Gap coming to space next to former Crumbs space at 11th and F St, NW in September

606 11th Street at the corner of F Street, NW

Thanks to a couple of readers for sending word and photos:

“They are now advertising that a Gap is going into the retail space that’s next door to the former Crumbs (11 Street between F & G).”


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  • valentina

    This is right around the corner from my job. I wish they could have come up with a place to grab some lunch.

    • Yeah, I’m on the block, and it sucks in this part of town for lunch.

      • Are you serious? You are pretty much in Metro Center and a few blocks from Chinatown. There are fast places, nice sit down places, food trucks; what more could you possibly want?

  • And Walgreens is coming around the corner, at 12th and F in the former Guess space.

  • It always surprised me that there wasn’t a Gap downtown.

    • There was a Gap on Connecticut Ave near M St

      • It’s still there.

        • The Gap on Connecticut was further up the street, roughly directly across the street from where Shake Shack is.

          • It’s further south and on the same side of street as Shake Shack.

          • To clarify. Back in the ’80s, Gap was in one of the older buildings at the intersection of 18th and Connecticut. I think the building now houses a carpet store. The store was huge, and the old school Gap logo dominated the facade.

    • downtowns not really been a shopping destination until relatively recently.

      • Except for when it was a shopping destinaion – at least the area around metro center with Woodies and Hechts (and I believe one of them was a Garfinkles in an earlier life. And while the area around Farragut North/Dupont Circle may not have been a destination, there are lots of office building and thus lots of foot traffic.

        • ^destination. And wish we could edit our posts!

        • At one point there was a Woodies with two buildings, a Hecht’s, and the original Garfinkel’s store , plus blocks of smaller stores. I STILL miss Garfinkel’s and Woodie’s — especially their service department.

          • Woodies, Hecht’s (now the Macy’s Metro Center), and Garfinkles anchored the downtown shopping scene until the mid-90s. For about ten years after Woodies closed, Hecht’s, Lerners and a couple other random chain clothing stores were it. Since then, the downtown retail scene has experienced phenomenal growth.

          • I’d love it if we could get a Nordstrom’s downtown — like the flagship Seattle store.

  • This is exactly why we should save Museum Square. There are stupid signs all over the city demanding we save antique industrial sites and expensive to maintain roads. The loss of Museum Square is more “Time Squaring” of Chinatown. It will be scrubbed clean until it’s a shopping mall, save the flavor!

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