The Dunes, Art Gallery/Exhibition Space Coming to 14th and Meridian Pl, NW Above The Getaway (formerly Social)

by Prince Of Petworth May 25, 2011 at 10:30 pm 41 Comments

According to a recent liquor license application The Dunes will occupy the 3rd floor of 1400 Meridian Pl, NW and:

The Dunes Fund, LLC is a creative marketing firm, business incubator, and gallery exhibition space that operate much like a think tank for businesses, non-profits and individuals dedicated to promoting the D.C. art community. Each event is an intimate affair, tailored to the specific needs of the client. Events often include, but do not always include the combination of DJ or live music, mixology and food. Food is mostly catered, and my musical accompaniment/entertainment offered is an integral part of the creative product the client is exhibiting.

More info on both The Dunes and an opening date for The Getaway soon.

  • coward

    from the description I would be extremely excited about this. but having gone to several events put on by this crowd, I’ll be staying away from this.

    • Agreed


      “creative marketing firm, business incubator, and gallery exhibition space”

      But for who? I do not see evidence to go along with this claim.

  • artisticallyNOTcreative

    seriously? How about a day care center, it may still have the kitchen. Let the kids work on the menu. So this building is becoming The Doomed? (I meant the Dunes)
    Final question: How many Art Galleries can you fit in DC?
    God knows I love Art, but seriously.

    • LisaT

      Agreed. My first reaction when I read this was *yawn*.

    • Mr. Poon

      I couldn’t have written a more succinct example of philistinism if I tried. The last sentence really makes the whole comment.

      Art is good. Hurrah.

    • Confused

      Daycare center across from a notorious crack house seems a bad idea. No idea what the natural limit is for art galleries, I guess the market will decide?

  • Sunsquashed

    Well, this is a bit misleading. The DJ/ live music events will not take place in this space (according to the owner I talked with). Given that my home office and bedroom share a wall with this space, I will not be happy if the owner acts differently!

    • anonymous


      ^ this is tonight in that space and there is a DJ spinning.


      • Sunsquashed

        Yep, owner just came by and told me there is a DJ tonight….
        Hopefully it will not be too loud!

  • MichelleRD

    There’s residential space in this building? Who knew? But I’m curious about what this group has done before and why they’re so poorly received.

    Coward, can you expound?

    • Sunsquashed

      No, no residential space in the building, but next door. We share a (well soundproofed) wall, which will be fine as long as they don’t host DJ’s and live music.
      The owner I talked to seemed like a nice guy. Hopefully this will be a good addition to the hood…

    • coward

      they’ll book upcoming local musicians/djs who will play any gig (so, of varying talent), hype it nonstop and charge you $10 at the door and $4 for a PBR straight from the 30 rack. I find the hype itself is obnoxious and draws a weird crowd of people trying to make sure they’re at the place to be that night, as opposed to people who just want to hear some music.

      I go to a lot of local shows and love supporting the artists even if I’m not that much into them, but I’d much, much rather see these exact same bands play in a house/basement/back yard, bring my own PBR and throw $10 into the jar, knowing that it’s actually supporting the artists. Not some LLC.

      • Confused

        I’ve found some of the bands really good and some not good at all and I don’t like PBR. Can’t complain about $10 for a small concert but when I’m broke I don’t go out. Curious to see what the venue looks like though.

        • coward

          yeah they do have some great performers. and some not great ones, but that’s not my problem. their events are pretentiously promoted, overpriced for what they are, and that money is going to a for-profit organization, not artists.

          it’s basically a wannabe BYT. without the free vitiminwater.

          • Confused

            Whoa. How do you know they’re making money. I’ve always thought all those “collaboratives” were hobbyists who lose money but just want to be associated with “cool” DC

          • coward

            um, it’s set up as an llc. it’s not a nonprofit arts cooperative or anything like that.

          • confused

            Um, not all LLC’s make money Coward. Many are formed just because they are really easy and cheap to form (unlike 401c3s) and offer limited liability. Is that your only basis for believing they are making profits and keeping them for themselves? I thought you actually had some factual info to share. I googled The Dunes and saw a variety of crap – DJ nights, fundraisers, concerts, fashion trunk shows, etc … Not sure what to make of what or who they are. They seem unfocused.

  • The Real Jason

    Sunsquashed. You wanted the city. You get the city. In spades. Don’t stifle the voice of the youth.

    • Sunsquashed

      Youth? The guy running this gallery is a lot older than me.

      • Bitter Elitist

        and a lot richer too!

        I’m guessing that comment was sarcasm…right?

  • Anonymous

    I thought this was supposed to become some Steve McQueen-themed bar? No? Didn’t I read that here?

    But good luck to this place … ANYTHING is better than the dilapidated building with the Christian bookstore that they razed to build this. Even this new building, just sitting vacant.

    • LisaT

      You are correct! That’s the Getaway, which will be the first two floors. This art space thing will be on the third floor.

      • Anonymous

        Ahhh … good point. I’ll read more carefully next time. That makes way more sense to me as a business model. Now my wishes of “good luck” (with an implied “you’ll need it”) don’t feel nearly so empty.

    • Anonymous

      BTW, I have to chuckle at the picture with this post, given the tenants’ history with the building: a big “DO NOT ENTER” sign, right in the foreground, with the entire building perfectly framed in the shot.

      Here’s hoping that the Dunes people recognize that their marketing materials would be well-served to shoot from a different angle or haul out the Photoshop.

      • Anonymous

        That is funny.

        When I see this building, what I see is 3 floors of coffee/bar/cookies/cake/pastery/books/magazines type of place with lots of seating by the windows.

      • Confused

        I assumed that photo was taken by POP. Not the business.

        • Anonymous

          I assume so, too. I still find the picture funny for the stated reason.

          • confused

            But to call out their marketing peeps is silly if you know they did post or take the picture. You seem to have an emotional stake in this. The pic is funny though.

  • Anonymous

    Supposedly the Getaway is opening this Friday, May 27th. This is what is on their facebook page. Is this still happening?

    • petco7

      The owner of the Getaway I spoke to said they would be opening very softly this weekend, and will have a more official grand opening next week. The Dunes space is not owned by the Getaway people…

  • Anonymous

    Is this “very soft” opening this weekend for all to attend or just those invited?

  • coward

    upcoming=up-and-coming, dur…

    • Anonymous

      by that, do you mean bands that still stab people?

  • Andy(2)

    My prediction is that it’ll turn into something like that yoga studio/night club in Adams Morgan. Not so much a gallery as a venue for private events.

    • Anonymous

      seems the best way for places to stay in the black these days.

  • TG

    I live about 200 yards from here. I so wish this part of 14th street could somehow be more like 11th street. Not that I don’t like to shop at chickass and peggy’s north of the border but can’t somebody make this strip a little cooler.

    • Indeed

      Well said.

      Case in point: The long standing Horses Ass Award of the funeral home.

      The city should condemn that place.

      As for the restaurant, who wants do dine while looking out at a dilapidated funeral home. Very morbid.

      Perhaps they could adopt the empty building (or a group of artists) and paint funky things in each of the boarded up windows… Anything but what it currently is…

  • Confused

    I assumed that pic was taken by POP not the business

  • “Well, this is a bit misleading. The DJ/ live music events will not take place in this space (according to the owner I talked with). Given that my home office and bedroom share a wall with this space, I will not be happy if the owner acts differently!”

    whine whine whine

    why dont’ you move back to bethesda. how about rockville?

    • Sunsquashed

      Um, I moved here from Brooklyn. Why the burbs assumption?

  • Anonymous

    Geez, why all the hate on Sunsquashed? He’s just sayin’ that he lives next door…

    I live a few doors down on Meridian and I’m excited that this will be here. I’m by no means into art and probably won’t be going up to The Dunes much, but I’m happy to see that building occupied and clean. It will also be nice to have pedestrians around that aren’t kids hanging on the corner.


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