Cove coworking space opening in Columbia Heights in early Sept.

14th and Meridian Place, NW


“Meet cove, a network of neighborhood productive spaces with a community defining how to be productive together. Ditch the busy coffee shop, boring cubicle, and lonely living room. Come join the cove community and get things done!”

is coming to Columbia Heights. @coveDC tweets us:

“It’s at 1402 Meridian Pl, NW (right above where The Getaway was). Opening early Sept.”

This is the former Dunes Gallery.

Currently Cove has locations in Dupont, Logan and Capitol Hill.

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  • maybe Cove could act like a 21st Century company and reduce the number of postcards it distributes in Cap Hill which are mass littered for a several block radius around it’s Cap Hill location?

    Cove offers private ‘3rd Space’ but the cards comprise a neighborhood public trash heap

  • This actually sounds like a good use for that space.

    However, I’ll miss the Dunes. I really it.

  • Has anyone been to a Cove? Have they liked it? Are you able to get more done there than if you were to just pop into a relatively uncrowded coffee shop?

    • Yes, my partner and I love Cove. Coffee shops frequently have spotty wi-fi and you always feel unsure on whether you are encroaching or ordering enough to justify the length of your stay. We pack a lunch (not an option at a coffee shop) and sip on their complimentary tea and drink when we get there and are able to get efficiently get work done.

  • I guess…. Why not turn it into an actual coffee shoppe/bakery so that it benefits a greater population of the neighborhood.

    • You think cove should change their business model so you and the “greater population” can get a bagel?

    • Probably because there’s a coffeshop/bakery literally next door?

    • Man, I don’t often see someone so entirely miss a point like Anon here did.

      Cove’s model is providing a shared space that is solely for working without the pretense of acting like a customer of a coffeeshop or bakery just to get Wifi. This way, other small businesses in the area can refer long-term Wifi-squatters to Cove and that way hopefully increase their own turnover. For instance, Cove in Dupont is on the same block as Dolcezza and around the corner from Filter. Cove on 14th is two blocks away from Peregrine and three away from Wydown, and Cove Capitol Hill is a block away from Peregrine at Eastern Market. Starting to see how this works?

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