a bit entitled.

          • I read it as the OP only had the luxury to do so because they had given up their apartment and was now staying with a relative. Thus using the money that would be for rent(their landlord would not approve month-month) to now adjust to their new living situation and storage issues since the temp place is not big enough. Maybe they can’t have a suitcase full of their work clothes in this person’s place?

          • Emmaleigh504

            Not everyone has had new construction to know that it’s always delayed. Sell all his things so he doesn’t have to store it, where is he going to get the money to replace it? Maybe the bus wasn’t an option b/c it would take an obscene amount of time to get to work, so they are taking the only left over money to get the car. I ddin’t think they sounded entitled, just that they were getting by the best they knew how. Maybe better options did not occur to them because they just didn’t know what they are.

          • +1000 to Emilie504’s comment @ 10:57

          • Accountering

            Oh boy, sounds like another one where I get to be the bad guy.

            Fair point to Emilie that not everyone has done new construction to understand delays. I have sold and replaced a ton of furniture over my life. That is a part of being an adult in a transient city, sometimes a piece of furniture just doesn’t work. I sold practically everything when I moved to Ohio, re bought in Ohio, and then sold and re bought when I moved back to DC.

            The bus is an option. Sure it may take extra time, but given the circumstances, I don’t see it as unreasonable. When my house was getting renovated, my commute to Bethesda went from 30 minutes, to 1.5 hours when I was driving from Fairfax – these things happen. I am not thinking this guy is a horrible person or anything, so lets not think that, just that IMO, he sounded a bit entitled.

          • Emmaleigh504

            See, everyone calling this person, who is going through a rough time, “entitled” is bullshit. Just becuase his/her decsisons were not yours and they expected more out of this new place does not make them entitled. Selling all your furniture is not being an adult in a transient city when you can’t afford to replace it. If I sold all my really nice hand me down furniture, I would have to replace it with crappy shit of the street. Not a good idea IMO. The OP making different descisions from you, who has a better safety net, does NOT make him/her entitled. Look out of your middle class life for once.

        • skj84

          Oh. I missed the original post from yesterday, so I didn’t have any context. Is it in RRnR?

      • I agree that there is nothing wrong with what he is doing, but his comment yesterday struck me as “even I can’t afford market rate housing in DC and I make $100K.” OF COURSE you can afford market rate housing with a salary of $100K. There is absolutely no doubt and thus absolutely no room for complaining about “gee I wish I could afford to live in a new building in a hot neighborhood.” However, just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD, and I think the person who posted that is making some smart choices. The complaining is pretty aggravating though.

        • exactly my thoughts about his comment. don’t see why what I said would upset anyone.

        • Accountering

          I don’t agree with you even a little bit. It sounds like he is making a smart decision. He wasn’t complaining in the least, just stating that as a guy who makes $100k, he is making a decision that makes sense for him, and saying that the OP was entitled for expecting essentially handouts (paying for his rental car?!) or the fact that the reason he needs affordable housing is because he cannot comfortably afford a 1BR in Columbia Heights. I don’t think I can comfortably afford a one-br in Columbia Heights either, so I don’t live in a 1-br in Columbia Heights.

          • I don’t recall the OP expecting anyone to pay for his/her rental car.
            I agree that the OP’s tone was slightly off, and that he/she came across sounding a little bit entitled… but only a little bit.
            The fact that the OP can’t comfortably afford a 1BR in Columbia Heights doesn’t engender much sympathy — a lot of people can’t comfortably afford a 1BR in Columbia Heights. However, to qualify for this building in the first place, the OP is making less than $44,940 for a 1-person household. So I think it’s fair to say that his/her options are more limited than those of many PoPville readers.

          • And your friend Mintwood has some ‘splaining to do regarding his (IMO) way harsh remark on that thread.

          • Accountering

            I tend to agree. Uncalled for.
            I also may have mis-read regarding the rental car.
            Affordable housing is a tough issue for a lot of people. I guess to me, I just don’t have a ton of sympathy for a young single guy making $40k. I agree, it is not a ton of money, and would be difficult to live in the city on that salary. Plenty of people do it, and they do it by living in a group house.
            I guess the issue I have is the expectation that because it is an affordable building, that entitles the residents of that building to expect a higher level of service and promptness than a market rate building. —

            “Because these units are MEANT for people that are making below the AMI, I find it disgusting that the builders are seemingly taking their time and pushing back the move in date.”
            This is a tough one, and I can certainly understand why people feel strongly about it, on both sides of the argument.

          • I don’t think the OP phrased it very well, but I think the idea was that the building’s future residents — given that they’re all making less than 60% of AMI — probably have less financial “wiggle room”/cushion/backup fund than a lot of other D.C. residents. So delays that might be easier for other folks to work around could have more of an impact on them.
            I think the real problem here (though too late to remedy) was the OP not realizing that (AFAIK) his landlord in MD had no right to refuse his going month-to-month. If he were still in his old place and could give 30 days’ notice at any time, the construction delays wouldn’t be a big deal.

          • Emmaleigh504

            ugh I didn’t even see what Mintwood wrote. gross. I hope he lives an interesting life.

          • (Wading gingerly into dangerous waters) – I admit that the OP struck a nerve with me, although not as strongly as others. I think the reason is not so much the tone of the post (the OP has just as much right to expect timely delivery as anyone else) – my reaction stems from my thought that the affordable housing program is misapplied to OP. I think affordable housing is important, but from what I gathered, OP is a young single professional, just starting out in a low-paying job. In my opinion, these are not the types of individuals who should have subsidized housing. Being low-income because you are just starting out is not the same as being low income because of generational poverty, and they shouldn’t be treated the same way. We shouldn’t be providing help so people just starting out can live in a cool neighborhood – there are lots of others in the city that, in my opinion, are more deserving than that.
            Note 1: I’m not suggesting OP did anything wrong in applying for the program, my beef is that the program should use more nuanced criteria than the broad brush of AGI.
            Note 2: I realize I’m making a series of assumptions about the OP, and they may be incorrect. My overall point stands, though – I don’t think we should be providing subsidized housing to young professionals who are just starting their careers.

    • Accountering

      Rave: You got your dog back! That must have been so scary. Glad to hear it worked out well!

      • Thanks. Even more scary is that it’s a dog I’m sitting. But it all worked out and my dog is happy to have her playmate back.

  • Rave: beautiful weather again! Had fun running around with my daughter at the park after she quickly got bored feeding the ducks. Such a blast! Man am I going to miss this age.
    Rave: Taking the kiddo camping tomorrow night at Burke Lake Park. Should be fun! Any tips from popville on taking a young toddler camping? We’re just going for one night to try things out. I think we’re just going to let her sleep with us in zipped-together sleeping bags, so hopefully that works out alright. She seems to be a bit of an active sleeper, but hopefully that won’t be an issue….

    • SFT

      How old is your daughter? My son is almost 11 months and is taking steps holding on to things – I guess they call that cruising. I can’t wait for him to be able to run around outside where we can play together! I’m already dreaming of tents, forts, club houses, etc.

      • She’s 14 months – been walking for about 2 months. Not quite in the tent/fort building stage, but running around is fun πŸ™‚ What area do you live in? I wonder if we should organize a popville park play date for all the wee ones sometime. That could be fun!

        • gotryit

          Or we could crash the popville happy hour with the kids and spark off a real live trolling contest about hipsters vs. parents. I’ll bring my double jogging stroller.

  • Rant: Trying to find a roommate who fits the income restriction on a beautiful new unit in noma… harder than it seems and I’m stressing hard over losing it. Last time I moved to a place in DC I came down with shingles (and no one believed me because I’m only 23)
    Rave: Tried Devon and Blakely in Metro Center, amazing split pea soup. Blackened chicken sandwich also very good.
    Not sure what this is: I am going to stand in line early Sat morning at the Pokemon TCG world championships because a friend (in california!) wants whatever limited deck paraphernalia they are selling. Gonna be an interesting sight!

  • Great trip out to see my sister in SF. And we went to a wonderful little Burmese restaurant. So good!

    rant: now I want Burmese food and when I went to Yelp “Burmese restaurants” in DC it gave me stuff in MD and VA and Ben’s Chili Bowl. I kid you not. Plus other places that were labeled as Thai, Latin American, Malaysian, etc.

  • skj84

    Rant: I may have sprained my ankle. I aggravated a previous injury running last week. It was sore and stiff for most of the weekend, but I was icing it and doing my best to stay off it. I even spent most of Monday and Tuesday sitting with my leg up. I went to run errands yesterday and I could barely walk it hurt so much. And I managed to jam it twice. By the time I got home my ankle was swollen and I couldn’t bear any weight on it. Resting it again today, if the swelling doesn’t go down by tomorrow I’m going to urgent care.

    Rave: Lovely dinner and service at the Partisan last night! I decided to take myself out with my Opentable certificate. My server was on point and the food delicious. Loved the roast beef and the Snickers Pie was to die for. I think I’m still full from that meal.

    • The Partisan is excellent! I was taken there for my birthday, the fried apple pie amazing. And their staff are some of the best I’ve encountered in DC, knowledgeable (or defer to seniors when they aren’t), but don’t have airs about them and are nice down to earth types.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: It’s my work at home day AND my late day.
    Rant: I only have 1 small screen instead of 2 large ones.
    Rant: band practice going on next door, why is it never music I like?
    Rave: Got to sleep late AND get a good work out in.
    Rave: I may even feel positive for once.

  • justinbc

    Rant: Having a hell of a hard time sleeping since partner left for deployment. It’s just too damn quiet, which means I hear every single little noise that used to be drowned out.
    Rave: Doors being delivered tomorrow, installed on Monday, and painted along with the house exterior. Finally!
    Rave: 6 months to do all sorts of house projects on my own schedule. Venetian plaster, chair rail moulding, fireplace resurfacing, bathroom remodels, so much stuff!

    • GiantSquid

      Maybe a fan for when you sleep? I have the same issue when Mr. Squid is on travel. I put it on low so there’s just enough white noise that I can’t hear the ambient house noise.

      • Yup, I always sleep with a fan on. I can’t sleep in total silence.

      • justinbc

        We have a portable AC machine in the room already, which is what usually drowns everything out. But it’s nowhere near as hot in the bed without another body there producing heat, so I don’t need to run it. I’m thinking I may just turn the house AC temp way up, so that I need the extra room AC at night, because I installed a new fan in there recently and it’s whisper quiet when running.

    • skj84

      Ambient noise machine? or even an app on your phone. I usually alternate between ambient noise, TV or radio playing. Granted I’ve always had issues falling asleep in total silence.

    • Who are you having install your doors? We need all three of our exterior doors replaced and haven’t found a good vendor.

      • justinbc

        Bought the doors from House of Doors in Alexandria and having them put in by Optima Designs (same as painters). When we got quotes from those purchase+install type guys they were significantly more than HoD.

    • Airfilter! Helps with noise and construction dust!

    • I use the simplynoise website for white noise when it’s too quite to sleep.

  • Rant: My upstairs neighbors have been keeping me up until 2 am due to the thin, old, wooden floors between our apartments. I’m not sure how to politely say: please don’t move furniture, or throw your shoes/books on the floor after 11. Any advice?

    • skj84

      Can they put down carpet? Or maybe rugs? I would politely ask if they can keep the noise down after a certain hour. They may not even know how the sound is carrying. Just explain your situation. And just be super polite and friendly about it, I wouldn’t phrase it as telling them what to do, but asking them. No one likes being told what to do, especially in their own home.

    • GiantSquid

      Having been witness to a friend having to deal with harassment from a downstairs neighbor and feeling the need for a restraining order in order to live their lives, it is essential that you be polite and friendly and not harangue them. We’ve had to do it for previous downstairs neighbors that watched loud movies after 10pm and we try to be quiet before 10am on the weekends for them (which is tough with two barky dogs, but we try).

      • A few years ago, I lived next door to a young couple living in a tiny studio. They would fight and scream and yell at each other every night and then make up REALLY loudly…. It was awful.

    • Do they know they are loud? You may just need to let them know. I lived in a converted row house and had no idea how badly the floors were insulated until my downstairs neighbor told me (politely.) I got more rugs and made a much bigger effort to be quiet.

      • This.
        The night before I moved to DC, the woman that lived below me for a year left a long and nasty note on my door. I’d been up late packing the night before, but she went off about how loud I’d been since she’d moved in and how miserable she had been. I felt kind of bad but she really should have said something much sooner, as I had no idea I was loud. We had wall to wall carpeting there.

    • Thanks guys! I will stop by tonight- maybe with some cookies or something. Trying really hard to let go of my passive aggressive ways!

      • Good luck! I think in these kinds of situations it’s better to talk to the neighbors (politely) sooner rather than later. Otherwise, by the time you finally confront them, you’re stewing with resentment and it’s harder to be friendly.

      • I thought there was a requirement that apartments have a certain % of floors covered by rugs. Anyone heard of this?

        • Emmaleigh504

          I think that’s a rule in some condos and apartments, but def not my building. Though I have about 97% covered b/c I don’t want my neighbors to hate me.

    • As part of this conversation, you might want to ask if there’s anything that you do that bothers them. In the same way that they may have no idea that their noise bothers you — it would be neighborly to put it out there that you realize that you may — unknowingly — bother them, and are willing to change your habits for their comfort too. And I agree — a plate of cookies helps!

  • Rant – Definitely have to move out of my current place because the landlord decided to sell my apartment. I’ve moved every year over the past 6 years. I hate it.
    Rant – My desire to live in a new shiny building is waning as I realize they charge fees for every single thing. Monthly pet rent, amenity fee (for amenities I could never see myself using, i.e. an “e-cafe”), forced garage parking, and no utilities included. They even charge for water bills. I’ve never had to pay for water in any my rental apartments.
    Rave – Checked out the area around the Takoma metro and really liked it. Any PoPviller’s live up that way who can give me an idea of the pros/cons of the area? I’m trying to get out of my Adams Morgan/Dupont Circle/Gtown bubble and into a new part of the city.

    • When are you looking to move?

    • The shiny new buildings do charge for water and I also thought that was weird. I happened to pop into the leasing office at the right time and got a really low rent rate (about $100 a month less than my old apartment with no amenities in the same neighborhood) so now with the fees and utilities it comes out to a little less (or about the same, depending on AC usage) than I was paying before. May be worth asking for some estimates just in case.

      • Thanks, I’ll ask about estimates. Good to know that water bills are becoming more common in these new buildings. Even with all the fees and utilities, my monthly expenses in a new building would still be less than my rent now. You certainly get a lot more bang for your buck when you leave the Adams Morgan/Dupont bubble!

        • You really do! It’s worth trying a few different areas that you would consider. I was shocked by how much lower the rent rates were in Columbia Heights than in Navy Yard when I was looking around. Best of luck with the apartment hunt πŸ™‚

    • GiantSquid

      Same rant about shiny buildings. We’ve been living in a 100+ year old row home with it’s “charm’ and laissez-faire landlords for the past five years. Had enough, looking to move. We’re willing to downsize to keep costs somewhat equivalent, but that $1900 one bedroom quickly becomes a $2500 one bedroom once you add in the fees, especially for two dogs.

    • SFT

      Monthly pet rent is total crap. We were looking into the shiny new buildings a while back after our Mt. P basement apartment flooded for the third time, but decided for that price that we should just buy a house. The add on’s get really expensive, especially if you have pets or need parking! Good luck!

    • I LOVE the area around the Takoma Metro. If I were still renting, that is where I would love. You’ve got fun restaurants like Bread & Chocolate, Busboys & Poets is coming soon, Mark’s CafΓ© is seriously a locals hangout. You’ve got a great farmers market on Sunday afternoons, cute little shops, art walk weekends, Willow Street Yoga, etc. It feels like more of a community to me than a lot of places. Plus you could walk easily to Silver Spring for movies (or metro, but the walk is kind of pleasant).

    • I don’t live there — but I love the area. Access to the Takoma pool, the Metro, the shops and stores around the Metro — including lots of quirky one of a kind places like the House of Musical Traditions, and daily access to Horace and Dickies! This would probably be my neighborhood of choice if I were to move. I don’t think there’s a walkable grocery store though — so if that’s true, that would be a small-ish possible drawback.

    • I live in the Takoma area, and LOVE it. A great neighborhood

  • Rave: Fiola! We had a wonderful meal, the service was fantastic, and the company was excellent πŸ™‚
    Rave: Midday yoga today
    Rave: It’s almost Friday
    No rants!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: people are unnecessisarily judgmental and harsh on people who make less than they do and thus qualify for benefits. Poor/less well off people don’t owe you anything if qualify and get benefits that are out there to help them get in a better place financially. Trust me, you life is way better b/c you don’t have to deal with all the hassles to get the benefits and keep them and have strangers judging you as not poor enough b/c your thrift store clothes are clean and not from the 70s. Have a little compassion for people having a rough time and quit begrudging them the help they are getting. You are lucky not to need it. If you do need it, don’t be jealous, just stand in line, fill out the forms, what for processing, etc and get the benefits you need.
    Rant: The people who sound entitled are the ones that bitch and moan about never getting to take a vacation, are jealous of people who qualify for low income houseing even though they make 100k, and all the middle class folks here who can sympathize with their fellow human beings who may not be doing as well for a myriad of reasons.
    Rant: good mood gone

    • i have a hard time not passing judgement on myself for how little i make. i try to contribute to the world but i really feel like a loser a lot of the time.

      • only advice I can give- is to set short term goals- achieve them one by one. It won’t happen over night. You will encounter obstacles and setbacks. but keep pushing forward. You can do it!

        • justinbc

          And never, ever take out a payday loan.

          • Yes–but I can remember the times where I had to do this on several occasions. ie: I had a bill that was going to be over 30days late if I didn’t make the payment and I knew it would affect my credit. Thus I got a loan so I can pay the bill on time. That’s why I can sympathize for people that run into hard times, because I’ve been there and had NO one to turn to. But today people would look at what I got- and would never once stop to think of the struggles I went through. Just got to stay focus and driven.

          • justinbc

            The problem is that most people who need payday loans can’t actually afford to pay them back, so they wind up owing more than they did before they took out the loan.

      • Emmaleigh504

        you can contribute to the world without making tons of money. Your existence contributes to the world, a smile to a neighbor contributes something positive. You don’t need grand gestures. And I don’t think anyone is a loser for not making a lot of money. Lots of my favorite people barely scrape by, but they are good people who are fun to be around. be nice to yourself!

        • Accountering

          I can agree with this entire sentiment! I know I was likely one of the ones bumming you out (for which I am sorry!) but the value of a person is certainly not in the amount of money they make. Money is simply a medium with which you exchange to get other things, and it does not determine your worth.

    • There will always be people who hate the idea of other people getting a benefit that they don’t. I can recall a lengthy PoP thread in which someone complained about the designated handicapped parking space his neighbor had in front of his house. “I don’t have a designated space in front of my house, why should he?”
      Ultimately it’s people fighting over the scraps that fall from the table, as opposed to the pie sitting on the table.

      • Re. “lengthy PoP thread in which someone complained about the designated handicapped parking space his neighbor had in front of his house”… yikes. πŸ™

    • Thanks, I really needed to hear someone say this…

    • Thank your saying this Emilie

    • Well put, Emilie504. Thanks.
      I guess I can understand if someone is frustrated with a benefit-receiving person who is actively doing negative things, like teenagers on Garfield Terrace throwing rocks at bicyclists. But I am surprised at the level of resentment for people who don’t fall into that category.

    • Agreed. Sure I live very comfortably now, but if I ever fell on hard times, perhaps I would be in the same place as the individual in the thread from yesterday. It’s not my place to judge someone who accepts assistance because you never really know when and if you might need it someday too.

    • Thank you for saying this.

    • Emmaleigh504

      opse typos, my apologies, should read: and all the middle class folks here who CANT sympathize with their fellow human beings who may not be doing as well for a myriad of reasons.

    • Much applause for your comments!

    • :::swoon::::
      Can I quote Hamlet without coming across as pretentious?
      Good heavens, man, give them more than that! If you pay everyone what they deserve, would anyone ever escape a whipping? Treat them with honor and dignity.

  • Rant: a lot of work travel coming up.
    Rave: people seem to finally be waking up the ridiculous militarization of our police forces.
    Rant: the culture of obedience inculcated since 9/11: “if you’re not with us, you’re against us”; TSA screenings; Border Patrol stops; NYC’s stop/frisk; the idea that if you’re not doing anything wrong, you should be okay with surveillance.
    Rant: explosive growth of watch lists.
    Rant: few people seem to care that, with over a million folks on our watch lists, innocent people are certainly on there AND these lists are too big to be useful.
    Rant: the War on Drugs creating more problems than drugs cause.
    Rant: the Global War on Terrorism creating stronger terrorist organizations than existed prior to the Global War on Terror.
    Rant: the dovetailing of these two absurd and epic failures in our culture – most readily apparent in the militarization of our police.
    Rant: our country was founded on racism and continues to be a racist country.
    Rant: the federal government’s support of the news blackout in Ferguson – the FAA banned flights below 3,000 feet in airspace over Ferguson. Why? Well, Ferguson police did not want news helicopters present, according to Ferguson police themselves. Seriously, the FAA created a no-fly zone over Ferguson so that the media could not provide coverage of the events in Ferguson. Yes, I realize this is more likely due to gross incompetence, but still. It’s disgusting.
    Rant: everything happening in Ferguson.

    • “our country was founded on racism and continues to be a racist country.”

      The white colonists were racist against the white British empire?

      • I suspect Beau’s point was about the colonizing of a place that already had its own inhabitants, and/or the way in which slavery was protected in the Constitution (three-fifths clause, etc.)

        • Yes, exactly. The enshrinement of racism in our nation’s Constitution, the invasion of the continent and slaughter of its native inhabitants, the early naturalization laws (Ben Franklin thought the Germans a separate race from the English), et cetera.

          • justinbc

            Is there a country founded during Colonial / pre-Colonial times where that kind of thing wasn’t the case? Because I’m really struggling to think of one.

          • Justin, if you’re going to say the Colonial Era stretches from 1492 to 1800 and include all countries around the globe, then there are surprisingly few *new* countries founded. Nepali unification happened. USA. Foundation of parliamentary democracy in the UK, though that’s a new form of government, not a new country. Russia, to an extent, though I don’t know how racism played out there.

        • Don’t forget that we tried to commit genocide against the first inhabitants! We’ve got that to be proud of too.

      • Hmmmm, if only there were someone in the picture before the white colonists to explain this. Nope, just white colonist showing up to a land without anything here.

        • I’m trying to convince racists that they should be for a DC football team name change because then we can go back to pretending American Indians do not exist.

      • Surely you’re more familiar with American history than to be so reductionist. In case you are not, here are some important historic terms you should become familiar with: the colonial Indian wars, slavery, the Naturalization Act of 1790, and manifest destiny.

    • Beau, it sounds like you’re having a bad day. Why don’t you focus on the positive? There wouldn’t be a deluge of people trying to get into this country year after year if we didn’t have something good to offer (i.e., better human rights than most places on earth) No country is perfect, and we will never have this perfect eudaimonia for which we all pine. When I think of religious persecution in other parts of the world right now, I think we’re fairly fortunate to live here (even if my own church, the Catholic church, seems to be facing attacks here, but that’s neither here nor there). When I think of what happened in the Ukraine recently with their handling of the plane crash and all the ugliness that occurred after the attack, I give thanks I don’t live there. Look at the other side and balance out those rants a bit.

      • dcgator

        That’s not fair. Of course we have great things to offer; most other countries do, too. It doesn’t mean we should only focus on the positives and neglect that there are still major advances to be made with regards to the afore-mentioned issues.

        • DCGator, I didn’t say to “only” focus on the positive. I said balance it out a bit. That was a long list of rants. Granted, we’re allowed to do that in this section, but it was a depressing read. And I say this as a natural-born realist/pessimist, so that’s saying something! haha!

      • Frustration with our country’s diminishing protections for human rights and increasingly unequal ways of dispensing justice hasn’t really sullied my day. However, if the positive is “at least we’re not as bad as other places, like Iraq” then I think we’re doing this whole America thing wrong.
        If you’d like more raves from me, I can tell you that I saw a cloud the other night that was shaped like a penis. My girlfriend and I laughed at it. I took a picture of it. Today, I looked at the picture and, because I am a mature adult, I laughed again.

      • Maybe you should balance out your “focus on the positive” with the understanding that not all of us have access to the same opportunities and experiences that others do. My experience of “better human rights than most places on earth” includes a legacy of segregated schools, segregated housing policies, and lack of access to constitutional rights that many people take for granted. Is my experience still better than many alternatives? Yup., without a doubt. Is is also a lot worse than some alternatives? Also yes, without a doubt. I don’t need to look at other countries, or even other cities to recognize that discrimination and persecution exist. . It also includes an understanding of the social forces and policies that underly poverty in America — and all the social ills that can be associated with poverty, lack of opportunity, and systematic discrimination. Do I value balance and positivity? Obviously. But I hope Blitheness doesn’t have to mean blindness.

  • Rave: I had my first summertime “fling”–awesome
    Rant: work! craving a new job but am stuck in my comfort zone.

  • epric002

    rant: the paramilitary police response in ferguson. tear gas and rubber bullets fired at peaceful protestors? journalists roughed up, handcuffed, and “detained”? WTF?! where is the state/federal response to what the locals clearly cannot appropriately handle? so disgusted.
    rant: foster puppy needs surgery on his broken foot.
    rave: should be a quick/easy thing, and hopefully he’ll fully heal, and quickly!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: I think I’m addicted to the moon.
    Rave: In order to get the photo I wanted, I had to wait until the moon was at the right place at the right ti.. at 10:00.
    Rant: Sleepy
    Rave: This has been a busy year; photography is starting to feel like a second job!

  • Rave: New pup’s D.C. license came in the mail 10 days after I sent in the form! I was expecting this to take months. Now we can explore dog parks. Any recommendations for good parks for tiny dogs?
    Rant: Dull week in the office.
    Rave: Had a long phone call last night with my best friend who has been living on the west coast for the last year due to a job assignment. I am selfishly (and not selfishly) glad to hear that she is anxious to apply for jobs back on the east coast later this year.
    Rave: 6 lb. Yorkie loves seeing Greyhounds and Bull Terriers on our walks. His Napoleon complex is too funny.

    • homerule

      Shaw Dog Park has a small dog run πŸ™‚ If you have a car, Shirlington Dog Park is amazing and has a small area too.

    • Large dog owner here- I’m hoping what you mean by your dog “loves seeing big dogs on walks” doesn’t mean he loves challenging them. I know many small dog owners think it’s “cute” when their little dog barks, lunges or growls at big dogs, but it can mean disastrous consequences for your dog. It is very much not cute and then the big dog gets blamed.

      • Oh no, he just loves going up to see them and playing (very mutually friendly). He has much more interest in big dogs, he grew up with a Doberman and German Shepherd and regularly sees my parents’ large dogs, and probably thinks he is one. I’ve always had big dogs and completely understand what you mean.

    • What? Seriously? Shoot, now I wonder if I’ve done sometime wrong – we sent in our license application in April and haven’t heard a peep! I’ll have to call them on Monday.

      • After reading comments here, I thought it would never come. I was pleasantly surprised to find it in my mailbox so quickly. Maybe they are better staffed recently. Definitely worth a call or walking in– good luck!

  • janie4

    Rant – went way over budget this month on non-necessary things. Some were things I’d put off for a while (getting an expensive fur-lined coat dry cleaned and repaired), others were just stupid. Now I’ve got to dip into my savings account to cover these purchases, and arrange to pay myself back. Blessing – at least I’ve got a little slush fund for months like this, as opposed to the hard core emergency fund.

    Rant – delays on getting permits for a basement apartment conversion, and my (absentee) neighbor is being difficult.
    Rave – it’s Thursday, and I’ve got enough groceries that I can probably get away with only buying cheese and soda the next two weeks for groceries. Rant – I drink way too much soda.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Where did you get your coat cleaned and repaired? I have a fur coat (a hand me down, y’all! I can’t afford new fur!) that needs cleaning and repairs.

      • janie4

        Parkway Cleaners out on Connecticut Avenue in Chevy Chase. It was $162, and I don’t know how much it would be for your coat. If you want, I can drop you a coupon card they sent me for a discount on one of their services. Also, I can drop it off for you some weekend if you don’t have a car.

  • Rant: the seabream at Mintwood was not that great – very bland not a lot of flavor
    Rave/Rant: The rest of the meal was good – had the calves heart salad and the blueberry bread pudding was surprisingly really tastey. We got to sit outside, service was great (but felt a little rushed) – however for almost $50 (with a beer) RW just doesnt really do it for me.
    Rave: U-hall tonight to see Good Great Fine OK

    • last night? Well, I likely walked right by you after a delicious meal (but better drinks) at Cashion’s.

    • Accountering

      Glad you enjoyed the food at least. Mintwood is one of my favorites – sucks they rushed you though. Fiola let us sit at a table outside for 3.5 hours, and didn’t feel rushed in the least. Amazing service

  • For anyone interested, there will be another garment/fashion sewing brunch meetup at noon on Sunday 24 August at the Chinatown Vapiano. We usually chat about projects and have a fabric/notions/pattern swap. All are welcome. Look for the group with the piles of fabric.

  • Rave: I’m just finishing up an introductory improv class and we’re having our showcase this Sunday. I’m nervous about it, but the whole experience has been fun and I’m planning on taking the next class.

    Rant: I made the mistake of inviting my ex in an ill-advised attempt to see her and maybe rekindle the relationship. She replied that she’ll be on vacation so she can’t make it. She also mentioned that she’s been seeing someone else and that made my heart break a little.

    Rant/Rave: Over the past few weeks, whenever I got super close to reaching out to my ex, I would get flickers of potential new romances. (I have a few irons in the fire, but they are cooling quickly.) Invariably, nothing materializes. It’s like the Universe is trying to tell me to forget my ex, but still keep me on the sidelines. I find it so frustrating.

    • “It’s like the Universe is trying to tell me to forget my ex, but still keep me on the sidelines”
      Maybe the universe is telling you to get yourself sorted out before trying to couple up again? I don’t mean that to be rude, but it sounds like you’re not over the last relationship, even though *it* is over. Maybe you need to make sure you’re happy with you alone before getting into a new relationship.

  • Becks

    Rant: Woke up with headache and it’s settled behind my eye. It could be allergy related as my eyes are all itchy and hot.
    Rant: everyone in my office is complaining of the same symptoms, maybe something introduced at the office?
    Rave: Bought Lady Carlotta a cat tree last night and she likes it but isn’t quite sure what to do with it. She knows she not allowed to jump up on anything, and all of a sudden mommy says it’s ok to jump up. Very confused kitty that know she got a present, but isn’t sure what to do.
    Rave: Received a customer accolade today! It’s always good to get positive feedback!

  • Rave: made the best, and i mean THE BEST split-pea soup of my life yesterday. The secret is to make a super concentrated broth from smock ham hocks!
    Cautious Rave: the russian dude who is leading pro-russian rebels in eastern ukraine pulled a sara palin and quit his job!

  • LIFE UPDATE: husband accepted a job in Seattle 30 seconds ago. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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