“Parents of Ward 4 Councilmember Bowser were victims of a robbery of their home by a man pretending to be a cable company employee”

The person of interest can be seen in this photo and video link

From CM Bowser’s office:

“Yesterday, the parents of Ward 4 Councilmember Bowser were victims of a robbery of their home by a man pretending to be a cable company employee. Both Joe and Joan Bowser were home at the time and thankfully were unharmed. Councilmember Bowser issued the following statement:

“Having your home, your place of sanctuary, violated is one of the worst things that can happen to you,” said Councilmember Bowser. “Thankfully, both of my parents are safe, although a bit shaken. I want to thank MPD for their quick response and am confident the perpetrator will be apprehended.”

The same man is believed to have posed as a cable worker to enter at least one other home in the area that same day.

“This just goes to show that we all need to stay vigilant and ask for identification when someone we do not know, or did not expect, knocks on our door,” said Bowser.

Police are offering a reward of up to $1,000 to anyone who provides information leading to an arrest. Anyone with information is asked to call (202) 727-9099 or text an anonymous tip to 50411.”

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  • Yesterday it was members of Congress who were missing their trains making the daily headaches of ordinary Washingtonians newsworthy for the first time. Now, it’s a councilmember’s Mumsie and PopPop who are making headlines about something that happens ALL THE DAMNED TIME to normal people. *sigh*

    • This may be getting more headlines because of one of the targets, but the MPD just canvassed my block in NE and said there were other people hit by the same guy. Apparently a few elderly households were targeted.

  • Uneducated, ignorant, addicted, volatile people = more crime. Maybe Bowser will actually do something about DC’s crime problem, particularly in Ward 4. My house has been burgled and vandalized several times and I have only lived in it two months.

  • Finally found a crime she will comment on.

  • “Robbery” (in the headline) implies violence or the threat of violence. This appears more analogous to “theft by trick” or being conned. Sorry to see this happen to anyone, but “robbed” is a hot-button word that I would reserve for more violent incidents than this.

    • Why do you think there wasn’t violence or the threat of violence?

    • Yeah, the statement above doesn’t actually described the incident itself so I don’t know why you’re questioning the nature of it. Obviously trickery got the guy into the house but there’s no information on what happened after that.

    • Actually this is often called a Push-In Robbery, which could also be a Burglary technically as its entering a premises with the intent to commit a crime therein. Robbery has lots of different possibilities.. Snatch, Force and Violence, Gun, etc.

  • In other news: My actual cable guy (Comcast) robs me of more than $80 every month for sub-par service.

  • clevelanddave

    Someone really picked the wrong house to rob. What is the successful prosecution rate of robberies in DC? My bet on this one: between the cameras and the choice of victim, 100% within a week.

  • That is incredibly bold, and more dangerous than it appears.

    Also, Muriel needs to spring for some new porch furniture. She drives a lexus and she can’t get her folks something more comfy?

  • This is very scary and I am very glad that Ms. Bowser’s parents are safe (although I am sure a but shaken). I hope this opens some eyes to the problems of crime in Ward 4. It’s out of control and the cops do nothing. All they do is respond. Where is the proactive police work? Best patrols. Special Task Forces for trouble spots or particular crimes. This is impacting us all. I’m a long time DC resident and expect better.

  • I am saddened about the level of negative and self centered comments about this terrible incident. These folks are quite frail – yes, I have seen them in person. This should never happen to anyone. But the “my house was robbed too and it didn’t make the news” comments are really to much. Sometimes it’s not about you.

    • clevelanddave

      Actually, I didn’t see any comments that say what you are suggesting. Knee jerk response, Steve?

  • Criminals preying on the elderly is news, as is a crime perpetrated against family members of a prominent politician. It both saddens and angers me that rather than ignore this post altogether, people have gone out of their way to comment on such things as the aesthetics of the victims porch furniture, and to refer to the elderly victims in disparaging terms. The lack of empathy for vulnerable, elderly people is sickening. And, while I realize that it’s likely not the same people posting, the contrast between these comments and the outpouring of concern re: posts about lost or neglected pets is startling. I’m glad that the Bowsers are physically unharmed, and I hope that we as a community can do a better job of protecting and supporting our elderly neighbors.

    • David, you got my vote, man!!!

    • Pretty much what Pworth said. These comments aren’t about the senior Bowsers, they’re about the councilmember’s lack of attention to anyone who isn’t connected to her personally. Same for yesterday’s thread about Eleanor Holmes Norton only getting involved in the traffic mess at Union Station when a member of Congress complains.
      If these people were really working for their constituents, perhaps their cronies and family members never would have been affected in the first place.

    • +1X10000

  • Reminds me of Nonchalant’s 5 O clock in the morning video, check out the old G thugs behind the scenes wanting their money. Don’t mess with them and the territory they control.

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