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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Looking for a good shoe store in or near to DC that carries large shoe sizes (14-15 mens). The stores I visit always sell out immediately but ALWAYS have overstock of size 9-11… Anyone have any good ideas?

    Rant: So DC has a mouse problem. All the new construction going on is uprooting them. Found that mice were coming in through my exposed brick walls FROM MY NEIGHBOR’S HOUSE!!! Stuffed the hole with steel wool and they all stopped. My neighbor is running an illegal rooming house with over 9 people renting rooms it (only 6 bedrooms).

    Rant: Mattresses in my alley for weeks, they flop over into the road with the wind and I have to drive over them ever day or pick them up. I used to get tickets for junk in my back yard. Apparently everyone else has immunity to tickets except me.

    Rave: Speed camera rules and an ombudsman review in Maryland! Hopefully this sets a precedent for DC before things get too far out of control! The 9th st. tunnel (to 395) speed camera seems to have been removed, I’m wondering when it will pop back up?

    • Nordstrom Rack has a lot of large size shoes.

    • epric002

      for men’s shoes: nordstrom rack

      • Been there, anything interesting to me shoe-wise often costs over $175 if I can find shoes there that look good. 🙁 If I wanted giant purple sneakers I can get them for $45 though! But nothing I truly like ends up there. I used to go to Rack Room Shoes near to Crystal City, they always had my sizes on Thursdays, but those shipments seem to have stopped.

        • epric002

          i haven’t been in a while (i had a post/college boyfriend who wore a size 15) and their selection can vary from location to location, but you can find reasonably priced stuff in larger sizes. the first time i ever went to a nordstrom rack was while visiting chicago and i came back with 3 pairs of men’s size 15 shoes which soooo did not fit in my carry-on luggage. i seem to recall that burlington coat factory also had larger sizes on occasion…

    • A similar thing happened to me when I lived in Fairfax County. We kept getting rats and roaches from the boarding house next door and it was really hard to keep them at bay. Be grateful you only have mice, they’re a bit easier than roaches to keep out!

      • Yep went through my roach years long ago during college at HU, for some reason they disappeared for good some time around 1999, maybe it’s all the mice eating them?

    • Nordstrom itself also seems to have a decent stock of large size shoes, but it isn’t the most affordable place either unfortunately. It’s semi-annual sale is coming soon though.

    • Jack5, have you tried calling 311 or filling out a request online (311.dc.gov) about the dumped mattresses?
      On the illegal rooming house: I think that can be reported to DCRA.

      • I called 311 about my alley way back before the last big snow we had to request an alley sweep, and called 4 times since then. With the whole supercan debacle, I think Grey just said “screw DC residents”, I don’t think city services will improve until Bowser comes in and has to impress us for a few months.

    • justinbc

      Buffalo Exchange often has an excess amount of large sized shoes 12 and up, but styles will obviously vary quite a bit.

    • Rant-same as yours. the row house next door has at least 10 people living in it and tons of trash in yard etc. Rat central. I have called 311 and they come out and put pellets down but until you get rid of the source nothing really lasts. Part of living in a gentrifying neighborhood I guess.

      • Or Fairfax County. I had several townhouses on my street with 10+ people in them. Think it’s becoming a lot more common in the suburbs.

      • If they’ve got trash in the yard, you can try reporting them to DPW on that front.

      • Report the illegal rooming houses to DCRA and loop in your councilmember. It’s a fire risk. They’ll take it seriously if you do.

  • Do you live on Shepard St NW?

  • epric002

    rave: splint > walking cast. my legs are sore from doing so much activity this weekend after being pretty sedentary for 2 weeks.
    rant: pulling weeds. UGH.
    rave: yard no longer looks like a jungle
    rave: awesome weather.
    rave: tiny homes tour at boneyard studios- so neat!

    • +1 to your rant on weeds. I hate the tenacious crabgrass that keeps managing to push itself through my landscaping fabric — all the weeding makes me glad my yard is on the small side.

      • epric002

        me too. the only times my yard is not too small is when i’m weeding/edging 🙂

        • I also have the “Thank God my yard isn’t any bigger” feeling when I’m raking leaves in the fall.
          I have no trees on my property or even in my treebox area, but the houses on either side of mine have big mature trees in their treebox areas, and darned if those things don’t drop a ton of leaves in the fall! (For the ones whose leaves contain some kind of seed pod, that means I also have to pull out little “volunteer” sprouts in the spring/summer.)

      • I have so much crap in my yard (from getting bushes and small trees cut down) that I’m thinking of hiring someone to haul it all away. This weekend I got some of those big paper lawn and leaf bags. I was going to take care of all of the yard waste myself, but I gave up after three bags! I hate yard work (exccpt for trimming branches and mowing the lawn.)

      • Seriously. My yard is all brick; you’d think there would be no yard work at all but between the weeds coming up between the bricks and the neighbor’s magnolia tree that is continually dropping leaves intoy yard I have my hands full!

    • justinbc

      The heart shaped “bind weed” is my nemesis. Pray you don’t get that stuff.

      • That is evil and just about impossible to eliminate – used judiciously, a bit of herbicide can be your friend.

        • justinbc

          Yeah I use it where I can, but can’t put it anywhere near my Japanese maples for fear of killing them. Just have to be out constantly plucking.

          • If you do a spot apply (apply to plant with small sponge) it should not affect your maple. You wouldn’t be putting enough herbicide in the ground to kill a tree

      • epric002

        i don’t know what i have (lots of random weedy crap, apparently) but after google imagining bindweed- i don’t think we have that one!

      • Can confirm the vine with the heart shaped leaves is evil. That thing grows all over the small side garden between my house and sidewalk. I attempted to grow herbs and flowers there but that darned weed grows all over everything in a matter of days. Now I just spend time cutting back the vine every few weeks to keep it in check and make sure it doesn’t start creeping up the wall and into the windows.

      • Is bindweed the strangling vine I see all over the city? I was thinking it was the dog strangling vine. I pull out a few every day from my front yard — last year no one was paying attention and it almost killed everything. I have been out of town for a week, and it got crazy again. I’m on a mission to pull out every single one on my block so the pods don’t grow and continue the infestation.

        • It’s hard to eliminate this weed. The root system is extensive and pulling it up when it emerges doesn’t get rid of it. Roundup helps. Also heavy mulching (deep layer of wet newspaper then layer of cardboard then layer of mulch).

          • Pulling bindweed HELPS it, as it will grow a new plant from each segment of root left in the ground. One way is to keep it constantly cut to the ground, to starve the root of any nutrition leaves provide. But otherwise, you need to poison it. Pity it’s so invasive… the flower are pretty.

          • Anonymous 12:04 pm, I read that article too.
            IIRC, MPinDC isn’t much of a fan of Roundup. However, there are some weeds that are very, very difficult to get rid of without pesticides.
            I get the impression that the main users/abusers of Roundup are the aficionados of the “emerald green lawn” mentioned in the article. I’m not much of a fan of Roundup, but I don’t think sparing/judicious use of it deserves castigation.

      • Bind weed is notoriously tough for any herbicide that does not use the scorched earth approach. This vine was ALL over our overgrown border hedge when we moved in 8 years ago. After 4-5 years of continually plucking the shoots as they emerged (it got to where I could spot one 30 feet away!) we’re finally rid of it except in one neglected, shady corner of the yard that I admittedly don’t care so much about. As mentioned before it propagates underground, but if you can get to the shoots as they come up you can rob the entire underground system of its source of energy. Keep at it, you’ll eventually triumph!

      • Ugh — my neighbors on both sides (both are group houses that don’t take care of their yards) have bindweed. I pull some of it for them, but there are limits to how much time I’m willing to spend on other people’s yards.
        I don’t think I’ve seen any in my own yard this year… hoping it stays that way.

    • Congrats on the splint!

      • epric002

        thanks andie! he wanted to keep me in the boot for another 3 weeks, but thank goodness i managed to talk him into the splint- it’s sooooo much better!

  • justinbc

    Rave: 3 hour PoPville brunch on Sunday followed by 3 hour nap, I would say that’s an equitable ratio. Some food items at Ambar were big hits (deep fried ham & cheese crepe, hell yeah), most were kind of middle of the road, but the service was excellent throughout. Both the bloody marys and mimosas were pretty solid.
    Rave: Got all 5 lavender bushes planted in the front yard on Saturday, despite digging through an almost intolerable amount of concrete and brick filler in the dirt. I hope they’re fast growers, I can’t wait for the wonderful aromas to welcome me home each day. We found 5 different varieties between 2 Merrifield locations.
    Rave: Finally found a patio set we both liked on Hayneedle. Not being able to sit in it to test it though made me a bit hesitant, but hopefully it’s comfortable.

    • Thanks for the ambar review! I live up the street and still haven’t tried it yet.
      Also, we got a patio set from hayneedle three years ago and it was one of the best things we’ve ever bought. It’s in our front yard and we get get sooo many compliments on it.

    • Just wondering if you went with resin wicker for the patio set material? I don’t know much about resin wicker, its durability, etc.

    • Becks

      Yeay for the Lavender! I planted some small plants in pots in my backyard and am looking forward to lovely scented breezes!

      • justinbc

        One variety we found is fringe leafed with a strong lemony smell. It’s pretty spectacular, unfortunately they only had one available. I probably would have planted at least 3 of those.

    • Seconded on the three-hour nap after Ambar meetup brunch. It was really great meeing some of the PoPvillians. Fun times!

    • I concur on Ambar. The waffles were delicious, the cheese pie great, and the ham and cheese crepe fantastic. Other than that, solid all around.

  • Rave: A few months ago, before an upcoming vacation to Cambodia, I posted a rant about the lack of interesting, adventurous, well-traveled men OKCupid in the DC area. I got my fair share of criticism. Just wanted to give a bit of an update. I met someone on my trip, fell in love, and am returning to Asia in two weeks to meet up with him in Vietnam. He’s not American, (go figure!). Anywho… so I did, in fact, have to travel on the other side of the world to meet my adventurous man!

    • justinbc

      Congrats on what sounds like a great match!

    • Still a lot of those guys in DC though….

    • That’s amazing!!

    • I feel like every person I meet in DC has traveled all over the world, or has at least made a sizeable dent and has solid plans to conquer the rest.

    • That’s wonderful! He lives in SE Asia? That’s quite a long distance relationship, but you can make it work !

      • No, he doesn’t live in SE Asia. I met him during a 5 month travel in SE Asia for him. We are meeting again at the end of his trip.

        • So where does he live? Inquiring minds want to know! Hopefully closer to DC than SE Asia

          • Ha! Before he started his travel, he was living in Montreal. He is a French citizen, and has a plane ticket to return to France in July. We are now planning where we will live together- I have lived in France before and would be happy to return, but we both want to do some extended traveling for about a year together, so we may have to live apart for a little while to save up for this. We met on my second day of my trip, just as friends and spent 3 days together in Siem Reap. We said goodbye after, as he was traveling to another place, but I convinced him to join me in my next city (after realizing I had feelings for him) and he traveley by motorcycle for 2 days to reach me. We spent the rest of the trip on a tropical island, riding on his motorcycle, and visiting small villages (he speaks Khmer). The rest is history….!

          • Well that’s why DC men don’t work for you. It’s not that we aren’t adventurous, but we can’t afford to go travel for a year at a time.

    • So wait you guys are ALREADY planning where you’re going to live together? sure that’s very adventurous, but equally nuts as well! Good luck!

      • Yes, we were both suprised by it, as well! I’m 34 and honestly never thought I would meet someone who I felt this way about. What can I say- you only live once and life is about taking risks! If it doesn’t work out, then c’est la vie, life goes on. When you find something you want, you have to go for it! 🙂

  • skj84

    Rave: PoPville brunch at Ambar! Good food, Good mimosas and great conversation! A giant Thank You to everyone who came out. Hope to plan the next one for June 28.

    Rave: Seven Deadly sin cocktail launch at Church and State. I’ve never been to that bar before and the cocktails were tasty. Loved Sloth aka the Palm.

    Rant: Too much drinking equal a very sick me. I feel like crap today. Gonna take it easy, I have a reception and potentially a date tonight.

  • Rant: The women in my life. Why are they always trying to read into things? It seems like women are always looking for something to interpret that isn’t there. Guys just going about life thinking everything is OK and the woman is always wondering what he’s thinking if he’s happy or mad if something she said upset him. How is this a sane way to live life? It makes me wonder if relationships just aren’t for me at all.

    • Reminds me of Dave Barry (or Reader’s Digest) story – search Dave Barry here’s no horse and you’ll find it.

    • I read somewhere once that women may be instinctively predisposed to seeing (or perceiving) more details than men. Something about needing to watch for small movements and hear for sounds when guarding a child.

      • Yeah, I thought I read something that said that back in the dawn of time, women were able to survive by being perceptive and inquisitive about the moods of the physically stronger men.

    • Could be that you know a lot of people who overanalyze situations, but is it also possible that you don’t communicate very well? It might be that you’re making the women in your life feel insecure because they can’t tell whether you’re happy or whether something they said upset you.

      Just a suggestion, though!

    • Women are acculturated into analyzing/interpreting situations/relationships. Men are not — when was the last time you saw a men’s magazine with an article along the lines of “How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is _______”?

    • “Guys just going about life thinking everything is OK and the woman is always wondering what he’s thinking if he’s happy or mad if something she said upset him.”
      I hate to break it to you but there are problems with both of these approaches. Until you can meet them halfway then you’re as much of the problem. (I’m speaking generally, of course.)

    • I know what you mean. If my mother calls and I’m tired and don’t feel like small talk, she immediately thinks there’s some serious problem going on and wants to know what’s wrong. Sometimes I’m just tired!

      • I feel what you’re saying. My predicament is a bit different though. I’m a female, and while I tend to take an overly analytic approach to most things (work, etc.), I don’t when it comes to personal stuff/interacting with folks. And I’ve learned that, even with men (guy friends, potential mates, past mates, etc.) this was either a turn off or it became an issue (because they thought they could never tell what I was thinking, I didn’t worry about their every word/expression, etc). It’s just made me more cognizant of how I communicate/interact with folks of both sexes.

      • If you don’t feel like small talk then why answer the phone? Just call her back later when you feel like it.

        • Jewish or Catholic guilt is my guess.
          If you don’t answer the phone, then you start getting multiple concerned voicemails and text messages. It never ends, lol

  • Rave: Really enjoying my new road bike.

    (semi) Rant: It’s my first road bike and I’m used to a hybrid. I know it will take a while to get used to it, but sometimes I feel downright awkward on it. Sometimes when I have to ride around poles (lots of them on the trails I ride) I feel like I’m going to fall over. I’ve had to stop and walk a couple of times this weekend when that happened. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks I’ll be laughing about how much trouble I had as a beginner.

    • GiantSquid

      Congrats on the new road bike. I was in the same boat as you at the beginning of the year. Still working out some fitting kinks but it’s so much more comfortable for longer rides. Hope to see you around town!

    • Your fit on the bike is probably too aggressive if you’re only using it for recreational riding. Did the shop where you bought it offer a basic fitting, and do they offer follow ups after you’ve had it for awhile? Take advantage. They can (and should) swap out the stem, add a couple spacers, adjust handlebar angle, etc.. Any of those could get you more upright which sounds like the problem if you think the handling is too twitchy. You can always change once you’ve gotten comfortable on the new geometry.

      • I don’t think it’s the fit. I’ve only had it for a week and it’s literally the first road bike I’ve been on (except for ones I test rode.) I’m just not used to how different (and light, and fast!) it is. I’m comfortable on the bike, but I’m getting used to riding it.

  • Rant: Lazy, obnoxious student interns are back for the summer. I am unfortunate enough to have to sit by them and listen as they snicker while they mock my co-workers.

    • Do you have them seated all together? Bad mistake. If you have more than two, you have to sprinkle them around the office.
      That, or institute a “no undergrads” intern policy. Your typical undergrad isn’t a good fit for a professional DC environment.

      • Yes – there are two of them together. It is a horrible idea but the rest of the office seems to think they are great. I can’t understand why since they are competely apathetic in regards to their work and disruptive in the office.

    • You should let them know that people can hear what they’re saying and remind them it is unprofessional and will affect their performance reviews/letters of rec. I’d do it nicely, but wouldn’t object if you wanted to do it with a snide, “and you should hear what they say about YOU!” as you walk past.

      • Unfortunately since they are students we are not required to do performance reviews. My office (shockingly, I work in HR) keeps hiring them back every summer so I imagine they believe their behavior is acceptable.

  • Rave: Good date saturday with Bargirl…i picked lettuce, khale, and other veggies for a salad and made dinner for us. Ended up watching American Hustle after and then by the time we realize it, it was already 2am so she ended up staying over!
    Rant: I didnt make any serious moves, but it was still a great date.
    Rave: Its fun waking up next to someone 🙂

    • Nt making any serious moves is such as seriously good move. Though, it does suggest that you you’re either not inspired or — far ore dangerous — really like the girl. Be careful! 😉

      • hahah i mean i dont want to get to in depth with details, but no clothes came off. I want to take it slow with her, seems like things are going exactly the way they should (in my mind) with a little progress each date so I am happy about that 🙂 glad to be raving instead of ranting for once.

    • Does this bagel girl know you’re posting details about your dates on a blog? If it were me and I came across it I would be seriously creeped out.

      • I thought people would like to hear a success story after a lot of ranting. Its completely anon so i dont see the problem. A lot of people have commented on my story and given advice which has been useful. Sorry you think its creepy.

        • Yeah, it is completely anonymous. And besides, I am sure tons of gals in this area had a Saturday night with a guy who picked lettuce, khale, and other veggies for a salad, made dinner for the two of them, turned on the bluray/dvd and queued up American Hustle, invited her to stay over after, and made no moves on her. That’s pretty much a standard Saturday night in this town, right?

          • You didnt even get the story straight, i digress. Time for a name change and no relationship updates. People dont enjoy happy stories as much as sad/frustrated/angsty bullshit. Loosing faith in Popville.

      • She’s bargirl, he’s bagelboy. Have to keep the PoP R&R storylines straight 🙂

  • Rave: My boats won both their races in the first regatta of the season. Plus, they gave out medals and wine to the winners. Much boathouse toasting and clanking.

  • Rant: Still recuperating from getting my wisdom teeth out. Wish I would have had it done when I was younger.
    Rave: Husband really stepped up this weekend in taking care of the baby after the surgery. SO thankful!
    Rave: My job is being really understanding and letting me work from home today as I still look like a chipmunk.
    Rant: Construction at the house two doors down is making it really hard to focus on work.

  • Rave: great first hike yesterday, ended up doing cliose to 10.5 miles
    Rant: with only 1.4 left in yesterdays hike i went to catch myself from a slight slip with my right arm(broke that wrist and shattered the elbow two months ago and still in phyiscal therapy for it…) and it did not feel good at all. felt a couple of pops and the pain and swelling shorlty after
    im hoping i only messed up the muscle and did not shoft around any of the bones that were put in place with surgery. does not hurt as bad today but i am still a little nervous that i did damage to the bone

    • Where did you go hiking? (and I hope that your injury isn’t too serious!)

      • Catoctin mountain park
        its just northeast of frederick

        and thanks, ill be so upset with myself if i jarred any of the bone loose but i can live with tearing some muscle
        hopefully my physical therapist can give me some insight today during our session

  • Rave: Excellent PoPville brunch yesterday! The mimosas, cheese pie, and company were very enjoyable.
    Rant: dog hair. I dog sat for 2.5 days and it’s everywhere. It’s on my kitchen counters. How?!?!
    Rave: I have a four day week because I’m having a mother daughter weekend! I Can’t wait, I even have a mini bottle of champagne for the MARC ride to BWI.

  • Rant: Loud contruction noise on Sunday from one of the castle houses on T (if you aren’t aware Sunday workl is illegal). That noisy cherry picker bucket was going up and down all day. I’m being a nice guy and emailed the builder first. Not sure some of my neighbors are being so forgiving.

    Rave: OMG the weather. If only the rest of the summer could be like this!

    • justinbc

      This weekend felt like San Diego, it was amazing.

      • Yup. And now it’s over.

      • No way. San Diego is a lot colder in June. First time I went there this time of year I had to buy a coat.

        • I got back from a week in San Diego on Saturday. Wore shorts and a t-shirt all week and was never cold.

          • Must have been a freak heat wave. I don’t think it got above 65 when I was there for a month in summer a couple years ago.

        • justinbc

          It totally depends on where in San Diego. Closer to the beach you get a lot of that cold water breeze, but if you’re up in like North Park or the hills it’s about 10-15 degrees warmer.

      • So weird that you said that – I heard a neighbor outside (in Capitol Hill NE area) on Sunday night around 8 PM say, “This weather feels like San Diego weather!” Is this the go-to comparison? 🙂

        • epric002

          san diego weather is perfect. i lived there as a kid and my cousins from annapolis came to spend the summer with us. when they went back home they all went out to dinner outside and my aunt started raving about the weather. my cousin turned to her and said “it’s like this EVERY day in san diego, mom!”

        • justinbc

          It’s definitely my go-to comparison when it comes to perfect weather, since it’s my favorite place in the US 🙂 Depending on where you live, that might have been me you heard haha

    • Ditto on the weather. Just about perfect!

    • Becks

      +1000000 Loved the weather this weekend!

    • I guess I’m the only one who could stand a little more heat and humidity to make it perfect (I know it’s coming though so you won’t hear me complaining!).

      • Emmaleigh504

        I welcome the heat and humidity! I should not have to wear a sweater to work in June! But I did this morning 🙁

        • Yeah, last night we were sitting out in our backyard and I was shivering in a light sweater (but trying to tough it out). I like it better when the mornings and evenings are pleasantly warm and the middle of the day is brutal.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I like the humidity to hit me in the face like a wall. 90 degrees with about 95% humidity is my ideal.

  • Rant: Printer stopped printing – it’s going thru the motions but I”m getting a blank page with copying and with printing. Did all the maintenance suggested by printer menu, checked cartridges, downloaded updated drivers, etc.
    Rant: Drivers still downloading – how can the menu bar show -3962% ?
    Rant: Printer is 18 months old
    Rant: Expect I’ll need to buy a new printer…
    Rave: I have tons of arugula, curly kale, mustard greens, chard, herbs and for the first time Tuscan kale.

  • Rave: Great long weekend
    Rant: I missed Popville brunch because I agreed to do a favor for a friend.
    Rave: The favor was appreciated. The couple is moving out of town and as a thank you she’s giving me her bikeshare membership for the remainder of the year.
    Rave: Lots of fun plans for the coming week
    Rave: Off on Thursday and Friday for some of those impending plans
    Rave: First run on the injured foot this weekend and it went well…I’m almost back to normal (and very thankful I wasn’t sidelined longer)
    Rave: Picked a 10K in September in Durham to make up for the race I missed this past weekend

  • Becks

    Rave: More Bluebonnet sprouts! I am fantasizing about a backyard full of Bluebonnets!
    Rave: This weather is amazing!
    Rant: New neighbor now chucking trash over back fence into my backyard! Before it was just the small space between houses at the front. I know they are renters and new, but come on people! There are social rules for neighbors!
    Rant: Lady Carlotta doesn’t mean to but she scratches my hands when playing. She isn’t comfortable with me holding her for more than a few seconds so I can’t trim her nails.
    Does anyone know a cat groomer near Columbia Heights?

    • My cat kept accidentally scratching me when I first got her, and she wouldn’t let me trim her nails. But I discovered that if I tried to trim her nails while she was eating her much-beloved wet food, she would (reluctantly) tolerate it.
      I think the Petco in Cleveland Park might have cat-grooming services — for a while, I was thinking I was going to have to get my cat’s nails trimmed by a professional.

      • Becks

        I’m conditioning her to allow me to brush her by giving her treats after every few brush strokes. That’s working very well. I don’t think my hands can wait for her to be conditioned to letting me clip her nails. Also, I have tried to get her to eat wet food, but she just licks up the gravy and then tries to cover up the meaty part leftover. LoL! I’ll check out Petco. Even if I have to take a taxi over, maybe they can help. Do you hold her when you clip her nails?

        • I clip my cat’s claws by putting a blanket over her head and the other three paws. She’s not happy, but it works.

        • Becks, I figured out the “clip nails while cat is eating wet food” method before I had to resort to a professional, so I don’t know for sure whether Petco in Cleveland Park does cat nail-cutting. You might also call around to ask local vets.
          I don’t actually hold my cat when clipping her nails — I would if I could, but I use one hand to hold the paw in question and press to make the nail come out, and the other hand to hold the clippers.
          My cat hated being brushed with a regular slicker brush, so I also took advantage of wet-food mealtimes for that purpose. (Though usually I’d get only two strokes in before she’d stalk off.) Then a friend recommend a brush thing called the “Zoom Groom” that, lo and behold, she actually likes:
          Amazon listing: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002AR18M/
          better photo at: http://www.naturalpetwarehouse.com/Kong-Zoom-Groom-for-Cats

        • Emmaleigh504

          I gradually worked up to clipping all my late, vicious cat’s nails by starting while she was napping or really relaxed. When she got tired of it she got a treat. As she got more comfortable with it I clipped more nails. I eventually worked up to her letting me hold her and clipping all her nails in 1 go. The down side was when I clipped my own nails she would come over expecting treats 🙂
          Tiny Kitty is so good that she never uses her claws when she attacks me while playing. She pretends to bite me but uses no pressure and then immediately licks me to make sure I know she’s not really attacking me. She’s so cute!
          Good luck with Lady Carlotta!

    • epric002

      who does that?! have you tried confronting them? or reporting it to 311? i’d report it as illegal dumping, unless someone has a better categorical suggestion. i guess you could try and contact the landlord/property manager as well.

      • Becks

        I have very nicely introduced myself so they know the person living next door. I keep picking up the trash and putting it on their steps. But come on! Everyday??? It seems like there are four different renters at the house. Two families of four, and a couple and a single guy. None speak English and my Spanish is horrible!

        • epric002

          report it via 311 (every time it happens) and find out who the landlord/property manager is and tell them what is going on. that sucks.

    • Try the Petco in Columbia Heights. There are also mobile groomers that come with a van for grooming. One of my neighbors uses this but I don’t remember who they use.

    • houseintherear

      Pet nail clipping was my Mt. Everest last summer, and I was determined to hit the summit. I hope that metaphor matches up.
      This is so dumb, but I start by getting the dog and cat both into veeerrrrryyyy relaxed moods. Lots of petting, calm talking, sometimes music, lights off. I clip one pet at each time, and put them in the corner of the couch laying down with their paws towards me, and keep petting for a while. When I cut them, I do one nail then hide the clippers and give treats and more petting, repeat. I don’t do a loud squealing, “Good boy!” because that breaks the calm mood, I’ve found. It takes a long time but it works well and isn’t so stressful (for all involved). Good luck!

      • Becks

        Thanks for the advice. I will definitely try to summit my Mt. Everest of Nail clipping. But, it will take time to get her comfortable with me. She has only resided in Columbia Heights for a month and before that did not have her own person. I don’t think my hands can take the months it will take for her to become comfortable with the holding and the clipping. Honestly, people are starting to ask me questions along the lines of which Fight Club I belong to.

        I would love the name and number of the mobile grooming place. Please let me know! Thank you!

  • Rant: [Expletive deleted] cyclists riding against traffic on Irving Street on Saturday morning. Although in their defense, it’s not like there are one way streets heading west on either side of Irving. Wait . . .
    Rant: Me, for yelling at them. Shouldn’t to that (even though they almost caused an accident. I need to regain my lost Zen. Rock in a stream . . .
    Rave: Dulce de leche ice cream sandwiches (on chocolate cookies) from Sugar Mama at the Columbia Heights farmer’s market. Holy crap, they’re good.

  • Rant: Reasonable rent in this city. Ugh, on the market for a 1br starting August 1 and just getting a bit overwhelmed with prices I’m seeing. I’m not terribly interested in a nice place (no bug/rodents), doesn’t have to be super large and doesn’t have to be in he most desirable location and I’m still struggling to find anything in the 13-1400 price range.

    • Yeah, I looked last year and definitely didn’t find anything around that (more like >1800/mo), so gave up and stayed with my roommates. It sucks. Supply just can’t keep up with demand.

    • try finding an english basement in parkview/petworth/h st/bloomingdale.

      • +1. I rented my English basement in Park View (very close to the Georgia Ave. Metro) for $1250 including utilities.

      • My buddy just got a steal last month on an english basement for $1850 in Pleasant Plains.

        • thats a steal? fml

          • I thought it was a joke. If not- I agree- FML. I pay $300 less for a 1 bedroom by Meridian Hill Park. Yes, I am under rent control, but even new tenants in my building pay no more than $1600 for a 1 bedroom.

          • He almost didn’t get it because people who interviewed later offered the landlord up to between $2100-2500. He just lucked out because they’re from the same area out west.

      • Yes, we rent our basement, with utilities included in that range. Bloomingdale.

    • GiantSquid

      My landlord is trying to rent the English Basement apt under us for (I think) $1600 a month. I don’t think it’s worth that much in quality but location is amazing.

    • Try looking in Anacostia.

    • justinbc

      It exists. I have 4 1BR/1BA newly remodeled units that I rent out in Brentwood for 950-1300 depending on the unit. (no vacancies currently though, sorry)

    • Yeah it seems to be all about timing and how much you can make the landlord like you. I’ve done 1600 in Bloomingdale, 1250 in North Cleveland Park, and 1350 in Bloomingdale. All basements. If you’re willing to do two bedrooms and have a roommate though, there are a lot of good deals in Glover Park or the area by where Mass and Wisconsin meet. I pay 890 and my roommate pays 850 for a lovely two bedroom in GP.

    • jim_ed

      I’d recommend looking in the northern end of Petworth/Brightwood Park/Brightwood. There are a ton of older buildings with reasonable rents around this part of town. There are some nice (from the exterior at least) looking buildings around 14th and Kennedy that rent fairly cheaply I believe. Also on Jefferson between Georgia and 5th. It will just take time of scouting the area and patience, since the quality and sketchiness varies dramatically and seemingly randomly. Also, maybe look at the Rittenhouse Apts at 16th and Rittenhouse? They look well maintained and appear to have reasonable rents.

    • i’m with you. i’m thinking i can no longer afford dc. breaks my heart.

    • Check out some of the older (i.e., rent controlled) properties. I live at a WC Smith property and to the best of my knowledge, they all have reasonably priced units (depending on timing and availability of course).

    • Oh no… I’m about to start looking for a 1BR too, I hadn’t realized how much the price had gone up for them (I’ve been doing roommates/group housing for years and am just getting fed up, bf and I may move in together). I was hoping they’d be about 1300-1400 as well. English basement in Bloomingdale sounds great though, my bf already lives there in a 2BR basement anyway… I’ll have to keep an eye out.

  • Rave – Had a great time at my friend’s wedding. It was a big traditional Indian wedding with amazing food, music and dancing. And the weather was perfect.
    Rant – I want to buy a new bike but don’t really have the funds right now.
    Rave – No traffic on the ride back to DC from NJ yesterday. Got home early enough for a nice long walk along the canal to enjoy the amazing weather.

  • Rant: Anybody else go to Tour de Fat and ended up pretty underwhelmed, if not annoyed by most of the experience? The lines for everything were ridiculously long, they ran out of the their limited release beers practically five seconds after they tapped them, people ended up waiting in the wrong lines for long periods of time because there wasn’t any information available. It just didn’t seem to be run well. And a complete lack of food around, which is really surprising. A lot of people were leaving to go to Potbelly’s, which apparently ran out of food. Too bad, though, because Reggie Watts was a blast (even if his set was wicked short) and the weather was amazing.

    • I never go to a festival expecting to get food or drink. Better to just be out there experiencing it than stand in lines.

      • i agree….the whole “craft beer festival” lost its cache about 2 years ago, every time its way too crowded for the number of taps (probably by design) so you dont drink all the beer and get completely wasted. I wanted to go to this but now i am kinda glad i didnt. Ended up biking around the mall sunday, it was perfect! until my friend popped his tire…..why are there no bike shops open downtown on sunday?

      • Yeah, I generally assume festivals are configured (intentionally or not) so that you don’t get your money’s worth in food and drink. That’s been my experience in the past for the most part. It’s really a shame in particular if it’s a food or drink festival.

      • I made sure to eat before going, because it took forever to get food last year. But, we got in one of the non-special beer lines, probably around 2:30 and had our beers in hand in less than 5 minutes.
        I do think the lay out wasn’t as good this year, but part of the park is closed, so there wasn’t much of a choice.

        • Yeah, at the beginning until about 3 the normal beer lines were pretty okay, but for some reason at 3 they all turned into crazy long lines. Everybody was probably hoping to get a Carnie’s Blood, but when it kicked, they all left for whatever else was available and a lot quicker.

          • Well, the Nats game next door ended somewhere around that time.
            For an event that starts at noon and ends at 5, I figured 2:30-3 would be the busiest part, but it seems like it got really busy later.

    • skj84

      The line weren’t too terrible until the Nats game let out. My friends and I stopped at Eastern Market for lunch, but I do remember seeing the Mellow Mushroom truck and DC Slices. But yeah, I think they could’ve directed traffic a bit better. Especially on the ride itself. We got back up so much with traffic, I think marshals could’ve directed the flow better.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: shitty mood.
    Revel: Amazing brunch at Beuchert’s yesterday.
    Rant: It’s gorgeous outside and I’m stuck inside. See first rant.

  • Rave: Had a great time at a fiesta put on by our kid’s school Sat night!
    Rant: Overindulged at the fiesta. Hope I didn’t embarrass myself too much.

  • Rave: We just moved to Park View, and are exploring the neighborhood – Harrar coffee is fantastic and Mothership has a great patio! Anyone been to Bravo lounge or know if Tipsy Peacock or Hilltop (on Sherman) are opening up soon?

    • I would love an update on Hilltop! My friends and I have already decided it’s going to be our sort of half way hang out spot. Now we just need it to open.

  • Revel: A wonderful weekend and a much desever promotion at work.
    Rant: Discovered I am the lowest paid in the new position with the highest workload, because my organization favors age and work history, whether or not it is related to the job, thus anyone who starts their careers here makes significantly less than new hires and leave me making in some cases less than those I am supervising…
    Question: The significant other has landed a great position and the new employer would really like us to relocate to HQ in Dallas. Me finding a new job is the current hang up. I don’t love my current job and would hate to jump to something else terrible and I’d really love to find something in my field of study, though I know Dallas isn’t really the hub for it. Anyone have any advice or insight regarding international relations/development jobs in that area?

    • Try looking for openings at UNA-USA, World Affairs Council, International Rescue Committee and other refugee resettlement organizations.

  • Rant: Can you IMAGINE the outrage if I walked in the bike lane???
    “Dear PoPville – I was taking my new public bike out for a spin this weekend, and this broad is moseying along the bike lane! I went around her and expressed my disapproval with a scowl over the shoulder. Is this a thing now? What would you have done?”
    200 comments, guaranteed.
    And yet when it’s bikes on the sidewalk…

    • You’re aware that it’s only in the Central Business District (south of Massachusetts Ave.) that bicycling on the sidewalk is forbidden, right?
      (Whether it SHOULD be forbidden elsewhere is of course another matter.)

    • Same conversation, usually with threats to knock the bicyclist off their bike. What’s your point?
      I think that most reasonable people agree that biking on the sidewalk should be rare, and either when no pedestrians are present or exceedingly considerate of them. It’s the a-holes (welcome to DC) that are the problem whether they are driving, biking, walking, or jetpacking.

    • i can’t imagine the indignity you must have suffered.

    • Well, it’s illegal to walk in the street and the bike lanes are part of the street. It’s only illegal in a small part of town to bike on the sidewalk. Personally, I think only children should be able to bike on the sidewalk but alas.

  • Rave-one of the best weekends i have had in a long time. Combo of weather, well behaved toddler, catching up with friends all rolled into one. I have been worried about low grade depression for about 6 months now and this past weekend was my first glimpse in a long time to my old self.

  • Rave: There’s a slightly possibility that husband and I will relocate to Portland. We have never been further north of san francisco, and going to visit is not really an option (living outside of US right now). What are people’s thoughts on in comparing to DC?
    Rant: just briefly looked at apts in Portland, and there are like only 3 places with gas ranges. It is my only non-negotiable item. I am a big cook and just cannot do it on electric stove. Honestly it’s the thing that worries me about Portland the most.

    • Portland and DC are apples and oranges. If you like food and cooking, you’ll probably be happy about your produce options, which should be better and cheaper than DC. The weather is pretty temperate, but you’ll get tired of the rain. August and September are the best (driest) months of the year.

      If you’re into the outdoors, you’ll love it. It is also a lot smaller than DC. Not many international flights from PDX…

    • justinbc

      They are so drastically different it’s really difficult to compare. There’s an amazing beer scene there, if you’re into that. It definitely has more of a small town with a large population feel, to me. Best brunch I’ve ever had was in Portland (at The Screen Door). I would reconsider your dislike of electric ranges, unless you’ve cooked on a new one recently and just really hate it. I never thought I would like it, but we got one as a temporary replacement while we wait on our full kitchen remodel and it’s worked surprisingly well. I’m still going to go back to gas once the remodel is done, but I have a new respect for electric ranges now thanks to the improvements in the tech.

      • I did cook on one for a year, but it must have been 8 years old. It was glass top and shiny. It did not go well for me. 🙂

        • A poor craftsman blames his tools….

          • sounds like you’re projecting. a good craftsman appreciates good tools….

          • I actually don’t care, but it just seems like a weird thing for a major life decision for 2 people to hinge on.

          • Would you have an outdoor space? You could always get a grill with a gas burner and use that for things where it makes a difference (like deep frying).

          • justinbc

            If you’re using an older electric range they can be really unreliable, I can understand the frustration. If they like to cook a lot, and renting is the only option, then it makes sense to hold out for a place that has everything you want, as you’re unlikely to install your own gas line in a rental property.

    • Yeah, the lack of flights is a bummer. But I keep telling myself that if we hate it, we can leave in two years. It will be an adventure, if anything.

      • justinbc

        You’re a pretty close drive to Seattle at least (about 2 hours), and then another 2 hours up to Vancouver, so that could keep things interesting.

    • How about looking through local blogs? Also read the Portland newspaper (Oregonian) and see what is on the agenda for city council meetings. It might help you get a better feel for the city.
      Like other’s have said – it’s a great place, and quite different from DC. Is there a compelling reason not to move there?

    • First, I absolutely support your demand for a gas range. Some things are too important not to hold out for. Second, if you love to cook, you should be aware that the Portland Farmers Market (at least in August — I’ve only been twice, both times in late summer) is better than all the DC farmer’s markets put together and better than the New York City Union Square Greenmarket. Just an astounding place. One example: last Labor Day (among many other things), I bought a brown bag lunch sack full of fresh chanterelles for twenty bucks –or less than the Mushroom Lady sells two loosely packed pint containers for.

      • I love chanterelles! So there’s one big market? perhaps i look for an apartment near it. Thank you!

  • Question: Looking for a place that might sell full-size or somewhat mature currant bushes/plants. Anyone seen em?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Feel like death warmed over. I’m sure it’s just allergies but everyone morning for the past few days I’ve felt like I was hit by a bus.
    Rant/Rave: Donna Martin has discovered she really likes climbing over my shoulders, which is cute when I’m watching TV or reading, not so cute when I’m sleeping.
    Rave: When I read while lounging on my stomach Donna walks on my back, giving me a wee massage. Such a good kitty!

  • Rant: cursory internet research has lead me to believe some of my recent weight gain is from my nasal steroids. Obviously, cursory internet research isn’t reliable, so I’ll have to do more research tonight.
    Rave: I actually don’t know what I’m allergic to, but it seems that I’ve been doing better the passed two weeks and my annual spring sinus infection has been successfully cured.

  • Rant: Would looooove to try the rooftop dinner at Rose’s Luxury, but finding a group of 8-10 willing to shell out $125+ is daunting.

    • To what are you referring????

      • I can’t believe the rooftop dates keep selling out instantly. Who are all these people with so much money??

        • There are a lot of people who do the tasting menu circuit in NYC like Eleven Madison Park, Per Se etc. And a lot of people who do it just once or twice a year for special occasions.
          At Rose’s for $125 you get unlimited food- much better deal, cheaper than a tasting menu.
          It isn’t completely far-fetched for a group of people to shell out $125 for this.

        • justinbc

          Komi is slightly more expensive, and it’s booked up for the entire restaurant, rather than just a 10 person table, year round.

        • I mean, I could see myself paying $125 for an excellent meal sometime in my life (maybe in 4 years when my partner and I celebrate our 10-year anniversary). For a once-in-a-lifetime meal it’s reasonable. But I can’t imagine finding eight other people willing to have a once-in-a-lifetime meal (I can’t even think of an occasion where that would make sense). But I guess there are a lot of very wealthy people in DC who would do this as a normal nice meal out.

        • justinbc

          I think it all depends on how much you like the particular activity of dining out with friends. Some folks like to have “once in a lifetime” meals many more times than once. Or, their cut-off for that qualifier is a lot higher. (considering there are several places in SF/NYC/etc that start in the $300-400 range per person)

        • should we do a popville excursion? i’d fork over 125 happily but none of my friends would (and some of them definitely couldn’t, and I’d feel like a jerk asking)

        • If you’re into serious fine dining, $125 doesn’t get you into “meal of a lifetime” expense potential and Rose’s — as much as I like it — doesn’t get you into top-tier cooking. The French Laundry, at $295 and Alinea, at $265, are closer to the mark in both cases. In town, you’re looking at $110 for CityZen and $168 to $198 for the Inn at Little Washington. $125 is, in some sense, Pretty reasonable for a private room with lots of food at hot, hot restaurant.

        • I’d be up for a popville excursion. I don’t know that many people who would want to go and I don’t mind spending that much for a great meal. Only downside is I don’t eat that much so unlimited food usually is wasted on me, but I’d be willing to try it anyway.

    • GiantSquid

      Let’s do a PoPville dinner there! I’ll gladly fork over the cash for a guaranteed seat and unlimited food.

      • Yes!!
        So we need 6-8 more! PoPvillians, please join us 🙂
        Info: http://rosesluxury.com/private_events/

        • That looks amazing. I’d do it!

        • justinbc

          So, I’m totally up for doing this, but the issue is that the reservations are basically ‘take what you can get’, so you have to have people who are seriously committed to going whatever night gets decided upon. That means no “oh I have a conflict on Tuesday but Wednesday is OK” or “my piano lesson is always a Thursday so those dates are out”, no flaking the day of or day before due to illness, etc. when you’re depending on 8-10 people to all be in that same boat, it becomes rather difficult, much more so than the money factor itself.

          • So we have 4, potentially!

            There’s a $200 deposit. Perhaps we can ask everyone to chip in part of the deposit to confirm their spot, and make it non-refundable. Also to submit their portion of the deposit the day before reservations open for a particular date (ex. June 8 for reservations at the end of June. Signups actually occur on June 9)

          • I live extremely close to Rose’s and hope to try it someday. But I’ve never, ever, spent that much on a meal. Even on the most special of occasions I’ll only spend about half as much. And the idea of stuffing myself to get my money’s worth is not appealing either. So I’m out!

          • Generally speaking if you can afford to live “extremely close” to Rose’s Luxury then you can afford this meal.

          • Um, no. I bought three years ago when prices weren’t insane.

          • Capitol Hill is one of the most stable markets in the city. Prices haven’t changed that much in 3 years.

          • That’s simply not true at all.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        Who’s gonna put down the $200 deposit? And risk no-shows. Very much enjoyed brunch at AmBar. Mimosas next time. Most of the food was average but the service was beyond excellent. And they let us stay for 3 hours! Kicked out just in time for happy hour.

        • Pay part of the deposit (around $25) to reserve your spot. The deposit won’t be paid until everyone chips in.

    • I’ve counted 5 interested so far, including myself.

      I made a Google survey for anyone to fill out if they’re interested: goo.gl/CcR2J6

      (Any organizer-types out there, let me know if I’m missing any pertinent information and I’ll add it)

  • Rave: The DC Current clinched their spot in the playoffs and sit atop the Eastern Conference with 2 games left to play in the regular season!

  • Rave: Fantastic weather over the weekend.
    Rant: Couldn’t go to the PoPville brunch group’s brunch (Sunday-afternoon conflict).
    Rave: Should be able to go to the next brunch, which is on a Saturday.
    Rant: Saw a guy throwing a water bottle out of his SUV yesterday when I was driving home from Home Depot. Thought about driving up alongside him and saying “You dropped something,” but didn’t want to risk getting yelled at/threatened.
    Rant: Litter in general, and litterers.
    Rave: Although my picking up litter on my street never seemed to encourage my neighbors to do the same, I’m finding that planting pretty plants seems to be contagious, or to inspire some level of friendly competition. It’s nice to see people with formerly unkempt yards making them look nicer.

  • Rave: beautiful weather today.
    Rave: coworker unexpectedly took me out to lunch.
    Rave: the weekend was wonderful (Friday: went out to Merrifield to visit a friend – delicious cooking; Saturday: cleaned, went to a lovely party with a bunch of old Russians, drove out to rural Maryland to watch the stars; Sunday: brunch, Eastern Market, Tunnicliff’s, walked around Capitol Hill, delicious dinner).
    Rant: tupelo honey at Hill’s Kitchen is ridiculously pricey.

  • Jeopardy! audition on Friday was a ton of fun. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the phone to ring – ha ha ha! But, just getting an audition is a big hurdle – about 100,000 people took the online test, and only 3,000 (nationwide) will get auditions. Of those 3,000 only about 400 will be needed for the actual shows. But, this pool of potential contestants lasts until the end of 2015, so there’s plenty of time to dream about it, and who knows? Maybe I’ll get the call!

  • I just accidentally farted in my cubicle so loud.

  • Rant: People are the worst
    Rant: People like to hear about misery rather than happiness
    That is all

    • I don’t think that’s really the issue — I think people were objecting more to the posting of so many identifying details that if Bargirl stumbled across this site, she’d recognize herself in your posts.

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