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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Spent the last 2 weeks on an amazing vacation in the mountains.
    Rant: Back in the office after a 2-week vacation.

  • Rave: Great Pic. Love Louie at Litteri’s. Always friendly behind the counter..

  • Rave: My first foster experience went really well and I loved my foster so much.
    Rant: I’m doing short term fostering because I’ve decided that having a dog full time is too much of a time and money commitment for me to do alone. The problem is that my foster was everything I want in a dog. EVERYTHING. When I got home after the event I started crying because she wasn’t there. How do you deal with this after fostering? Should I choose dogs that I know aren’t going to be what I want? Should I say ‘f it!’ and make the leap to dog ownership? I could make the lifestyle changes and budgetary changes if I really really wanted to I think.
    Rant: 3rd sinus infection of the year and the allergist I want to see (who was recommend here) isn’t taking new patients.

    • Precisely the reason I’ve never fostered cats or dogs. How could one give them up so easily? Especially a dog, many of whom seem to embody pure love and empathy, the living, walking version of “Hello, I Love You.”

      • epric002

        when you know they’re going to the right home, and you know that you’re not the right home for them, it’s so incredibly rewarding.

      • I think anyone who has fostered can tell you it is never easy to give them up. But you do it out of compassion. If you adopt one animal from a shelter, that is wonderful, but fostering allows you to help that many more animals that wouldn’t have had a chance otherwise. In my case, I had a dog of my own and I fostered for a while until I found one that I just couldn’t let go. Now I have two dogs, and unfortunately cannot foster anymore, but I would do it again in a heart beat if I could!

    • I got a dog before I really had the money and full commitment to rearranging my life for a pet – but she happened into my life and I loved her too much to let her go. There are days when I wish I could do things on weekday evenings and didn’t have thousands in dog-related costs each year, but I found the transition quite easy. I have people over to my house more often and I’ve grown to love getting up early / always leaving work at 6 to walk her.

      • This is really heartening. Like the OP, I fell in love with a dog this weekend and am considering upending my life to adopt him. I feel like it might be an “insane” decision, but it also might be insanely rewarding.

        • My incredibly reactionary self (luckily not the self that gets to call most of the shots in my life) wants to shake you and make you do it! I fell fast and hard for my foster, but she got adopted yesterday and now I feel a huge sense of regret.
          But, I realize that regret or potential regret isn’t the best reason for action. I think you and I are in a similar position, it seems to hard to pull the trigger on a large, life altering commitment, and a living one at that. I’m pretty sure I faced my most risk-averse self this weekend and lost.

        • And I have to add- Sarah, thanks. That’s really great to hear.

    • Becks

      Fostering takes a special love to help pets find their forever homes. Keep fostering if you can, but if you fall in love, you will be able to find a way to make it work. Good luck!

    • This was my same experience with fostering. And I was hoping that by sticking to short-term I wouldn’t get attached! I’m hoping that the more I do it, the more I’ll get used to saying goodbye. It does help that it really isn’t the right time for us to be adopting a dog. Although I was devastated for a week or so, the sadness went away and now I’m glad we were able to help that dog out in a small way to find their forever home.

    • epric002

      congrats to you for fostering! remember that dog personalities can change A LOT once they’re comfortable in a home. so, that dog that you thought was perfect…he might have been, but he also might have been not-quite-comfortable-yet in your home and the longer he stayed, the more you would have seen his true personality. if you think that a full-time dog is too much of a time/money commitment, then please don’t adopt a dog yet. why don’t you try a longer foster period? you’ll give them a chance to show their real personality, and will have a better opportunity to assess the time/money commitment and whether you want to take that leap quite yet. good luck!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I’ve fostered for Bengal Rescue Network and the first time I took my foster to meet prospective new parents, I was sure she would shirk from them. No way – she bounded over to them and purred up a storm. However, one of my friends stopped fostering for a while because her resident cats “got depressed” when she adopted out her foster cat. There is a rationale for calling it “foster failure.” Any way, thanks for fostering, it saves lives.

    • homerule

      Re: sinus infections. I just celebrated a year without one! (I used to get them 5-6 times a year, have even had surgery). Here’s what I do:
      Daily (Sinus Rinse )http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=142205&catid=59915&aid=338666&aparam=142205&kpid=142205&CAWELAID=120142990000072055&CAGPSPN=pla
      Acupuncture as needed
      Limit dairy

      Good luck– they are tough!!

    • Maybe try fostering a human boy or girl next time! It’s a lot of fun, and like a dog or cat, you can return them if you don’t like them!

  • RAVE: an artistically productive weekend, coupled with yoga not once, but TWICE (amazing to me, as a neophyte formerly totally disinterested in the practice), and I watched “Children of Men” while eating Vietnamese food.

    RANT: I dreamed about being asked to scratch the back of a super-cute woman who works in my office building, and she suggested we pick this up later that evening, when she wasn’t working the counter at the low-rent department store in my dream, and this is all to say (to paraphrase Animal) “I NEED WO-MAN!” Oh my lord.

  • Rant: All the gunshots last week in DC. Seems like retaliation was the theme… Ridiculous, most of these people doing the shooting don’t live in these neighborhoods.

    Rave: Found a wide mouse hole in the base of the door to my basement unit!! Holy crap, the hole was so obvious once I encountered it, couldn’t figure out for the life of me how mice were getting in for the last 6 months, but there it was, the wood had rotted due to storm water, and mice had a wide open entry point to my house! Sealed it and now my mouse problem is gone! Yeah!!! Hi Five!!!

    Rave: Cleaned my basement out, threw out tons of old shoes and electronics that were very dated. Made me feel good, I’d never use that stuff again, and I’m glad I’m fighting the urge to be a pack rat.

    Rant: Idiots hanging out in my neighborhood in cars blasting music… Seriously?! Can I come to your house and play my music and annoy you on an almost daily basis?

    • If you can figure out a way to track where they live and blast music at them when they’re trying to sleep…

      One time after a particularly late and loud party at my neighbors house, I opened my window (~10 feet from their bedroom window) and blasted a reggae / pop version of “the Itsy Bitsy Spider” for about 15 minutes while having a goofy time with my ~2 year old daughter. I don’t think it solved anything, but it can feel good.

      • Haha, that sounds like a great idea, I have a nightclub sound system in my house! I’m gonna play the Barney Song (I love you, You love me) for these fools any time they roll up! Hah! Take That!!

  • Rave: holy crap the high school I’m training at has a strong Wi-Fi signal
    Rave: Montgomery County Fair yesterday. I went all out with food and rides because yolo, right?
    Rant: I passed on all the delicious sounding deep fried oreos, snickers, and gummy bears because my stomach doesn’t like them.
    Rave: better for my health and waistline

  • Rant: litter/polution. I know, it’s a city, so it’s part of life (sadly), but so many businesses powerwash their sidewalks and aim the litter into the sewer drain. Especially for a city with “street cleaning”, I really wish they’d clean the streets. Additionally, car idling. A meter maid left their car running around the corner from my building while they ticketed. Not only were they double parked (of course), but the car was on.

    Rave: following Humans of New York. The pictures/stories give me so many different emotions and reinforce the power of one photo.

    Rant: What’s happening in Iraq that make so many of HONY’s current photos so upsetting.

  • Becks

    Rave: Fresh habanero peppers and basil from my garden. Last night I made stir-fried chicken and broccoli with fresh basil and habanero!
    Rave: Screen on the Green tonight and dinner before hand with some friends. I would love it if DC had more outdoor movie/ entertainment events. There are quite a few, but I always find out too late.
    Rant: Bad neighbors are overfilling their garbage can and tossing bags near the can. The bags are getting torn open at night by the cats and other critters they are feeding. There is trash/ garbage all over the alley. And mirrors, mattresses, piles of yuck!

  • bloomingdale vs h st…where would you choose? price is almost the same, space is essentially identical, commute irrelevant as I work from home 4 days a week. I’m leaning towards one but I’d like to hear people’s arguments for both.

    • At a dinner party a resident of Bloomingdale told me with a certain amount of pride; they don’t have schools, homeless shelters or any sort of social programs in their boundaries to bring in the wrong element. I am paraphrasing, but that was what I took from the conversation. The city is working on the flooding issues.

      • While I love Bloomingdale, it’s essentially just a 2-by-6 block wide swath of beautiful homes. H St covers a much larger chunk of land.

    • I think it depends exactly where for both neighborhoods. I live in the H St area on the west side. I feel there are better amenities (like proximity to the Metro and Giant etc) than on the east side. Though I’m sure some people would argue there is better night life on the east side. It all depends on what is important to you. That said, I really love the area and think it’s a great place to live.

    • Bloomingdale for the win! I feel like there’s a different vibe there than on H St that I seem to prefer. H St is getting a bit “Clarendon-y” on the weekends.

    • I think it depends what you spend most of your time doing. If you like the bar scene, I’d go with H St since there are just more options. But Bloomingdale has a more residential feel to it, with a nice farmer’s market and local businesses (and is also walking distance to U St).

      • i’ll just fess up and say bloomingdale is what I was leaning toward for the farmers market/cute restaurants/beautiful houses feel. I had pretty much already decided, but I think popville confirmed for me.

        • Lol@ the farmers market being a reason to purchase. Basically every neighborhood in DC now have their own version of farmers market.

          • Didn’t say others didn’t have them, but that Bloomingdale has a particularly nice one. They often have musicians playing during the market and a nice selection of vendors. I prefer it to any other I’ve been to in the city.

    • Bloomingdale hands down. The neighborhood feel is really evident, and H Street feels too much like a crossroads kind of place if you are inclined for a peaceful, residential neighborhood.

  • Rave – Had an awesome vacation with the family in upstate NY.
    Rant – Back at work and not happy about it. Missing my family. Missing my hilarious 3-year old nephew. I kind of want to move back to NY, but I also love living in DC. It’s just so lonely sometimes. If only I could get my entire family to relocate here, it would perfect.
    Rant – Restocked the fridge yesterday, then realized the fridge was broken. Fingers crossed it can be fixed today, but it’s not looking good.
    Rave – Swings Coffee. Oh how I missed you.

    • Mike

      I’ve been grappling with the decision to move back home (to upstate NY actually) or stay in DC for a little over 2 years now. Any words of wisdom?

      • GiantSquid

        Oof, they’re so very different. Mr. Squid’s family is up there and we get pressure to move back.

      • I wish I had words of wisdom to share! I’m struggling with the decision just like you. The job market for me is fairly strong back home, but my boyfriend is working his dream job here in DC and does want to move. So I’m feeling stuck. It’s been hard for me to make friends here and I feel really lonely without my family around. I feel like I need a dog or a kid to get me connected to other folks my age in DC! Unfortunately, getting a dog or having a kid are not feasible options right now. I try happy hours, meetups, book clubs and new hobbies to keep busy. But it does feel lonely sometimes.

      • I moved here from upstate New York a few years ago and have never looked back! You couldn’t pay me enough money to go back up there. Snow, long winters, snow, less to do, snow, expensive flights, snow…

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: It’s Monday — my favorite day of the week!
    Rave: Marathon training cut back week so time to take a small break.
    Rant: Arrogant girl on the train this morning holding a Starbucks drink and spilling it everywhere. I asked her if she breaks all the rules. She didn’t use any words but was not happy with me.

    • technically she can have the drink on the metro, just not consume it. Its unfortunate that it spilled, and hopefully she was able to clean it, but she was not in the wrong to have it on the train. Maybe you should keep your comments to yourself, that was pretty rude of you to say to her.

      • hispanicandproud

        Didn’t realize you were there but you must of have missed her consuming it. And not rude at all since I ride that train just like she does.

        • Well your wording was “hold” not consume. There is a big difference. And it’s still pretty rude to comment on other behavior. Maybe mind your own business?

          • It’s your business when she spills it. And it’s bound to happen with the jerking and sudden stopping of the train. It’s against the rules for a reason.

          • I see lots of people carrying closed containers of liquid on the metro and managing not to spill. If you ban the carrying of Starbucks drinks you’d also have to ban the humble water bottle tucked away in someone’s gym bag.

          • hispanicandproud

            Not sure why you are so obsessed with me commenting to someone about breaking the rules.

          • Given the can’t-drop-it semaniticizing, I think justinbc forgot to log in.

          • It sounds like this commenter is just looking to pick a fight, I wouldn’t mind their comments – I totally agree with your rant. Btw, I love your username!

          • It’s more than one person commenting. Given the additional information posted later it does sound like something should have been said. But that doesn’t mean someone carrying (not drinking) a closed coffee is necessarily going to spill it.

          • No, 11:17 am Anonymous, that’s not true. Water may be consumed on Metro.

          • Metro allowed passengers to drink water on the metro for a few days last year because of extreme heat. This was for a very specific time period; the exception for drinking water on metro wasn’t lifted permanently.

        • Haha anonymous at 12:25 🙂

      • Starbucks has those little green plastic plugs that you can stick into the spout to prevent spills. You could have been a bit more helpful methinks.

        • Really? By carrying around a handful of plastic plugs to offer to people who break the rules on the metro?
          Hispanicandproud I applaud you for saying something and I’m surprised that someone is criticizing you for speaking up.

      • Was it you? That seems like the only explanation for such a crotchety response.

    • I guess there was more to the story than was originally conveyed!

    • That’s hilarious. I’m glad you said something to her. I have no problem with people bringing drinks on the Metro that are solidly sealed (ex: water bottle, traveling coffee mug with air tight screw top, etc). There’s plenty of options for people to bring a drink on the train and not have it spill.
      But Starbucks cups on the Metro are the epitome of a bad idea – the lids pop off with a light squeeze of your hand.

  • epric002

    rave: another low-key weekend of getting stuff done around the house.
    rave: haircut and pedicure!
    rant: grouchy corgi (female) has decided she wants to hump foster puppy (male) all.the.time. i think this is her misguided attempt at play, but it is so annoying. i wish he would just snap at her so she would stop, but so far he’s been incredibly good natured about it. one of these days it’s really going to annoy him…

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Chamois cream is the devil. Made bike ride VERY uncomfortable.
    Revel: Awesome bachelorette dinner on Saturday.
    Rant: Drank too much. Worried afterwards that I said something ridiculous.
    Revel: Mr. Squid letting me sleep in and a lazy Sunday with puppy snuggles and chocolate chip cookies.

  • Rant: The number of shootings this weekend – including a 23 year old who was murdered on the corner of the block I live on at 11 pm Friday night. Funny that I read out about the triple shooting in Eckington right after reading that RedFn called it the hottest neighborhood.

  • Rave: My visit to the in-laws resulted in a lot of fresh produce. i will be cooking and baking this week.
    Rave: I had an awesome weekend: the perfect mix of quiet alone time and social time.
    Rave: I slept like a rock last night. I’m ready for the week ahead.

  • I can’t recommend Humans of New York (found on facebook and probably elsewhere) highly enough right now. Normally, read a month’s worth at once, enjoy it, and mostly forget about it. Right now, he’s in Iraq, and it’s a whole new level of interesting, educational, and deeply moving.

    • msmaryedith

      That site is awesome. Brandon really has a gift!

      • I never got into that site because I disliked the title. I guess I should join the crowd though!

        • msmaryedith

          When you know the background, the name is less annoying. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/brandon-stanton/humans-of-new-york-behind_b_3210673.html

          Sometimes the way people respond to his questions make you realize that everyone else that day has ignored them, but something about them intrigued Brandon and he seems to be really adept at knowing just the right questions to get a beautiful story out of them. It’s amazing how much so many people from completely different backgrounds seem to open up to him.

          • I didn’t know the background, but that is more or less what I would have expected. And it doesn’t make me dislike the name (which to me is a combination of clinical and pretentious) any less.

          • You’re not wrong about clinical and pretentious, but using “human” instead of “person” is increasingly widespread these days in academic circles. There is a growing movement to endow certain non-humans with personhood. A dozen or so countries (not the US, obvs) have laws regarding the personhood of high-order primates and marine mammals, for example.
            Also, human is gender-neutral. Many of my academic friends will say “you are a lucky human”, instead of “lucky woman” or whatever. I’m sure you see the value there.
            I guess what I’m trying to say is, might as well get used to it. It might be pretentious, but it is well-intentioned.

    • Agree. I just read today’s post on facebook and got a little teary.
      And here I am fussed because my Amazon delivery is late and I’m out of the natural dog treats with whole food antioxidants that my pup loves.

    • I follow his Instagram account. His postings are usually very moving — full range of emotions, too. But his postings from Iraq have been on another level. So powerful.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Amazing weekend! Very successful Saturday morning, and thanks to Jenn (and Pablo) for getting 30 some odd new pictures of the house. They look amazing!
    Rave2: Lazy Sunday morning, including getting pretzels for breakfast. Delicious, and a terrific morning.
    Rave3: Best men (little bro and I) speech content is done! Need to work on wording, and presentation, but I think we are basically there!
    Rave4: Have an awesome/busy week coming up, then spending the weekend in Delaware. Super excited!
    Rave5: Older brothers wedding in 2 weeks!

  • Mint: how to keep it from growing all tall and leggy? Whenever I’ve tried (indoors), I get these foot-high stems with ten leaves. Is that a too-much-water problem? A too-little-light problem? I want less stem, more leaves, obviously.

  • Hi all,
    I’ve just moved back to DC and in desperate need of a good dermatologist that I can get into quickly! Any ideas? I work downtown but live in Columbia Heights.
    Thank you!

    • epric002

      i don’t know how quickly you can get an appt, but i like dr. perkins at metroderm.

      • +10000 for Dr. Perkins. If you can’t get in, his partner, Dr. Stollar, is good too. But I LOVE Perkins.

        • you know what is funny – when I lived here years ago I went to them. I couldn’t remember the name, but when I saw Perkins and Stolar, it all came back to me! Thanks!

        • binpetworth

          I second this recommendation. Dr Stolar did a mole removal for me awhile back, and it was painless on my skin and my wallet!

    • I work down town and live in columbia heights also!

    • Dr. Chang at Integrated Dermatology on K St. She had that really rare blend of being knowledgeable and professional, yet had a bedside manner that didn’t make you feel embarassed to talk about your teenage acne-turned-adult acne.

    • Sheldon Gottlieb in Foggy Bottom. Awesome.

      • Stay away from him! He totally and completely botched a mole removal for me that has required numerous visits to a different dermatologist to “fix” as it was on a very visible body part. Seriously, stay away….

        • Wow. How does someone botch a mole removal?

          • He cut more skin than he could stitch together creating a grotesque scar that I’ve been getting injections in for a year now to reduce the swelling. The mole = pin head size and the resulting scar = quarter. I’ve had larger moles removed without scars or stitches. Unbelievable.

        • ack! thanks. He’s great for eczema, though!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: photographing tiny blue creatures
    Rant: plans for photographing the moon may be ruined by the clouds.

  • rave: Jim Gaffigan at Wolf Trap! Weather was glorious and he was so funny.
    rant: PEOPLE at Wolf Trap! We had lawn seats, which are first come first served, I UNDERSTAND. BUT that does not give people who ‘come first’ a right to take up way more space than they need! We got there 30 minutes after the lawn opened (and 1 hour before the show) and there was NO ROOM! we had to beg people to move a little this way and a little that way so we could squeeze. The people behind us (3 people with ‘2 more coming’, who btw showed up right before the show) had enough space reserved, with about 5 blankets, for 10 people! Im not asking them to sit on top of each other, but be reasonable and be a good community member. Alternatively, Wolf Trap needs to sell less lawn tickets, or try and impliment some enforcement mechanism for greedy space stealers!
    Rave: thats my only rant this weekend, so i guess it was a good one!

  • Rant: Assholes that tried to break into my neighbors house Friday night around 9:30p. They couldn’t get in the front (yes, they were trying to break in the front window at 9:30 at night on our block, 18th and H NE, that normally has a good amount of foot traffic) so they went around the back, jumped the fence and tried to push in her window AC unit. I still find the timing of all of this a bit suspect. My wife and I were not home at the time but her sister’s were babysitting our daughter.
    Rave: The upstairs neighbor called the police.
    Rant: People that live around the way and want to choose beauty over safety. Look, I know bars on your windows are the most aesthetically pleasing thing ever but they do serve a real purpose, they keep you and your belongings safe or at least much safer than they would be without them. It is no mere coincidence that people without bars on their windows get their houses broken into much more than people who do have them. So what you have a beautiful, redone house with this and that, what is it worth if you are not safe in it?
    Rave: My mom and my aunts got to spend some time with my daughter this weekend. They don’t get to see her often so it was nice that they got to bond for awhile.
    Rant/Rave: As soon as we stepped foot in their hotel room my daughter (15 months old) went ballistic. I am sure my mom felt some kind of way but as we talked about last week, that is what happens when toddlers don’t see you all of the time. Well a couple hours later and a full belly, she finally warmed back up to them and was going to them, giving them hugs goodbye
    Rant: Somehow my wife and I managed to leave both of our house keys in the house on Sunday and locked ourselves out. We went on about our business for the day but I ended up having to call Pop-A-Lock and paid them $90 for the 20 seconds it took him to pick our lock. I will say that their service was pretty fast, professional and on the up and up. I called spoke to an operator, she had the guy call me, said he would be there in 30 minutes and all was done just that quick.
    Rant: What is amazing to me is that you can buy all you need off of Amazon, learn to do it on YouTube. I asked him what stops people from doing just that and he said that it is illegal to carry those picks if you aren’t licensed and if caught you will do some lengthy time. But I am wondering how do you get caught just carrying one, they easily can fit in your pocket, you don’t go around showing everyone that you have one. I can see if you are caught doing something and searched but still…

    • I agree with you RE: window bars. We live in a relatively safe neighborhood, but we did not remove the bars from our windows and doors when we redid our house. Most of our neighbors don’t have them and as far as I know haven’t had an issue. But if there ever was going to be an issue, I assume the criminals would choose the easiest target, hence why we have not removed the bars.

      • I feel the same way about the window bars. I’ll have to live in cities my whole life because I don’t feel comfortable without bars, and they’re not socially acceptable in the suburbs or country.

        • Well, to be fair, I think they’re also a lot less necessary in the country or suburbs!

          • My parents live in a semi-rural area and have been burglarized. My grandmother lives in a more suburban area and has had lots of burglaries in her neighborhood. So I don’t feel any safer in those kinds of places.

          • The country and suburbs are great places to commit a burglary because the likelihood of there being witnesses is really low. And people usually have fewer barriers to entry on their houses. You just need someone with a car.

          • I think they’ll become more necessary as the burbs become more poor.

          • Hm good points. If bars aren’t socially acceptable in suburbs what about that the film you put on glass that makes it hard to shatter? Has anyone used that and do you know if it actually works?

          • Depends on the neighborhood I think. When I live in Annandale about a third of the neighbors had window bars.

          • epric002

            anon @ 12:22- when we got new windows (last year?) we paid a bit more for our front windows, which open on to our front porch, to have that security film in them that makes them harder to shatter. of course, i have no idea how well/if it will work since our windows haven’t been broken…but it gives me a little peace of mind.

      • Agree on keeping the bars on all windows & doors. My house was burglarized last week, through an unlocked 2nd floor window I left open. But, the burglars could not get out of my house with my big TV or anything else because all the bars were locked and no keys were found by the perps. They had to climb back out the small window & jump down to the roof below. Just hope they sprained an ankle or something.

        • Reinforce the bars with a security system. I had windows bars bent to gain entry. They’re a deterrent but not foolproof.

  • Accountering

    RAVE X2: Just got a couple of messages from 311 that the multiple requests I put in over the past year or so to replace a cut down street tree have been taken care of. They planted a new tree today!

  • Rant: This new “sketch” app.
    Rant: Tony Stewart hitting and killing that other driver (who should not have been out of his car) but how on earth did Stewart not miss him? I am not saying he did it on purpose but he did just hit his car and then other cars managed to miss the kid but when Stewart came back around again, he couldn’t dodge him? Something is off here.
    Rant: Ferguson, MO – ALL OF IT! I don’t know the details because I am reading all kinds of different things but all I know this is a complete mess. If the kid (I know he is 18 so technically he is an adult but that was a damn kid) and his friend did push the officer while he was in his car then I can see that happening and based on that then I am less apt to place blame on the officer. Now if the kid had his hands in the air as witnesses are saying and the cop shot and killed him then the cop needs to go down HARD!! Such troubling times we live in.
    Rant: President Obama just can’t win. Good job Rummy, Cheney and W. You really screwed us.

    • Re: the Stewart incident. The Ward kid was wearing a black suit with a black helmet on a dark, dirt track at nighttime. As other drivers have said, his decision to exit the vehicle and “confront” speeding cars was probably not a good one. I imagine he was angry for being knocked out of the race and all common sense just took off as he got out of the car. My first thought was, “This guy was probably being a hothead.” A lot of professional drivers are.

      • I totally agree he should have never gotten out of the car but I still don’t understand how others were able to miss him and Stewart wasn’t, especially knowing he just put him out of the race…

    • I concur with all of your rants.
      Rave: So I won’t rant today. You covered the important ones!

    • Ugh, the Ward killing was horrific. I also wonder how Stewart managed to be the lone driver not to see Ward out of his car. Had another driver hit Ward, we wouldn’t be talking about it as having potential intent, but yeah, I’d like an investigation of some sort.

  • skj84

    Rave: Went to Union Market Drive In series on Friday and had a blast. Wish I had gone to the other ones this summer.

    Rave: Friends who put up with my more flighty tendencies. I fully admit to being a space cadet sometimes and I’m trying to reign in said tendencies.

    Rant: Tendon injury flared up Thursday and I can’t run. It hurts to walk. I’ve been icing and elevating it, but I’m worried it’s going to become a reoccuring thing.

  • rave: had pastries and coffee and the new three-fifty on 17th and U. All were delicious and the spot was wonderful. They’re a little overwhelmed right now with the amount of business so things were a little slow, but overall I think it’ll be a regular spot.

  • Question – I know there are home ice-cream makers out on Popville – does anyone have experience (good or bad) with the KitchenAid mixer ice cream attachment? I’m not looking for another appliance (I don’t have room for the ones I have now), but one that is kept in the freezer is doable.

    • Yes, I have one and I really like it. I keep mine in the freezer so I am always ready and so I don’t have to find cabinet space for it. But, you will need to make sure your freezer is on the coldest setting for at least 24 hours before churning the ice cream. I also throw a towel over the mixer and ice cream bowl when it’s running in a pathetic attempt to keep the cool air in. You will need to freeze the ice cream when it’s done in order to get the consistency that most resembles store bought ice cream, it won’t be ready to eat when the churning is done unless you want it really soft.
      I’ve had a lot of success with it and wouldn’t switch to a stand alone.

    • you have to freeze the darn thing forever before you can make your ice cream. 🙁 no spur of the moment ice cream making.

    • If you really don’t want any new appliance, just do ziploc bag ice cream. It does work.

    • I have one and like it, and agree with jeslett’s advice. However, after 2 uses the coolant is leaking out of it. I’m hoping I can get a replacement from Kitchenaid, for the cost it should NOT be having issues already.

      • Contact them ASAP! I’ve had nothing but good experiences with their customer service and I am sure they will send you a new one immediately.
        I don’t have any other tips though, maybe just get a good book. There are a few different philosophies out there. I’ve never tried the skim milk powder one, but I really like Jeni’s and Bi-Rite Creamery’s book.

  • Rant: making major life decisions. I’m the type of person who agonizes over what to order for lunch, so this is really difficult.
    Rave: my intuition, my girlfriend, and the results of various spreadsheets have all led to the same option. So I should probably go with that one.

    • When your intuition and your spreadsheets are in harmony, then I say you take that option. It isn’t often that kind of thing happens. 🙂 And best of luck making big life decisions. I’m not a person who responds well to change (even when I initiate it and it is positive chance), so I do empathize with how hard it can be.

  • Rant: lately I’ve been waking up at 2 or 3 am and it takes forever to fall back asleep.
    Rave: this should be useful in a few days when I’m in a time zone that’s 6 hours ahead.

  • Rave: Anytime Movers. Man these guys were good. So friendly, fast and way less than I had expected to spend on movers.
    Rant: Ate so much junk during moving weekend.
    Rant #2: Pregnancy glucose test tomorrow. I hope I pass after all the junk I consumed!

    • I used Anytime Movers in June and I found them to be extremely professional and impressive. Glad to hear you had a great experience also!

      • I”d like to put in a third plug for Anytime Movers. I used them last year to move stuff to my storage unit and they were awesome!

  • Rave: Perfect, lazy weekend with very few plans. I even went for a run both days– hopefully I can continue to fall back into an exercise pattern!
    Rant: Dog threw up in the wee hours of the morning. I have a good idea about what caused it and he’s fine now, but poor little guy.
    Rave: Have an interview tomorrow to sit on the Board of Directors for a non-profit that I care about deeply. I am probably the youngest candidate so unfortunately my hopes are low, but I am looking forward to the experience.

    • Does the organization have members or stakeholders who are about your age or younger? If so, you can use that to your advantage. Even if they don’t I think you still shouldn’t count yourself out. I’ve been begging for at least a year to include younger people in my company’s outreach and our CEO actually said something about it a few weeks ago.
      It’s important to have experience, but also a fresh outlook. I actually left a volunteer board because I realized that my experience was so dated I couldn’t provide a lot of support as we grow and change.

      • Very good points. Yes, a big portion of the stakeholders are fairly young but probably a little older than me. The Board of the organization that I work for is in need of a fresh perspective but that probably won’t happen for a long time. Thank you for your support, it is nice to hear your thoughts especially since you have served on a volunteer board.

  • SFT

    Absurd: I just had a ‘freedom fries’ moment out at the Farragut Sq food trucks. Some guy was ordering a falafel sandwich from the DC Ballers food truck and I overheard him say “hold the Israeli salad – I don’t support Israel’s genocide of Palestinians”. Yeah, me either, but the cucumber and tomato salad isn’t going to fund Israel’s army, it probably just comes from Safeway!

  • justinbc

    UPDATE on PoP HH: DC Reynolds is having a fundraiser on the 20th and won’t be able to give us any space, so they’ve asked we move it to the 27th. I told her them it shouldn’t be a problem since half the people wanted it then anyway. So, there you go.

  • Rave: Had an amazing weekend.

    Rant: I’m not a fan of dogs, especially big dogs. I’ve been dating someone who is perfect, except he has a big, misbehaving dog. We talk about moving in together/getting married, and he says we’ll figure out the dog issue, but I feel guilty and like a horrible person for not liking his dog.

    • epric002

      you guys need to figure out this dog issue before you move in/get married. the issue is that your BF has allowed his dog to misbehave. this isn’t the dog’s fault, it’s his. i’m a total dog person and i don’t like being around poorly behaved dogs. if he followed through with training the dog, would it still be a big issue for you?

      • Thanks. My BF is doing a good job with training the dog — he’s much better on walks, with other dogs, etc., but he’s still a rambunctious puppy. For example, yesterday while my BF was upstairs, the dog jumped on the couch (where he’s not allowed) and started jumping on me, and I totally freaked.

        But even if he was an angel, I just don’t want to live with a dog. Does that make me a terrible person??? I think it might.

        • If he’s still a puppy and your BF is actively training him, the badly behaved stage is only temporary (though it may seem like it lasts forever). How does your BF feel about all this? If it were me I’d be very upset that my SO not only doesn’t like my dog, but dogs in general.

        • It doesn’t make you a terrible person. It may, however, make you incompatible with your dog-loving/owning boyfriend. 🙁

          • If the dog is a puppy though, that means he got it after he started dating you, at least I’m going to assume that since you’re talking moving in.
            I’m interested in how other people here have handled this situation. There’s a strong argument for living your life how you want to as a new relationship progresses, but changing the current situation in the relationship with a unilateral decision is precarious. PoPville thoughts?

        • epric002

          you are not a terrible person if you don’t like dogs, but if this is a puppy and he’s going through training- he’s not exactly “misbehaving”, he’s being a puppy. the puppy stage is indeed temporary, but it sounds like you don’t want to live with any dogs at all. i’m curious about what jeslett brought up below- did he get the dog while you guys were together/talking marriage/moving in, knowing full well that you don’t want to live with a dog?

        • I completely agree with the above anonymous comments. As a dog lover, a non-dog lover is a relationship deal breaker for me.

        • “Does that make me a terrible person???”
          Don’t be silly, of course not. It’s a preference. Some people don’t want to live with dogs. Some don’t want cats. Some don’t want a large yard to take care of. Some don’t want a humongous TV in their living room. Some don’t want a messy house, while some don’t care if the house is tidy or not.
          But you do have to decide if it’s a deal-breaker. As does the boyfriend. It may seem silly to think that you could break up over the existence of a dog, but do you really want a long-term live-in relationship that has a pre-existing fault line?

    • I’d be sure to figure out the dog issue before you move in with him!
      Do you dislike the dog because it is big, misbehaved or both? Does your partner agree that his dog is misbehaved? Getting a trainer would be a big help.

    • If you haven’t already, I’d suggest finding a positive reinforcement trainer to help you with the dog’s bad behavior (can you be more specific what this entails). If you can diminish the bad behavior, you can all live together a lot more peacefully.
      I recommend Spot On in DC. They’re great. I also recommend checking out Your Dog’s Friend for classes and free workshops. They’re out in Rockville, but worth the drive. They also have recommendations for trainers on their website.

    • That’s a tough one. I ended up rehoming my cat because my girlfriend was allergic, but it was really hard on me.

    • 1) Don’t feel guilty. Your feelings are what they are, and whether they’re ridiculous or completely justified, they exist and will cause problems if brushed aside. 2) Don’t move in with him until you have a plan you both agree on. Assuming that “you’ll figure it out” is a bad choice; you can always adjust later but don’t go in with no plan.

      • We’ve talked about possibly rehoming the dog, hopefully with a friend or his parents, or as a last resort through the rescue where my BF adopted him from. And my BF is super understanding about it, but that just makes me feel worse. I’ve fostered/rescued a bunch of cats (currently have two), and I never, ever, ever thought I would be the kind of person to rehome an animal. I am so torn up about it, but I just don’t think I can live with a dog that’s almost my size.

        • Wow, I would never EVER rehome my dogs for anyone. I made this extremely clear to my GF upfront. They are big and can be naughty, but they were in my life long before her. What if your BF asked you to rehome your cats because he can’t stand being around cats? Sounds like you’re being extremely selfish. Just “feeling bad” about it isn’t really enough…

          • I wouldn’t rehome my cats for anyone, and the BF knows that, but he loves the cats. He also thinks that living with two cats and a big dog would be a zoo — and I can’t have dogs in the apartment that I own. So then the option is to stay living separately until we can afford a house where we can try living with all the animals, where I can then try to be ok with the dog. If that works, great, but if not, then we own a house together and have a really big problem…

            Maybe I am selfish. Maybe that’s part of why I feel terrible about this. But if the choice is between rehoming the dog and rehoming the BF, what’s a girl to do?

          • epric002

            it’s pretty hypocritical to (rightly, imo) refuse to rehome your animals, but want him to consider rehoming his.

          • I couldn’t imagine giving up my pets either. IMHO, your boyfriend is going to be resentful and carry a grudge, even if he says he’s “OK” with giving up his dog for you right now.
            Here are the only fair solutions as I see it:
            1. You both keep your pets in the current environment. You learn to cope with the hassle and stress. You spend money on frequent training sessions.
            2. You both get rid of your pets and start life together with a clean slate.
            3. Keep your pets and rent a house in the suburbs or another less dense neighborhood in DC. I’d say this is the smartest idea to see if things will actually work out – you can see if you like living together, no one needs to give up their pets, and you don’t make the expensive mistake of buying a house before knowing this will work. Win-win-win, IMO.

          • I still don’t understand, did he get the puppy after you two had been dating for a while? Did you both not discuss it ahead of time? Even if you’re not in a serious relationship the care of the dog changes a lot of things, including him not being able to spend the night at your house. Not to go all Hax-ian, but maybe you two need to talk more about how your relationship works.

          • I agree with epric002 that you’re being hypocritical. And honestly, it’s not really your decision on whether to “rehome the BF”- it’s his. He has to decide if he would really be ok with giving up his pet for you. As someone else mentioned, there could definitely be a potential for harboring resentment. I know I definitely would resent someone who made me make this choice, and I would also be very disappointed in myself for letting it happen.

        • I’m not clear from your comments if it’s the dog’s behavior that’s troubling you, the dog’s size, or something else. I’m also not clear how much time you’ve spent actually living with the dog — meaning that I’m not sure if your concerns are about something that happens — or about something that you’re worried MIGHT happen. When you say that you just don’t think you can live with a dog that’s almost your size ‘– what about that is bothering you? It doesn’t sound like the dog is aggressive. Is it possible that some combination of training the dog and addressing your anxiety would help? FWIW, I don’t think that you’re a terrible person. I do think that it makes sense to directly address the sources of your concerns to see if things can get better before rehoming the dog.

        • Then don’t be the ‘type of person to rehome’ an animal. It is just cruel if it can at all be avoided. Animals, particularly dogs, come to see their owners as part of their pack or family. To give this dog back to the rescue is mean to him, and it puts another animal out because the rescue can help one less dog/cat. Please try to work with your guy to see what options are available. Training, talking to a vet, restricting a place where only you can go, etc… may all be part of the plan.
          As an animal person, if the guy I was dating was quickly ready to rehome his dog or cat for me, I’d kick him to the curb. haha! Good luck. 🙂

          • +1 to “if the guy I was dating was quickly ready to rehome his dog or cat for me, I’d kick him to the curb.” I had this same thought- serious red flags that he’s so willing to consider this option.

          • Oh for crying out loud. It is NOT a red flag. It’s a sign that the guy’s priorities are in order. That he would rather make a life with a human, that he may have found the right person, and that he’s not a lunatic. What, you want him spend the next ten+ years pining for the woman his dog ran off? And hope she’s still pining too when the dog finally dies?
            You act like every dog is unique and precious, but people are interchangeable. That’s straight up insane.

          • epric002

            if you think that a willingness to abandon an animal is a “sign that the guy’s priorities are in order”…holy shit.

          • Who said abandon? I read “rehoming the dog, to friends or parents”. Did I miss where she said “drive it out to the country and shove it out of the car”? And yeah, people over pets. Choosing pets over people is not normal. Think of the mean old lady who lives with 30 cats and has zero friends. There’s a reason we call her a “crazy” cat lady. It might be what some poorly socialized people have to do to cope with their issues, but don’t make it sound like some kind of valid lifestyle choice. Pets need to fit in to human lives, not the other way around.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Well then by definition he is NOT perfect and neither are you. I’ve made it clear to my bf’s in the past that if I ever have to choose between him and my cats, the cats stay. You can expect to get 10+ years from a cat or dog but how many years will you get from a bf?

      • 50 years? 60? More, if everyone involved is young and healthy. Also, your dog or cat will never co-parent your children, care for you while you’re ill, shoulder the whole mortgage so you can go back to school… I could go on. Pets don’t trump people, in my book.

        • Are people really that desperate to be “partnered up”? If so, that’s sad. Relationships require a lot of compromise, but I’d never give up something that brought me so much joy just because my potential partner was inconvenienced by it. No way.
          I have friends who gave up their cat/dog to move in with a significant other. And then they broke up. Do you have any idea how terrible they felt about that? Not only are you dealing with the heartache of a break up, but you also feel like an idiot for giving up your beloved pet. And this happens ALL THE TIME. Keep your pet, if that’s what you truly want.
          The person you marry should complement your already-awesome life, not usurp it.

        • epric002

          when you acquire an animal you are committing to the lifetime of that animal. not for however long is convenient. if you can’t commit to the life of an animal then don’t get one.

          • If being utterly, sincerely positive that nothing about one’s circumstances would change in some unforeseen way in 15 years were a requirement for animal adoption, then no one would ever get one.
            Then where would all the precious puppies be?? Euthanized.

          • epric002

            don’t be ridiculous. of course people’s lives change. what do you think happens to the animals who are surrendered b/c all sorts of flimsy reasons? you think they’re not euthanized? apparently i need to spell this out more explicitly: barring extreme, extenuating circumstances (child has a severe allergy, for example) when you acquire an animal you commit to the life of that animal. to bring an animal into your home and then when it is no longer convenient, give it away, dump it at the shelter, or god forbid give it away on craigslist, is irresponsible and cruel.

        • You’re making a giant assumption that all people actually want to have children and a mortgage and student loans. Many people don’t, so your argument doesn’t stand.

          • Perhaps, but the other position would have someone who DOES want that (per the OP’s description) forego it for the sake of a DOG. That’s messed up.

          • That’s your opinion. If you have a pet who you love and your SO asks you to give up that pet, and you instead break up with them, I do not see it as choosing the pet over the SO. I see it as a fundamental difference between you and your SO that would have never worked out in the long run. I would NEVER want to buy a house or have a child with someone who would ask me to make that choice for a reason as feeble as “I don’t like the dog.” I’d much rather find someone who more closely shares my values than dump my pet just because of my desire to be “coupled.”

    • +1 to “1) Don’t feel guilty. Your feelings are what they are, and whether they’re ridiculous or completely justified, they exist and will cause problems if brushed aside. 2) Don’t move in with him until you have a plan you both agree on. Assuming that ‘you’ll figure it out’ is a bad choice; you can always adjust later but don’t go in with no plan.”
      It sounds to me like the first thing ought to be some training for the dog.
      And I’m still not clear whether you’ve answered Jeslett’s question — did the guy get the puppy after the two of you had started dating and/or had become serious?

      • Sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to reply to Jeslett’s actual post. He got the dog after being single for a number of years, and we met soon after. The dog is 2.5 years old, but my understanding is that dogs are “puppies” until around 3. It could be that the dog mellows out considerably or that we train him to the hilt or get a huge house where I don’t have to interact with him that often… but truth be told, I don’t want to live with a dog, and I don’t think it’s fair to the dog to be in a house where only one “parent” loves him and cares for him.

        It was my BF–not me–who floated the possibility of rehoming the dog, and it was not a suggestion he made lightly or without significant thought. He thinks, like many posters, that while pets are important, finding the person you want to spend your life with is more important. I actually thought this would be the dealbreaker in our relationship before he suggested the possibility of the dog going to live with a friend/his parents/someone else. I don’t want him to resent me. I don’t want him to have to give up his dog. But I also do not want a dog in my life. We’re both in our 30s and think we’re going to end up together for the long haul, so this isn’t a decision we’re considering rashly.

        But, I still feel terrible.

        • You don’t have to apologize for me being nosy.
          It sounds like a tough situation for both of you. I’d like to think that if I started dating a guy with a pet I couldn’t stand, that affected our relationship, and having a lifelong proclivity for that type of pet, I would let him go to be with his pet/future pets. But, that’s totally hypothetical and there’s still a chance I would end up where you are.
          So, I don’t know.

        • Sounds like a tricky situation. I think it’s probably best if y’all stick with the status quo for the moment — living separately, with your separate pets — but add in training for the dog.

  • Rave: played soccer Saturday for the first time in a year or so. My endurance is gone and my touch is rusty, but my speed held up. Can’t wait to drop 20 lbs and see what happens!
    Rave: great weekend all around. Delicious food, great company, beautiful weather.
    Rant: parents not respecting boundaries and then acting as if merely having boundaries mean I don’t love my parents.

  • To continue the dog adoption theme:
    Rave: went to NYC this weekend for a much-needed getaway.
    Rave: I fell head-over-heels in love with a wiggly little dachshund puppy in the window of a shop in the West Village. Even more so after letting the little guy wriggle around in my lap for a while.
    Rant: I wasn’t able to spend $2900 on the adoption fee (!?$* — but it was the West Village, the shop wasn’t a puppy mill, and the dog’s coat is pretty rare, so it’s not entirely unexpected).
    Rave: Now am thinking seriously for the first time ever about getting a dog.
    Rant: I can’t seem to find a breeder of this kind of dachshund (short hair, “dapple”) anywhere closer than Pennsylvania. I really want this -exact- kind of dog. To the point of considering stupid things like going to PA (or Nashville or Texas) for one just like it and spending most of my disposable income for its care.

    • Whoa there. Any pet shop that sells dogs is getting them from a puppy mill- plain and simple. I don’t care how “rare” the coat is. And I would caution you not to confuse adopting a dog with buying a dog. The $2900 isn’t an “adoption fee”. If you pay that money to a pet shop or breeder you are buying a dog, not adopting. BIG difference.

      • Point taken — I’m totally new at this — but are breeders the same as “puppy mills”? This store seems to work with small breeders. It’s not even close to, say PetSmart or the like. And yes, it would be “buying” from a store, not adopting from a rescue, but it feels more like an adoption in the parenting sense if you get what I mean.
        Either way, I’m definitely not buying from these people for about 10 million reasons.

        • I’ll repeat: any shop that sells dogs is getting them from a puppy mill. If you absolutely must buy a dog instead of adopting from breed-specific rescue, please do as much research as possible. You should never buy from a pet store or a puppy shop. Find a reputable breeder. Demand to see the puppy’s parents. If they won’t show you the parents, where they live, the vet records etc, then they are NOT reputable in the least.
          I really do encourage you to check out breed-specific rescue. It’ll be a LOT cheaper than paying $3K for a dog, and you’re saving a life too. Win-win!

        • No, breeders are not the same as puppy mills. I would encourage you to do some in-depth research into dachshund breeders. A good place to start is the AKC database and then to have a series phone calls/emails with the breeders. I would also suggest asking for referrals. A reputable breeder will intensely vet potential buyers, usually through a long questionnaire in addition to many emails/calls, since they are just as interested in finding the perfect home for their dogs as you are in finding the perfect dog. Good breeders usually have very few puppies available, if any, at a time and take care to not overbreed their dogs. They will also offer a health guarantee, provide you with lineage papers to track the dog’s parents, and will generally have you commit to spay/neuter the dog. It’s a process for sure but it is (usually) worth it.

          • Did you just recommend the AKC as a source for reputable information about dogs?? The AKC is responsible for the worst breeding offenses ever perpetrated on dogs. Horrible genetic defects that never should have happened, all in the name of “breed standard”. Countless non-breed-standard dogs killed, or unscrupulously sold.

          • It’s a good place to start to find names of breeders by state. You can then branch our to different forums. I have only ever found breeders through word of mouth then further research but I know people have used the site as a starting place. What would you recommend? I apologize for the poor referral.

          • Further thought after the above comment, a good place to start may be breed-specific meet up group websites. You can then get direct referrals and meet some of the dogs that came from the particular breeders.

          • This is all very helpful (and I think a lot of us are learning good things here, so thanks for adding to the discussion!).

        • My understanding is that stores like PetSmart and Petco specifically do NOT sell dogs/cats, and that the only dogs/cats you see there are ones from rescue groups.

          • This has changed since the last time I thought about this. As you can see, that was a really, really long time ago. Learning lots of new stuff today thanks to the PoP folks.

    • I also love the dapple coat look. But, I think part of the rarity, and thusly cost, is that “double dapple” dachshunds have a very high chance of being blind on or deaf. I would recommend doing some more research about their breeding and see how you feel about it. I honestly don’t know much about it, but I get the sense that breeding for it is seen as risky for the dogs.

      • Dapple coat is not the same as “double dapple.” Two dapple-coated dogs bred together produce a “double dapple”-coated dog and I wouldn’t buy one of those for the exact reasons you mentioned.

        And since yesterday I’ve been doing little other than reading about this! 🙂

        • I guess more in the sense of, if I want a dapple and to get one breeders have to cross a dominant whatever with a recessive dapple, is it possible that some of these puppies that I don’t want but are born in this litter would end up double dapple since the dominant color dog would be Xx rather than XX?
          That is my totally fictionalized genetic hypothetical. I don’t know how they are bred for or how the dapple coloring is inherited. It’s just something that bothers me in a similar situation- Doodles. Not all XXXXXXdoodle puppies with have poodle fur, so what happens to them?

          • This is how I think about it, but of course YMMV.

          • It’s a really good question! If I decide to go through with this craziness, I will definitely ask breeders some tough questions! But FWIW, the people who breed these dogs seem to be really passionate people who adore the pups like family members (and then some). Check out edwardsextraordinarydachshunds [dot] com to see what I mean.

          • I was looking at that particular breeder’s website, but I’m skeptical… they do sound enthusiastic about their dogs, but it also sounds like they ship them cross-country without having met the buyers.
            They also have really appalling spelling and punctuation, but that’s another matter. 😉
            The website says that they “adhere to AKC standards,” but the AKC isn’t exactly a very discerning organization. It opposes legislation aimed at puppy mills, and it has also opposed any movement to require smaller-scale breeders (sometimes known as “backyard breeders”) to become licensed under the Animal Welfare Act.
            You can look on the USDA’s website to see whether a breeder is properly licensed and is in compliance… but the standards for compliance are pretty minimal.

        • This weekend essentially began what is sure to be a prolonged and overdetermined period of doing research on this, followed by even more intense period of agony over making every part of this decision carefully. At least the puppy snuggling itself was really enjoyable!

    • Do not buy a puppy from a shop. If you are set on getting a purebred dog, either get one from a reputable breeder or (better yet) a rescue specializing in that particular breed.

      • 100% agree. See above.

      • “or (better yet) a rescue specializing in that particular breed”
        This, this, this, THIS. There are rescues for every type of breed up and down the East Coast. No reason to line the pockets of a pet store owner at an absurdly inflated price. Especially in the West Village, ick.

        • I just realized I didn’t make this clear enough. There’s no way in the world I would buy from that store. But I still want that (kind of) dog!

          • How about checking out WARL and other shelters, or looking on Petfinder.com to see if there is a dog you might be interested in. Not trying to talk you out of a particular breed, but a dachshund mix might be adorable too.
            PS – where’s ERNIE?

      • I realize this will be super controversial here, but I feel very strongly about getting a puppy. If I didn’t, I would go straight to a rescue. I will keep looking on the various rescue sites, as I already have, but am not holding out hope that I’ll find a dapple dachshund puppy there.

        • bluemagnolia

          Yes- where is Ernie?!

        • If I do get this little guy, you had better believe I’m going to be posting his stupidly cute face all over this site at every possible opportunity.

        • I’m just curious as to why you’re committed to getting a puppy? No judgment or snark implied, I’m sincerely interested.

          • Let’s just say that having an 8-pound, snuggly creature is something I could really use right now.

          • I understand, but puppies are seriously a crap load of work. It’s like having a baby (because they are babies). If you’re not that well-versed in owning a dog, you should definitely look into exactly how much time, effort and money goes into puppy care. I’m not saying no one should get a puppy, just that if you’re going to, you should fully understand how much work it really is.

          • +1 to Anonymous 6:30 pm. Unless you work from home multiple days a week or are willing to send your dog to doggie daycare, you probably aren’t in a good position to adopt a puppy. Housetraining isn’t hard per se — crate-training a puppy means that it _wants_ to do its business outside — but it does mean that you have to take the puppy out every few hours. And training a puppy to sit, stay, come, walk properly on a leash, not jump up on people when they come in the door, etc. is hard work.
            Puppies are adorable, but you might want to consider an adult dog. Or an 8-pound snuggly cat.

          • This part I’ve considered very well. But thanks.

        • I would also comment that many rescues do have puppies available. They may not be the exact color you want, but I think the dog’s personality and health is much more important than the color of its coat.

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