From the Forum – Things to do in DC with group of 15 people??

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Things to do in DC with group of 15 people??

“During the first weekend in August my extended family of 15 will be visiting me here in DC, from Friday-Sunday, and it’s proving very hard to plan activities! The youngest is 16, and one is unable to walk long distances due to a knee injury. Any ideas of things to do with this large group?”

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  • Do a Segway tour. The family that looks goofy together stays together.

  • Emmaleigh504

    That’s a cute picture!

  • How about a barbecue with some wiffle ball or kickball at Ft Slocum?

  • I sympathize with planning outings for that many people, especially when you have non-ambulatory folks. The National Zoo is a good one. You can rent wheelchairs for free for the person with the knee injury.

  • Depending on how mobile or immobile the one family member is, you could potentially get a couple of UberXXLs (Ubers for large groups) and go see a movie in (and then explore Chinatown). Lots of stuff to see within two-three without having to walk long distances. I’d be most worried about trying to eat out somewhere; guess you can call around and see who can accommodate a large group. Hope they have a great visit!

    • Trying to explore Chinatown with a large group of people sounds like a nightmare to me.

      • There is really not much to explore in Chinatown besides stores that you have at every suburban mall, unless you’re including the Spy Museum & National Gallery.

  • Jazz in the Garden!

    • If this is crazy insane this year as it has been the past years then I do not recommend this for large groups or people with limited mobility. It’s hard enough to save a spot for 2-4 people without 9 other strangers trying to squeeze in on the edges of your picnic blanket with their barefeet.

  • -Outdoor Movie –

    -Baseball game

    -Top Golf in Alexandria is great for all ages and there are seats available for the injured, food and drinks for all.

    -Picnic in Rock Creek Park

    -Jazz in the Sculpture Garden on Friday

  • Smilla

    Some people might think they’re cheesy, but have you considered a hop-on, hop-off bus tour? I’ve never taken one myself, but it seems like a good option for getting around to see the sights with minimal walking.

    There’s also a duck tour:

    Or a sightseeing cruise on the Potomac:
    Note that the docks are not ADA-accessible, but as long as knee-injury relative can walk, s/he should be able to get to the boat.

    Of course all of these options cost $, and for such a large group, you should probably inquire about tickets ahead of time.

    • If you’re a DC resident you can get a free ticket for the trolley tour when buying tickets with out-of-town guests. I love them and look for any excuse to go on one when people visit! Cheesy, yes, but who doesn’t love being driven around by a even cheesier tour guide cracking jokes?! Also great since you don’t have to get off the trolley. There’s also a great moonlight tour, which is beautiful on a nice night.

      Second the Potomac boat tour idea or zoo. You can also drive around the National Arboretum, have a picnic in rock creek (reserve a picnic area), Hillwood Estate (requires walking but has nice spots to rest).

      There was also a previous PoPville post similar to this, which you can search for. Someone was looking for activities for their family since they had elderly grandparents with limited mobility. Some of the activities in that comments thread may apply to your situation. Good luck, and have fun!

  • msmaryedith

    What about a Potomac boat tour? That way you can take in some of the sights but the one with the knee injury can take it pretty easy.

  • saf

    Have they all been here before? Perhaps one of those hop-on hop-off buses to give them a good overview?
    Theater (you can get a group rate, I bet) and dinner?
    Tours of buildings like LoC, the National Building Museum? Those are good, and most have wheelchairs available for rent.

  • -group rates for local theatres.
    – tour glenstone art collection
    -riverboat cruise from alexandria
    -tour the national cathedral or national shrine
    -driving tour of the arboreteum
    – museums, of course.
    – tour the capitol building
    -picnics at yards park, or any park.
    -outdoor movies

    eating out:
    definitely call ahead for places and see what they can do for you. sometimes you might be able to get your own room for no additional cost.

    if no one is particular about actual taste, Carmines offers a good deal.

  • Go see an IMAX at the natural history museum.

  • don’t want to blow up my spot, but music at the yards park is WAY better than jazz at the sculpture gardens, and you can find a space for a large group. the dress parade at the 8th & i marine barracks is free and very enjoyable (

  • If you can afford it, go to a baseball game. If not, try to hit up many of the free things at the museums.

  • potomac boat tour via georgetown waterfront. LOVED THIS when family was in town, and you’ll get a nice breeze on the water.

  • Hill Country BBQ at National Building Museum, Thurs, Fri, Sat nights, live music, games.

    • Second this! Also Jazz in the Garden (if you get there early enough, seating shouldn’t be a problem. That said, “early enough” is like 4:30.), Potomac river boat tours, the hop on/hop off bus tours, and the Marine Barracks parade.

  • Take a ride on the silver line.

  • Where are they all staying?

    15 family members is a normal Thanksgiving for me. We always go for a walk (skateboard/scooter/skate) on the closed part of Beach drive, sometimes with the more vigorous hiking alongside on the Pulpit Rock trail. Maybe rent/borrow a wheelchair for the bum knee.

    Everyone loves the botanical garden. On the mall, you can always split up and go to your own museum of interest then meet back up.

    Check Groupon & Goldstar for special things too. Maybe one of those painting & wine classes? You could probably arrange one just for your family.

  • take one of the tour bus tours/duck/odyssey tours. it’s fun/goofy for a couple of hours.

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