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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Friday. Going to the fair tomorrow. Photography.
    Rave: There’s a certain feeling of freedom and liberty now that I”m done with a lot of extra on the side work I had.
    Rant: War. Never ending.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m with you on that rant.

    • pablo .raw

      Also, there’s a camera that I really want, and prices are starting to go down. I’m in the camera porn stage. I have to breath deeply and know that the price will go even lower.

      • I have seen your work on popville and dcist for years but today is the first time I have looked at your flckr. You already have an XT1 and an X100s, what camera could you possibly want? If I had to guess, perhaps a Nikon D800? I read too much about cameras that I don’t really need when I think about it but I still pretty much want them all.

        • pablo .raw

          I actually sold the x100s (sniff), and love the X-T1. But originally I’m a Pentax user, and their latest camera the K-3 its starting to get lower prices now. I have tons of pentax lenses so it would be difficult for me to move to Nikon or Canon and honestly, I’m happy with Pentax.

          • It is the x100s that I want more than anything. Don’t need it, want it. Glad to see that there are other folks out there that aren’t beholden to canikon. Keep on with your Pentax. I am looking to possibly jump from m43.

          • Pentaxes RULE!

          • pablo .raw

            I totally understand, I’m at the point where that line between “want” and “need” it’s completely blurred.

          • So you recommend the X-T1? I’m really considering getting rid of my DSLR (hate traveling with them) and changing to a mirror less system. The X-T1 looks great but so does the Sony A7 (full frame). Just entering the research stage…

          • pablo .raw

            I considered the Sony A7 exactly because of the full frame. But having used the X-T1 for a while now, I’m really happy I went this way. The image quality it’s amazing, and I specially love taking portraits with my 35mm. If you want a top photographer’s idea about the X-T1, here’s what Zack Arias thinks about it (review), he got rid of his DSLRs http://dedpxl.com/fuji-x-t1-review-yep-its-a-fuji/ he claims he is not paid by Fuji

  • That picture…oof. After reading the comments a couple of days ago, I was heartened to learn that I was not the only one with thought…this is a terrible idea (for reasons I rather not type before breakfast).

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: my MEAN mother texting pix of her fried bell pepper rings from Frankie and Johnny’s.
    Super Rave: My cousin has a kidney donor! Transplant will probably be in September.

  • Rave: Gorgeous weather, perfect for a skate!
    Question: Has anybody rollerbladed on the sidewalk of Rock Creek Parkway? Is it hilly? It’s hard to tell when you’ve only driven on it. I was thinking I’d carry my skates to the bottom of the hill at Calvert then skate to just before the memorial bridge. I’m not asking to die doing this, am I?
    Rant: Driving up that hill in a car with a manual transmission when you’re new to driving stick is scary!
    Rave: Despite this, I don’t think I’d ever go back to automatic ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rave: Landlord is coming in to fix the toilet today (the roommate mentioned it to him when they were discussing other things)
    Rant: This is good because I seem to be the only one who has been flushing it lately :\
    Rant: I guess it’s time to more seriously look at housing for next month. I haaaate playing the Craigslist group housing game.
    Rave: At least I can afford better housing than I could the last time I was looking

    • Emmaleigh504

      Stick shifts are awesome! I had 1 for a month before it got stolen ๐Ÿ™

      • That sucks! I thought a stick shift was supposed to partly serve as an anti-theft device….making carjackings more difficult and whatnot.

      • I think you had the only car thief that drives stick!

        • Emmaleigh504

          Car thieves in New Orleans are craftier than car thieves in DC ๐Ÿ˜‰
          It was a Honda Accord which are very desirable, but they didn’t even want it for parts or resale, just a joy ride. What a waste.

          • Eep, I drive a Honda Accord (it’s a 2000, so maybe less desirable? I don’t know) but just getting to Rock Creek Parkway (the only place to ride with joy) can be a pain in the butt if it’s during the wrong time.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Mine was 7-8 years old when it was stolen It was probably just a fluke, b/c the ancient pick-up truck I had before the Accord was never stolen even though I never locked the doors.

          • Accords, Civics, and Camrys were very desirable because of their popularity. The thief can easily strip the car and sell off the parts at a chop shop. In addition, there were master keys that could be made up for the older accords and civics, so there were usually 1 or 2 of those stolen a day where I worked.

        • My good friend was violently carjacked in his driveway in Petworth three years ago (he spent 8 days in the hospital recovering, was in a coma for a few of those days).
          The thieves tried to steal his BMW but had no idea how to drive stick shift. After beating him up, they tried to drive away but kept stalling and grinding up the transmission. They only made it half way down Kennedy Street before they abandoned his car. In addition to massive medical bills, they also destroyed the transmission which needed to be replaced. Such a messed up story ๐Ÿ™

      • I love driving a stick shift! I consider it an effective anti-theft device here in DC. Although, a would-be thief could still do significant damage trying to drive it away.

        • I bought it because I had a really low car-budget and figured I’d have more options if I were willing to learn how to drive stick. So I had my friend test-drive the car for me, I bought it, and then she taught me how to drive it. This got me the nicest sub-$3000 car I could get

        • It’s the best anti-theft device! Kids these days don’t know how to drive a stick – besides the fun factor, it was one of the reasons I bought my mini!
          Did I just say ‘kids these days’. I can’t even handle myself right now!

      • I’ve always wanted to learn how to drive a stick, but never had access to one or known anyone to teach me. ๐Ÿ™

        • I don’t think I would have learned either if I hadn’t bought a manual car. I think there may be some driving instructors that will teach you on their own car though.

        • I can teach you. It has to be a cool day, though. My old pick up truck doesn’t have air conditioning.

    • Becks

      The weather is lovely! I walked to the metro and to work this morning! I think it was actually cooler outside than in my house this morning!

    • pablo .raw

      Do you like Roller Derby? since you like to skate

      • I’ve never done it before. My love is ice hockey, but lately I’ve been too broke to afford to play in a league and I’m not even good at it. Second is in-line skating. I’m not sure I even know how to use quad-skates.

        • Accountering

          Go Caps! I am already getting excited for October… We are going to have a solid hockey team this year. Will be nice to play a team like Boston and not have an impending feeling of doom all day leading up to the game!

          • Becks

            I would love to go to some games this year. I didn’t go last year. Full disclosure: I am a Bruins fan. The Caps come in third after the Kings. But I do like to support my “local” team. Is there a group that you go with? If so, May I join you?

          • I’m excited for the Winter Classic!

          • Yeah, it will be nice. But is it bad that I kind of miss the days when they sucked and I could actually afford to go to games regularly?

          • Accountering

            Becks – that sounds like fun! I go with a group of around 10 late 20’s, early 30’s guys, all like to have a good time, and all big caps fans. I would happily let you join! Lets stay in touch as the season gets closer.
            Regarding the bruins, that’s okay I suppose. I wouldn’t go to a Bruins game with you, but yeah ๐Ÿ™‚ Bruins are pretty far down my list of hated teams, which are, in order, Flyers, Rangers, Penguins, Bruins, Lightning (still better that they knocked us out of the playoffs twice earlier in the 2000s), Detroit, Islanders, New Jersey, Montreal, Hurricanes. Basically, if you are a hockey team north of DC, I don’t like your team, with the exception of Buffalo, and Toronto, for which I just show passive disinterest.
            I am a pretty big Kings fan as well. The Kings have done very very well by me ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I too miss the days when I could afford to games all the time but it is also great to have a strong D.C. team.

          • *afford to go to… arg.

        • pablo .raw

          as a skater you may enjoy watching the DC Roller Derby games also; we have a very good league in Dc ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Check out the hockey games outside the White House. Usually Saturday mornings and Wednesday nights. Not very competitive, and all skill levels are welcome.

    • Do you mean the paved Rock Creek trail?

      • I think so? The sidewalk that runs between Rock Creek Parkway and the river. I see runners and bikers on it all the time, but those modes of transportation are both more forgiving with hills than in-line skates…

        • I haven’t roller bladed in forever, but I used to bike on that strip of RCP all the time last year. I think you would be ok for the most part. But here are some things to keep in mind: there are two foot bridges that arc that have some warped wooden slats (there’s also a bridge that’s flat, but that shouldn’t be an issue). Also, it tends to get kind of muddy/sandy at one point when you are going under a bridge – I believe it’s Mass Ave There are a few blind curves where you can’t see what’s coming at you around the corner. And, even though it’s mostly paved, there are areas where tree roots create fun little speed bumps on the trail. Once you cross Virginia Ave. the path is pretty well paved, except for the part in front of the Kennedy center which is brick. I’m not sure how you would do with that. It was pretty bumpy on a bike.
          So, if you can, you should try to do a test run first, where you bring shoes and have a bail-out plan if necessary. That was always my approach when trying a new route back in my rollerblading days. And, FWIW… I used to roller blade several miles at a time in an urban center for a few summers…. to give you an idea of where I’m coming from.
          Good luck… and let us know if you ended up doing it and how it went!

          • Hmm. Maybe I should just stick with the Capital Crescent Trail. It has that scary bridge over River Road, but I know I can handle it. It’s just that RCP is so close to my house!

          • Exactly. I bike it – as long as you aren’t flying, you should be fine. Maybe bring a backpack with shoes in it?

        • Yeah, that’s the RCP trail. I think it should be fine for roller blades, no major hills. But when you get to the bottom of the Calvert hill, there’s actually one more small steep hill (as you’re leaving the little recreation area there) so you may want to walk down that too.
          Unless I’m forgetting something the trail between there and Memorial Bridge is pretty flat, although it’s a slight downhill the whole way, so keep in mind it’s a slight uphill on the way back. The surface is pretty good but there are probably a couple place where you need to watch out. Also if the trail is busy you might get frustrated having to navigate in and amongst the walkers, runners, and bikers, but that’s true for everyone.

        • That part of the paved/bike trail is pretty crowded, and with a long stretch so close to the parkway it doesn’t seem very enjoyable. You might do better on the Capital Crescent Trail which you can pick up in Georgetown. Also, do you know about the closed parts of Beach Drive on weekends? Absolutely the best place to skate – for like 8 miles!

          • I’ve heard that parts are closed, but haven’t tried skating there. Is it too crowded there though?

            I don’t think I’m gonna make it out today; I have to be somewhere in 3 hours and that doesn’t seem like enough time. But maybe I’ll go on Beach Drive tomorrow!

          • No, the closed parts on the weekend are not too crowded. In any event, don’t take our word for it, you really should go out and explore the RCP trail. I promise it will be worth your while!

    • i always walk my bike to rock creek — those hills to get in scare me! calvert or off harvard/adams mill are way too steep and i try to stay off the streets with my bike. so i agree with the walking the skates down part ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Yeah….I’d have to be a much better skater than I am to attempt the hill by Calvert. I broke my arm once rollerblading, I’m not about to do that again.

        • Just seeing this. I skated the capital crescent trail to Bethesda and back today and it was nice (and I saw two other skaters on the trail, which is rare these days). I’m not sure I”d attempt the trail in rock creek. I haven’t done it for years, but remember it was not in great shape due to tree roots and it’s relatively narrow. You can try the closed part of beach drive on the weekends, but the condition there isn’t so great either. My favorite is the capital crescent, but others that aren’t bad are the Mt. Vernon, Custis and W&OD trails.

  • justinbc

    Reader poll: For the August HH @ DC Reynolds would you prefer the 20th or 27th?
    Rave: Freshly new painted bike paths on F St NE between Union Station and 9th St NE.
    Rant: They didn’t repave the roads, so now instead of being able to comfortably veer around the disastrous conditions bikers are encouraged to be trapped in the shittiest part of the street. That road is in a serious state of disrepair.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Poison Ivy going away! I should have gone to the doctor sooner. That was dumb.
    Rave2: Leaving work early to go to NYC this weekend with an awesome woman.
    Rave3: Had a lot of fun with Mintwood last night making fajitas. Even though we didn’t eat until 10:30pm. Perhaps next time he will go easy on the spicy seasonings. Watching him and the other roommate literally sweating as they were eating was certainly the highlight of my night haha!

  • Question for textdoc or anyone else with a Karlstad sofa from Ikea: I love my current sofa, the Chloe from Macy’s, but I desperately want a sectional and I’m thinking about a karlstad, but when I went to check it out I thought the seat cushions were pretty hard. Do they soften up? Do you like how yours feels and is holding up? I found what I want on CL for cheap, so I’m thinking about pulling the trigger. Also, I totally want to turn it into this, but with the chaise: http://honeybadgerhome.com/2012/07/05/ikea-sofa-hack-or-how-we-saved-1000/
    Rave: Friday off!
    Rave: gonna go order some doors.

    • justinbc

      LOL love the “break” photo.

    • The couple from YoungHouseLove are a huge fan of the Karlstad. Here’s one of the links: http://www.younghouselove.com/2013/06/honey-i-shrunk-the-sofa/

    • If you are restricted on price, I think the Karlstad is good for what it is. It never gets dreamy comfortably, but it is find. I am having from trouble where one of the arms seems to be a bit wobbly now. If I could go back in time I might have spent the extra money to get a different sofa.

    • Jeslett, I think the Karlstad is pretty comfortable — as I was saying yesterday, I got mine off Freecycle as a stopgap but ended up liking it enough to keep it as my living-room sofa. The seat cushions feel “just right” to me, but since mine was used, I don’t know whether they require a breaking-in period.
      My only critique — but this is probably a matter of where my TV is in relation to the sofa — is that I can’t seem to lie down and watch TV without getting a crick in my neck.

    • And I think getting a used one from Craigslist for cheap is a great idea (as long as the sellers can assure you it doesn’t have any bedbug issues). Even if the current slipcover is beaten up or dingy, you can effectively gain a whole new sofa just by buying a replacement slipcover. (I just wish they would make one for the Karlstad in a plain navy blue!)
      The Karlstad sofa I got from Freecycle had a cat-scratched slipcover (and some very minor damage to the upholstery on one arm). With a new slipcover, it basically looked like new.
      I also scored a Karlstad chair from Craigslist for $15. It was REALLY badly cat-scratched — so much so that I had to use pillow filling to compensate for the missing foam areas — but with some pillow filling and a new slipcover, it too looked like new.
      There are also non-IKEA places that make slipcovers to fit various IKEA sofas, but those slipcovers are so expensive in comparison to IKEA’s that I didn’t consider them. (I’m pretty frugal.)
      In addition, there are also places that make replacement legs for the Karlstad — like, turned and tapered ones that heighten the midcentury modern look.

    • I don’t have that particular sofa, but I do have a leather sectional that I bought from overstock.com. It is beautiful, but comfortable it is not. It is a similar modern style with flat seat cushions and square arms. It is not at all cushy, is very hard and I can never find a comfortable way to lie down when watching TV. Three years later I can’t stand it anymore so we are investing in a way more comfy (albeit somewhat less stylish) sectional.

    • I also have Karlstad pieces that I bought used and got new slipcovers for at IKEA. I find it quite comfortable and good for naps. I went for this series over Macy’s options because of the removable, washable covers. Going to replace the legs to. I like the tufting but it defeats the purpose of removable covers.

  • Rant/Rave: Public speaking event tonight in front of an audience of 1000+. I’m a confident public speaker, but this is my largest event to date and am feeling a little jittery.
    Rave: INCREDIBLE tailoring appointment yesterday with Chase Asar of Baltimore. As a queer/masculine woman, getting clothes tailored usually falls somewhere on the spectrum between awkward and humiliating. Chase and Chase’s partner were super friendly, warm, and competent. Can’t wait to get my first suit back!
    Question: Any PoPvillers in instructional design? I have a pretty strong background in teaching/curriculum design, and I’m pretty technologically savy–I’m my organization’s LMS administrator and build course infrastructure, and translate existing curriculum for web/digital delivery. However, I know I need to get more familiar with real authoring software (maybe Adobe products?) but I have no idea where to start. Anyone have any advice on products/courses I should look at?

  • Rant: Express is reporting that the opening of the Silver Line will cause a “Parking Pandemic”

  • Becks

    Rave: It’s Friday!
    Rant: I am so tired. I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep.
    Rave: My Dahlias died and I planted the seeds from the dead flowers on a whim. They sprouted!! Go figure?
    Rave: Sundays double feature of the Hong Kong Film Festival! I have been looking forward to this all week! I am planning to go to the 1pm: Mr.Vampire, then the 3:30 pm: Rigor Mortis, then treat myself to a yummy dinner in Chinatown or there abouts!
    Rave: Last week I complained about some of the problems I have at work. Oddly enough, I had said that new information isn’t passed to me. I had suggested to my boss that new information be passed through my boss to disseminate so everyone would get it. Well, at yesterdays staff meeting it was decided that all info be disseminated this way. THANK YOU PoPvillians!~ I don’t know what you said or to whom, but it worked!

  • Rant: Pruning gone wrong. I accidentally cut the wrong vine off of my squash plant and instead of cutting the nearly dead one, I cut the only one that had any squash on it. I still have one other that has some flowers, so maybe there is hope?

    Rant: Going up my stairs I thought I saw blood, but I looked and it was little pieces of tomato death. @#$#@ squirrels got my only ripe tomato and ripped the stem that was holding my two green tomatoes off so now they won’t ripen.

    I probably should just pull it all out now and prepare the soil to kill some veggies in the fall.

    • Becks

      Your comment, “prepare the soil to kill some veggies in the fall.” made me chuckle. I am starting to feel the same way about my little garden/ pots of soil with dead things.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I keep killing everything but the native plants. I think Mother Nature is trying to tell me something, but I’m not listening! lalalalalalala!

        • I killed a butterfly bush. I seriously didn’t think that was possible.

          • I’ve tried to cut down a butterfly bush but it keeps coming back – It just won’t go away. I’m betting you’ll see new growth emerge.
            Butterfly bushes attract lots of butterflies but the bush provides no food for the larvae and is considered an invasive plant. Just fyi

  • Rave: RiverSmart program, especially if you live in Bloomingdale. Also – finally going to make it to the Angelika pop-up tonight!
    Question: Need a good place to cater for a bachelorette/shower thing. Looking for something DC-centric. Ideas?

  • Rave: I know I’m late to the game but the new boy got me to finally start watching Breaking Bad. So good!
    Rant: I’m binge watching Breaking Bad and not getting enough sleep… I need a nap.

    • Nothing wrong with being late to the game. I still have never watched Battlestar Galactica, True Detective or Game of Thrones. And my gf is still working on season 3 of The Wire.

    • Becks

      I was late getting into Firefly and now understand why there was such an uproar over it not getting a second season. Loved that show!

      • I LOVE Firefly! Have you watched the movie? I’m just now getting around to reading the graphic novels that are supposed to explain what happened between the end of the show and the movie — pretty excited!

  • Rant: have to drive to Herndon tomorrow.

    Rave: It’s for a gig.

  • Rave: NYC
    Rave: TGIF
    Rave: Being referred to as a woman
    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

    • justinbc

      Are people normally confused by your gender…???

      • No – I meant versus girl, chic, etc. It’s funny to hear someone else refer to me that way because it’s not how I would always identify myself. (I still feel like I’m 15, am I the only one?) Sort of like being called m’aam or sir but in a positive way ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I know the feeling; I still feel like I’m about 23.
          Since my move from Adams Morgan to Park View a few years ago, random neighbors have wished me a happy Mother’s Day. My initial reaction is to be offended, thinking, “But I’m FAR too young to have kids!!” But then I realize: “Oh wait… actually, I’m not.”

          • I have gotten Happy Mothers Day the last couple years. I’m going to be honest – I hate it. I’m not with a kid…so why assume I’m a mother? Also, I’m not sensitive about fertility, but if this happened a woman having difficulty conceiving I could imagine it ruining her day!

          • Yeah, I don’t get it. I’ve even gotten it from a neighbor whom I see fairly often — I’m thinking, “Hasn’t he noticed that the umpteen times he’s seen me on the sidewalk, I’m never, ever with a kid??”

          • Lol, I took my boyfriend out to dinner on his birthday – which happens to be Mother’s Day – and we had our waiter and random people on the sidewalk wishing us a happy Mother’s Day, which was funny (I am 26, but got a baby face, and it was just the two of us).

        • I definitely know the feeling. I happily refer to myself as an adult child…. and I’m in my early 30s.
          On a side note… I tutor a 9 year old girl, who one day last Spring asked me in all seriousness “are you a woman or a lady?”
          I just started cracking up.
          I told her… “I am definitely not a lady! So, I guess that makes me a woman.” ๐Ÿ˜€

        • It is pretty flattering whenever it happens, it kind of feels like a sign of greater respect.

        • justinbc

          Haha, oh I see, yeah that makes wayyyyy more sense.

    • There’s a guy at my work who calls people “lady”. I think that’s worse.

      • In contexts where one would normally say “woman,” or as a term of address?
        Occasionally I hear “lady” from native speakers of Spanish in customer-facing positions (e.g., cashiers at fast-food places). They don’t realize that it’s not the equivalent of the respectful “seรฑora/seรฑorita” but instead gets used only in contexts like “Lady, you need to get your car the hell out of the way!”

      • What’s bad about “lady”? As a designation, not as a form of address, of course.

        I prefer to be referred to as a woman, but if someone refers to me as a lady, I will take that as a compliment regarding my manners and overall demeanor. “Ladylike” is not a bad thing.

        I absolutely hate to be called a “girl” in any circumstances. It’s demeaning. (You know how in the not-too-distant past, people used to call African American men “boy”? Yeah. It’s like that.)

        • I don’t have a big deal with “lady” as it’s used in a context where the male counterpart would be “gentleman”… but I guess both imply a value judgment.

  • Rant: Metro delays. If I left home one minute earlier this morning, I would have avoided 35 minutes of delayed and stopped trains.

    Rave: Started doing pushups regularly again. Surprised myself last night by easily doing a set of 30. A few weeks of basic wieght training is actually making me stronger!

  • Rave: I woke up this morning feeling like myself. I have faith that yes, one day this cold will pass.
    Rave: Amazing weather this am.
    Rave: A low key weekend ahead that includes spending time with old friends.
    Rant: Last minute dinner plans mean eating later than I’d like tomorrow night.
    Rave: I’m feeling very grateful for my partner, who picked up my slack on the home front all week while I’ve been sick.

  • Accountering

    Rant: The AdChoices ad on the side “Learn why Oklahoma is a great state for business”
    I have many thoughts on this. Mostly that there literally is basically no amount of money you could pay me to move to OK. Second, perhaps it is a great state for business – in that there are little or no regulations, and they will let you get away with basically anything. Would be interested in the quality of employees you can hire, and the workforce you are going to be able to recruit. This whole race to the bottom thing that the red states are engaging in is troubling to put it mildly.

    • My father is from OK and I could easily see myself living there or Texas.

      • I randomly know a bunch of people from Oklahoma, and every single one of them is awesome, so nice and so much fun.

        • Yup. People are nice there. And the bbq is awesome!

        • Accountering

          My favorite comments from FFA kids from Oklahoma while walking down the escalators at Woodley Park as they stood in a long line (standing on the right for the most part!)
          “I can’t imagine doing this every day”
          “It’s like a dungeon”
          “Don’t they know you aren’t supposed to walk on escalators?!”
          That all made my day a bit better!

        • that’s me! and pretty much all of my friends

    • Yeah, it sounds miserable and depressing.

    • There is a reason so many U-haul trucks have OK license plates. It’s not only because people flee the state, it’s also because there are few regs.

    • What’s the “race to the bottom thing” that you are referring to?

      • Accountering

        Red states have been trying to make their states as business friendly as possible. This means using the federal minimum wage, basically outlawing unions, weakening any worker protections, cutting unemployment benefits, making it nearly impossible for employees to sue based on discrimination etc. Basically making your state as business friendly as possible, which in many/most cases, results in making worker protections less.

        • Sounds great to me!

          • Great if you’re a business owner, I suppose. Not so great if you’re an employee.

          • Accountering

            I guess this is the positive with America. People like anon above have the right and ability to live where they like. If the above scenario is appealing, they certainly can move to OK.

        • I hadn’t thought about it much until a week or so ago when I signed my contract, but I had been applying to school districts in both MD and VA. The only district that got back to me was PGCPS, which pays the lowest, but then I realized all the protections I’m getting in exchange for the $2-3k/year lower salary so I’ve made peace with working in MD.

        • When you compare the economies of California and Texas you see that Texas is handily winning. Step back to see that they both have the same lousy rankings in education and other government services, so it seems it’s more of a size issue more than a policy one. You’re reusing a Liberal talking point. It’s great to live in DC, but for this city to work we need the people in Oklahoma growing food and drilling for oil.

          Further cementing this, the 4 largest growing states TX, UT, AK and CO. The fastest shrinking RI, SC, VT, DC, ME, NH, NY.

          Schools with the most students per teacher CA, OR, UT, WA, IN.

          Seems the red states have better stats?

          • jim_ed

            LOL. Ask Kansas how the red state wet dream of slashed taxes and slashed government services is working out.

          • Accountering

            Well, if we are going to do an educated analysis, let me point out that TX/OK/AK have oil, and with fracking, are able to get more out of the ground every year. Of course they are growing. Just like MD/VA were growing like gangbusters when the federal government got expanded under GW. With that said, comparing TX and CA, TX is not “handily winning.” They are taking advantage of cyclical moment in their economy when they have an industry that is growing by leaps and bounds – good for them, but CA has recovered VERY quickly as well.
            Also, Utah is a VERY unique example, as it is a state where if their net migration is flat, they still grow substantially faster than the nation as whole – something about mormons liking to have LOTS of kids ๐Ÿ™‚
            I don’t even think your numbers are right – you put DC on a list of fastest shrinking? Care to explain that bit? To posit that the red states have better stats is a joke, and I think you know that. Quality of life in an average blue state is substantially higher than in an average red state. Full stop.

          • Texas is doing well because there’s an oil boom, period.

          • Accountering

            +1 to Irving Streete. Same for OK certainly. People are moving there because there are very good paying engineer jobs all over the state. There are very good engineering jobs all over the state because of the oil boom.

          • I think you need to check your numbers there sir, unless your talking education ala students, DC is not shrinking. That said, you make a very good point here most people ignore, “for this city to work we need the people in Oklahoma growing food and drilling for oil.”
            Drives me nuts when everyone thinks 100% of America should live in walkable Logan wonderlands.

        • Kansas has been trying this moreso than any other state. It’s not quite working out the way they planned.

        • justinbc

          It’s a bleak scenario, but at least a shitty job in a BFE town is better than no job in that town because the factory went to China/Malaysia/whenever else instead.

  • Rave: social group ride last night and the weather.
    Rant: overdid it on biking for the day. thighs totally throbbing.
    Rave: back on the horse this morning and again the weather. shut up legs.

  • Rant: Confirmed with UPS driver that he did deliver the packages. So yeah stolen. (Ann yes this is Trinidad- and may have been organized if same thing happened to you as well. My packages were delivered at 3:30 and I was home about 4pm and they were gone by then.
    Rave: UPS driver was way cool and asked when I’m usually home and said he’d try to time my deliveries around then.

    • that sucks. Can you have packages delivered to work?

      • Yeah I can– but still never had an issue before- have some stuff already scheduled for home delivery so I’ll see how that goes. May have to go back to having work addy be primary shipping.

  • Rant – One of my favorite coworkers is leaving the job, today is his last day. Sucks that my nice coworker is leaving and not my annoying coworker.
    Rant – We took nice coworker out for happy hour last night and I stayed out too late. I am so effing tired.
    Rave – Beautiful weather this morning! I walked to work to help wake myself up and it was lovely.
    Rave – Wore my new pair of Chacos sandals on my walk and they were so comfy, but they are ugliest shoes I have ever owned. But I hated walking around the city in my stupid flip flops all summer and don’t like wearing sneakers in the hot weather, so I caved and bought a pair. I’m looking forward to miles of pain-free walking my ugly shoes!

    • Re: Chacos, my otherwise lovely, beautiful partner SWEARS by Keens (which I lovingly refer to as her “Jeeps”), and until very recently wore them nearly every day in the summer. I have since managed to convince her that not every city outing requires SUV footwear, but I suppose sometimes practicality must win!

      • But they are so comfortable! Even though I wear them less now they’re still hands down the most comfortable shoes I own. I’m ready for anything in Keens! I’ve heard excellent things about Chacos too.

        On the shoe topic – does anyone have recommendations for really comfortable ballet flats? I have cheap ones from target and its time for an upgrade.

        • Tieks! They’re a bit pricey but last a long time. If you want something more affordable, I have several pairs of flats from Me Too and they’re SO comfortable. They always have a bunch at Nordstrom Rack.

        • I have to balance my love of shoes with my tendency towards foot problems. 7 foot surgeries later, I have slimmed down my shoe collection and pretty much only wear extremely comfortable and durable shoes (which tends to mean expensive). AGL and Archipedigo are my go-to flats.

      • Jeeps! I love that. I checked out Keens, but overall I thought the Chacos were slightly less ugly. I completely agree that not every outing requires SUV footwear! But I’m glad I now have the option of wearing SUV footwear.

      • There actually are — or were –Jeeps shoes. That might have been absorbed by Jambu and j-41 for marketing reasons though.

    • janie4

      Try Naots – super comfortable sandals and you can walk really long distances. They’re also pretty attractive.

    • I also love Ryka (their Emotion shoe especially). Much more practical than flipflops and really comfy. And easy to throw on and take the dog out.

    • Check out Vionics sandals, I just got a pair of very cute ones with lots of support. I can walk in them for miles.

    • Olukai makes flip flops that are comfortable, have arch support and durable enough to last a few years. I highly, highly recommend them.

  • jim_ed

    Rave: People who don’t throw coed baby/wedding showers. Instead of spending tomorrow in Herndon pretending I care about the paisley decorated pacifiers someone bought you, I get to sit on my porch and drink beer in blissful silence.
    Rant: People who get their wedding hotel blocks at outrageously expensive hotels. In the last year We’ve had to book rooms at an Intercontinental, a Four Seasons, and a Biltmore. We’re already coming from out of town – ya’ll couldn’t get the block of rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn?

    • We did one nice one, and one not so nice one around the corner from each other. That way people got to pick and not fee left out. That’s what I would recommend to people planning weddings.

    • I always just book a room where the price is right. It’s not a requirement to stay where they have a block of rooms.

      • The issue is that many wedding parties nowadays will run a shuttle bus from the “chosen” hotel to the wedding venue. If you’re not at the “chosen” hotel, you have to deal with getting a cab (where there might not be many) or sobering up to drive back to your cheaper hotel. Neither are a great option.

        • That’s definitely a possible issue depending on the location(s). I’ve always been able to easily work out other transportation or book my own room close enough to the “chosen” hotel so I don’t miss out on the shuttle and whatever other stuff is happening.

  • Question to Logan Circle folks: Vida or Balance? I need to join a gym and am short on both money and time but find I do best with group classes. I was pretty sure I’d try Vida since it’s close, but I’m pretty close to Balance, too. Anyone tried both?

    • +1ing just because I want to hear responses too. I’ve been a Vida member for 4 years and am fed up with it. I’m tired of them upcharging for all of the good classes when membership is already super expensive and I can take the same classes a la carte elsewhere for the same price. I’m thinking of joining Balance but it doesn’t seem quite as nice.

      • See, I don’t need “nice” so much – I was a WSC member until I got pregnant. I just want good classes with good instructors at times I can handle

        • One thing I can say about Vida is that many of the instructors for the classes included in the membership are pretty mediocre and the classes with great instructors tend to be super oversubscribed. I don’t think Balance has this problem.

        • Thanks for asking this, JinDC. Right now I have a $40/month Jazzercise membership that I supplement with a la carte yoga classes here and there, but I was considering joining the new Vida when it opens. It seems like I wouldn’t be paying that much more than I currently do, and would have access to a greater variety of classes plus a sauna (and gym equipment if I ever felt the desire to use it). I didn’t realize they charged extra for certain classes.

  • Rave: Friday! And I get to leave work at 4:00.
    Rave: Next book in the series I’m reading is waiting for me at the library.
    Rant: Only one week til the cats’ annual vet visit. Cat 1 is on their naughty list because of his angry biting tendencies (last time, he scared off a vet tech) and Cat 2 pees in his carrier when he’s nervous. Also I have to get a Zipcar to take them, and I’m an anxious driver who is always convinced that I will die in a fiery accident. At least the appointment is at 7 am so we can get the bloodshed over with early.

  • It is so dispiriting that streetscapes and backyards are being permanently degraded by hobby-flippers and indifferent developers. The regret will last for decades, while the developers congratulate pat themselves on the back from the comfort of their suburban McMansions, where HOA agreements prohibit this crap they’re doing to the District.

    • Do you mean the greenspace we’re losing?

    • Accountering

      You can have your HOA. They are the worst… Also, seriously? Backyards are being degraded?!?

      • Yes, when developers push out the backs of homes, it comes at the expense of the yards.

        • Accountering

          Ok? So whats the problem here? Mandate a rain barrel if you like, but I don’t see the issue. Hate to say the cliche “you live in a city…” but, you live in a city.

          • It’s potentially a problem if the neighbors lose sunlight in their back yards.
            I think most rowhouses have zoning that no more than 60% of the lot area can be covered… but it seems as though developers manage to get variances allowing greater lot coverage often. (Perhaps suspiciously often.)
            Almost all the houses along my alley have “bump-outs” where the sleeping porches used to be, and that’s not a big deal, but I can understand why neighbors would be concerned if a developer wanted to put on an addition going all the way back to the property line (or close to it).

          • Accountering

            That’s fair… Also two different issues though. OP mentioned backyards being permanently degraded, and nothing along the lines of removing sunlight from neighbors.

          • Yep — the OP’s objections may well be different from mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Wow, what perspective. Literally. You used to look into a garden and share sunlight and vistas, and now you get to look at your neighbors wall and… their rain barrel.

  • Rant: the mystery pooper has upped their defecatory terrorism and, unless they are somehow caught in the act, management can do nothing but hope the cleaning crew doesn’t quit.
    Rave: it’s Friday.
    Rave: it’s gorgeous out. Seriously, wtf, July? This is fantastic.
    Rave: going for a 430 am bike ride tomorrow morning to show my lady the monuments and memorials when they’re empty. We’re going to bike home around 7 am, shower, and then brunch or something.
    Rave: trying barmini tomorrow night. While I’m no Jose Andres fan (tapas are another rant altogether), the only negatives I’ve heard about barmini are based on the clientele (douchey and yuppie) rather than the drinks.
    Rave: my girlfriend and I now have matching hats that say BIG ASS FANS. This delights me to no end because, deep down, I am a tacky bastard.

  • Rant: People who are dishonest about the location of their house/apartment on Craigslist, like we wouldn’t figure it out eventually.

    Also, does anybody want to go fruit picking this weekend?

  • Rant: Drank too much wine out with friends last night and am most definitely feeling the effects today.
    Rave: Fabulous pizza at Mia’s (Bethesda), even if it did take nearly an hour for the pizzas to come out.
    Rave: Friday! Have a good weekend, folks.

  • Baltimore rave: This weekend’s cardboard tube fighting tournament in Fells Point
    And Baltimore rant: Someone tagged a dead deer with graffiti. Ugh

    • Sure, the tagging is gross, but the Deadspin comment “Bambsy strikes again!” made me laugh for a good five minutes.

  • Rave: My Limited-Edition Smithsonianโ€™s National Zoo 125th Anniversary SmarTripยฎ card with the Sumatran Tiger cubs. It makes me smile every time I use it. I can never remember the cubs’ names so I decided to name them after my sweet and long gone grandmothers.

    Rant: Repeatedly smacking Nana’s and Katy’s faces on a dirty Metro turnstile this morning that refused to recognize them.

    • Haha, great image FBJ.

    • I got the baby seal metro card. It definitely brightens my commute if just for the 10 seconds I have it out to swipe through the gate ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I randomly got a Baobao out of a kiosk in Van Ness when my other smarttrip card broke. I think this is the smarttrip jackpot.

  • Rant: Not getting interest for my Craigslist ad about renting out my 1-bedroom condo in Adams Morgan (http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/apa/4569768020.html ).
    I guess I need to lower the price a bit; I started at the high end of what PoPville folks recommended in this thread: http://www.popville.com/2014/05/whats-a-fair-price-for-my-rental-unit/
    Rave: The weather.

    • I don’t know if it’s just me, but half your photos weren’t loading either.

    • I’d also take a photo of the in-unit W/D in your ad. $1925 + utilities is pretty steep!

    • Are you checking spam?

      • Yes, I am. That’s a good reminder, though — I’ve noticed when buying/selling/giving things away on Craigslist that maybe a quarter of the e-mails seem to land in my spam folder.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I had a photo of the in-unit W/D in an earlier version (it’s behind a white curtain in the entry hallway) — I need to either put that photo back in or take a new one showing the W/D.
      Yeah, $1925 plus utilities seems steep to me too, but some people in that thread seemed to think that was what “the going rate” would be. Will try lowering the price and seeing what happens.
      Any more feedback on the listing/photos/etc.? (Please no “Ugh, carpet” or “Ugh, older kitchen cabinets” — I am not inclined to add totally new flooring or to redo the kitchen just for a rental.)
      Meg, the photos seem to be loading OK for me. Anyone else having problems?

      • Photos all display properly for me, textdoc.

      • Photos loaded fine for me. $1925 does seem to be pretty close to what is acceptable in Adams Morgan… but with the older kitchen (small counter space, no microwave and electric stove) that might be a touch high.

        What is the total sq footage?
        Storage space?
        Bedroom closet looks smallish… but is that a hallway closet as well? That should definitely be listed.
        Also, perhaps another photo of the living room so you can see the whole size of it..
        And what is on the other side of the fridge? If it is more counter space – definitely get a photo of that side.

        Good luck!

        • Thanks, Reader and Identified!
          To Identified: Yep, will try lowering the price a bit, given the older kitchen. There’s actually a lot of counter space (IMO) and cabinet space; maybe I didn’t capture that very well in my photos. There’s actually way more cabinet space in this kitchen than in the one in my rowhouse!
          Total square footage is 580 square feet. It’s listed in the CL ad on the side, but I took out the wording within the actual ad on the advice of a former neighbor — maybe I should put it back in.
          No storage space in the building. If there were storage space I’d definitely mention it, but I don’t need to mention that there _isn’t_ storage space, do I?
          I should probably take a photo of the outdoor bike rack, for what it’s worth.
          Yes, there is a hallway closet. I need to take a photo that more clearly shows both the hallway closet and the W/D closet thing (which is right next to it).
          Good point on taking another photo of the living room. I had held off because that side of it was empty, but I’ve moved an IKEA chair to the apartment for staging purposes and will take a photo once I’ve gotten it assembled.
          Also a good point on having a photo that more clearly shows the kitchen layout and what’s on the other side of the fridge. (It’s a wall, unfortunately.) I originally had a photo that showed this, but had received feedback that there were too many photos overall — I guess I need to strike a balance in between.
          Thanks again!

          • Ahh, see now where the SQF is listed (twice! duh). 580 is a good enough size, but defo would affect the price with all the new places in Col. Heights. (I’m in Reed Cooke section of Adams Morgan in a 750sq studio for @1500 – yea rent control! The 1 beds in my building now go for 1800 – w/WD and interior bike room in the basement , just as a pricing reference).

            Great cabinet space in the kitchen. The wall in the kitchen – is it deep enough to put a thin table/bench for additional counter space (thinking coffee pot / microwave)? If so, I would stage that and photo it to prove the counter space could all be used for food prep). If not, then I might not photo it at all, as a blank wall is blank ๐Ÿ™‚

            Nope – don’t mention there is no separate storage space – but definitely mention the hall closet as that is bonus interior storage space. Yes, photo the bike rack so people can see how secure it is.

            I have never heard of “too many photos”! But that is something I leave to better minds.

            Also.. as Columbia Rd is not that great at the moment, and anyone who doesn’t know adams morgan is located within walking distance of 3 different “food & bar havens)… so perhaps mention that.

            A few possible text edits:
            In-unit washer and dryer. Kitchen has a dishwasher, garbage disposal, lots of cabinets, and (Remove -> enough) room for a table.

            Extremely convenient location — the building is directly on Columbia Road, (remove -> four doors down from the ) (add -> a minutes walk to) the Safeway and (would remove -> four three doors down from the) CVS (add -> and just 3 minutes to the Harris Teeter). The unit itself faces east, rather than facing Columbia Road.

            Excellent layout (would remove -> with no wasted space) with an eastern exposure, with four tall windows (add -> bringing in lots of natural light) and views of (remove -> distant) Adams Morgan and Mount Pleasant rooftops.

            It’s a nice place – hopefully a small price reduction will seal the deal for you.

          • Thanks again, Identified!
            What did you mean about “3 different food/bar havens” — are you thinking of the 18th Street “main drag,” the 1800 block of Columbia Road, and the little strip of bars on Columbia just east of the Safeway?
            Hmm… I wanted to put “x doors down from Safeway/CVS” because it seems like landlords and real estate agents are always giving impossibly short walk times, and I wanted to go with something concrete and measurable, rather than having a reader see “one minute” and think “That’s probably 5 minutes in real life.” Would listing the # of feet rather than # of doors be OK?
            Good point re. staging a microwave against the wall next to the fridge. I hadn’t thought of doing that — when I lived there, I used the countertop next to the fridge for my (rather large) microwave — but I might bring over my (current) small microwave and a TV tray and see if I can stage it that way.
            I had “distant” in the “views of Adams Morgan and Mount Pleasant rooftops” wording to try to convey “You’ve got a vista; you’re not looking at a rooftop that’s right next door”… but maybe the photo conveys that sufficiently. Or I should incorporate “vista.”

          • a) I was thinking Adams Morgan; Columbia Heights/13th St and U/14th Street – 10 minute walks to all the nightlife, bar selection & trendy food places one could dream of. (again, they should know this… but hey – remind them)

            b) ahh – gotcha… no – I wouldn’t say feet… doors down is fine.. but definitely add that HT is a 3-5 minute walkaway (safeway and CVS are quite good, but ya know.. high end blah blah).

            c) my thing with distant is that .. distant views of adams morgan is .. well, not possible. I see what you are trying to say though – you don’t overlook a parking lot and have views of a huge building behind you… yea, incorporate the AM/MtP rooftop vista or some such wordage. But distant to me meant like National Cathedral is a distant view from (some places) in Adams Morgan – and it implied you weren’t in the heart of the hood.

          • Identified, thanks again! Will revise with these things in mind.

    • Also, any thoughts on whether I am perhaps leading with the wrong photo? (The first photo in the group is the one “featured” as the thumbnail next to the ad.)
      I had thought about leading with a photo of the living room, since it’s pretty large, but was worried that the carpeting would be a turn-off and thought I should lead instead with a photo showing the hardwood floors in the hallway areas.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: The racist assholes in Cape Cod on NPR this morning who are infuriated that their governor offered places for the undocumented children to stay while they are processed through the system. Some how it’s unconstitutional, the kids are gang members, it’s going to destroy the community, and drain the town of money. Completely heartless and stupid.

  • Rave: Gorgeous weather and managed to talk myself into a run this morning!
    Rant: Would rather be at home with the windows open than in my freezing office.
    Another question for the PoPeratti: Are any of the Potomac dinner cruises even halfway decent? Thinking of taking my mother on one.

    • we did a brunch cruise on the Odyssey for my dad’s birthday. We’re not super picky but the food was good and plenty of it. The river was too high for us to go up by the monuments but just being on a boat was nice, and seeing the airport, Alexandria, and Ft. McNair was interesting. There was a DC who mostly played mellow music but did some dance stuff towards the end. If that’s not your family’s thing, it was easy to go outside and enjoy the view in the quiet.

  • Rant: Bicyclist riding on the sidewalk (in the CBD) hit a passenger exiting the S9 this morning. Both people fell but didn’t seem to exchange words and, seemingly uninjured, continued on their separate ways. Yet another reason not to ride on the sidewalk.

  • Rave(while walking)/ Rant(while driving): all of the new plastic posts up at 7th, D & MD NE… makes it wayyyy safer to walk that intersection but difficult to drive now as you can no longer acces 7th from MD or D st

    it will make the parking on that two block stretch of 7th between MD & Mass better though as it is somewhat sectioned off now from thru traffic

  • Rant: Went all the way out to Foggy Bottom for a 9:30 doctor’s appointment this morning, got lost because everything in Foggy Bottom looks the same, finally found the building and got lost again because the building layout is confusing with poor signage. Once I got there I was told I’d have to reschedule for September because I was 15 minutes late (but first they made me wait half an hour before telling me that). Didn’t get back to work until after 11, and that’s only because I took an Uber. I need a new PCP!
    Rave: I did get a Sweetgreen salad out of the ordeal.

    • Check out Comprehensive Primary Care – I just switched to them and they’re great (right off the Metro in Woodley Park, lots of online features, very thorough initial visit)

      • I used to go there, actually. My girlfriend and her mother pressured me to switch to their PCP at GW, and I agreed because it was slightly more conveniently located. I just visited ZocDoc and realized some new practices have opened close to home though!

        • Do you like your PCP at GW otherwise? I’m looking to switch.

          • She’s ok. Nothing special really. I’ve only seen her once because it’s such a pain in the butt to get an appointment and get over there.

      • epric002

        +10 for CPC, and for eileen! though now i’m worried b/c she’s not listed as a provider at the woodley park location right now… :/

      • woohoo I go here too. The space itself is not very nice but I’ve had lovely experiences with all of the staff, nurses, and doctors.

    • Check Dr Jessica Osborn. she is awesome.

      • Thanks for the recommendation, but I think I’m going to go with someone closer to where I live/work (Navy Yard/Eastern Market/Potomac Ave area). There never used to be doctors taking new patients around here, but it looks like there are now. I just do a basic checkup every year or two, so they don’t have to be amazing.

  • RANT: The one night I leave the cover off my scooter, some assholes try to steal it. My thick cable has a gash in it (their bolt cutters wouldn’t cut through) and they totally f#cked up the alignment of my front wheel (they tried to break the internal ignition lock embedded in the steering column by sheer brute strength).
    Hate you sometimes, DC. The irony is that my scooter is a total beater. And twice per year some clown(s) try to steal it, vandalize it, or knock it over. So glad I’ve never splurged on a nice car or even a $5K Vespa – it wouldn’t last 2 months without someone messing with it.

  • Rave: Knowledgeable PoPville people giving me helpful answers yesterday about the gutter thing at the front of my mansard roof. Thanks so much!

  • Rant: PRET changed the recipe on my favorite wrap and it’s not as good ๐Ÿ™
    Rave: I think it’s healthier
    Rave: After much back and forth with friend ticket to Chicago for Sept is bought and at good price.
    Rant: So many bills lately. Dr bills, car bills….
    Rave: Even though it’s a lot I can afford them

  • SFT

    Rave: Lobster – I can’t get enough of the stuff. Lobster rolls, lobster salad, and a whole lobster to rip apart with my bare hands. Yum!!!!!!!!

  • Bonus rave: Lunch at Fishnet was really good. Now I’m working from ome for the rest of the day. Email on the deck! nice!

  • Anyone have ideas for un-salting my pickles? I pickled some chard stems with a recipe I found on Epicurious, but they are way too salty. I added some water, but it didn’t help. Today I added some sliced radishes, which are delicious because they needed salt, but the stems are still too salty. I’m thinking about buzzing them up in the cuisinart and adding something (what???) to make a kind of relish?? Any thoughts?

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