Adult female sexually assaulted in the 3900 block of Georgia Ave Sunday around 8pm – Suspect Description


From MPD:

“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying and locating a suspect in connection with a First Degree Sexual Abuse offense that occurred in the 3900 block of Georgia Avenue, Northwest.

On Sunday, August 17, 2014, between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm, an adult female was sexually assaulted in the 3900 block of Georgia Avenue, Northwest.

The suspect is described as a black male, approximately 5’6 to 5’7 in height, light complexion, beard, black hair, last seen wearing a black t-shirt with writing on the front and blue jeans. (The shirt may have been a baseball style t-shirt with burgundy long sleeves and white writing on the front).

Anyone who has information regarding this case should call police at 202-727-9099. Additionally, information may be submitted to the TEXT TIP LINE by text messaging 50411.”

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  • Ugh. That’s the block just north of the Safeway!

  • That’s right next to the new Safeway which was probably busy at that hour and it wasn’t that late at night. Awful. Best wishes to the poor woman assaulted.

  • This is horrible. I’m guessing this had to have happened inside a building? Georgia Ave gets plenty of foot traffic there – strange that nobody heard anything from the street.

    • Thinking the same thing. I was walking back from the metro a little after 8 on Sunday and there were plenty of people still out.

      • Washington Post article indicates it did happen inside of a building; no other details not covered here.

  • When they say “sexually assaulted” does that mean “rape” or does that mean “some grabbed my breast”? They are both terrible, offensive and inappropriate, but one is a lot scarier (to me, at least) than the other. Are they lumped into the same category?

  • There needs to be a larger, more active police presence. Bottom line. Viability is a deterrent. You can’t sit in your call all day long waiting to respond to a 911 call (if you aren’t put on hold!) and expect to deter crime. MPD needs an overhaul.

    • I am a relative new-comer to DC, and i have never seen such a police presence as exists in DC (not even counting all the other “police” forces – parks, Howard University, secret service, etc). I was recently in Slovenia and Croatia, and police were almost totally absent. More police on the street are going to deter this kind of crime? Is there a point when there are too many police in the community? Are there other ways to improve society without the strict dependence on police to stop every crime?

  • There is a decent and responsive police presence in Petworth. I actually call them regularly about my drug dealing neighbors, and they always show up right away. The dealers usually slow down for about a week or so after a bust, but then activity starts up again. The point is, call the police early and often. It’s hard to blame the cops for not being there when a random rape occurred indoors. The bottom line is to look out for your neighbors and yourself, and never hesitate to call the police if you see something even slightly out of sorts. Let’s help protect each other, and use the police as a tool to do that.

    • They always show up for a few minutes to give you neighbors a break form dealing drugs? That;s excellent service! I tell you what!

  • At least they got a good picture of the f’er–not that that’s much consolation to the poor woman.

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