Metro Getting Excited about the Silver Line – Check out 3 new videos


“With a July 26 opening date now set, Metro today unveiled three television ads to further increase public awareness of the Silver Line. The 15-second commercials, which will begin airing later this week, encourage the region to “look alive, good times are ahead,” while creatively highlighting the benefits of the new line: access to employment, entertainment, and shopping without the hassles of traffic or the expense of gas and parking.”

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  • The frozen videos above? Those are the expressions I make WHILE WAITING ON METRO. Which never runs — three trains an hour on most lines last weekend. And this weekend Dupont, Farragut North and Metro Center are closed on the red line. Metro is in no way capable of adding an additional line.

    • This is why I refuse to give up my car… I’d rather be in traffic listening to the radio in my car rather than in the rain waiting for a train to arrive while hoping my cell phone doesn’t get stolen or lost.

      • Accountering

        Why would you lose your cell phone? Why would you be waiting for a train in the rain? I can understand preferring to keep your car, and sit in traffic, but your reasoning has some holes…

        • Yeah, and a direct Metro line to downtown is much better than existing public transit options (if you think Metrorail is unreliable and doesn’t run often enough, try one of the suburban Metrobus lines). Plus this should reduce traffic for those that still prefer to drive.

        • I’m guessing that s/he is referring to using Metro stations that are not underground — where you can, indeed, get rained on.

    • most of the SLs usage will be on weekdays, by commuters.

      • maxwell smart

        considering the traffic on the weekends to get to Tyson’s Corner, I doubt this will be true

        • even if people mode switch as much on weekends, weekdays represent more than 2X as many days. And many people prefer to drive for shopping, due to the need to carry packages.

          And you are assuming that we are talking only commuters to Tysons from DC. There will be people commuting from Tysons and Reston to Rosslyn and DC.

    • And yet WMATA insists that weekend track work has not contributed to any kind of ridership decreases. It’s sad.

  • The Silver Line will use the same tracks as the Blue and Orange Lines, the very same that were completely f***ed up this morning…
    Metro should use their money in other way than by spreading their propaganda on TV.

    • the feds, Va, MWAA, and FFX have spent almost $3 billion on this – it needs to be utilized, in order to relieve traffic congestion in Va and to transform Tysons. Running ads to get more people to use it makes lots of sense.

  • These videos are a surprisingly good representation of life in Loudon County.

    • +1
      I’ve never lived in Loudon, but it reminded me of my former life in Fairfax County. Between being drained from the driving commute, not wanting to go anywhere else because of the traffic, and not wanting to go out at night because there’s no way to do it without drunk driving, you become quite the homebody.
      I can also relate to the last video. As an engineering professional I have a lot of job opportunities out in Loudon, but my hatred of driving has kept me from considering them.

      • People with jobs in FFX or LoCo have shorter commutes.

        and its easy to go out without drunk driving. Unless going out implies drinking. Even then, my wife and I can out to dinner, and I can order a beer, and she can drive (she does not drink.)

        I am all for urban living, but the point above seems a bit narrow.

        • At the time I didn’t have a spouse that could be designated driver. I’m a small woman so one drink could put me over the limit (and let’s face it, one drink can easily turn into two or three if you’re having a good time). It just seemed like too much of a hassle to worry about it so I usually stayed at home. Even if you’re not drinking a lot of drivers on VA roads have been on a typical Saturday night, and that makes going home a lot more dangerous.
          Somer Mathis recently wrote an article for that Atlantic on this subject that I thought was really good. The best way to prevent drunk driving is to simply have non-driving transit options available.

          • I think the point is that living in FFX and Loudoun sucks if you’re single and want to have a social life. If you have a spouse/partner and are raising a family, it’s easier since your time is monopolized by them and work.

          • ^exactly. That’s who the first ad is being marketed to. How many times, on this site alone, has someone lamented that the guy they’ve been talking to online lives out in the ‘burbs and therefore it’s not going to work logistically?

          • I don’t think the odds of getting killed by a drunk driver on a saturday night in FFX or Loudoun is high enough to really alter life expectancy (dwarfed by the health impacts of a sedentary lifestyle – I think urban living is good cause you can get walking and biking without an overpriced gym membership)

            Note, the worst places to be on a Sat night are rural 2 lane 2 way roads signed at 55MPH. Eastern Loudoun has few if any such roads – and the ones in FFX are easily avoided by most people.

        • Ask those folks what they think of their commutes. Some might work close to home, but not all of them do. It used to take me an hour and a half, on average, to travel 15 miles to work. That really cuts into one’s free time and I don’t think my experience was atypical, given all the folks stuck in gridlock on the highway with me.

          • I personally would not want a 40 minute suburb to suburb driving commute in traffic. but clearly lots of people will put up with it – and many people value their larger homes, their schools, etc over the short commute. The notion that everyone in the suburbs is sad all the time is silly.

            Note some folks avoid traffic by going in very early – I couldnt do that, but some do. And some people do choose to live close to their suburban work – commuting from say Vienna to Tysons, instead of from Loudoun to Tysons. Heck from Vienna to Tysons you can bike.

            Different strokes for different folks. I think we need more urban places in the region – the price premium for a walkable place shows that. But the “ew yuck everyone there is sad” thing just makes y’all look immature.

            I also think that reinforcing the notion that walkable urban living is mainly needed to make it easier to go out drinking needlessly limits the target market for urban living.

          • So the people you mentioned won’t be their target audience anyway. I think it’s fair to say that having Metro access will improve the quality of life for lots of people out there though.

  • By frozen I meant paused — they play just fine. The images are just frozen at funny expressions.

  • These people’s expressions embody what I imagine it’s like to live in most of the VA neighborhoods on the Silver Line.

  • I”m not sure why they don’t work then.

  • Which hack “creative” firm did WMATA hire to do their recent campaigns?

    • I just imagine all hack WMATA Board members chuckling around a conference table as some overly stylished hipster ad-man presents the proposals.
      “Oh that’s a good one! Those young folks living on H Street will think this is really cool. Har har har!”

  • The phrasing of “Silver LIne” in the videos reminds me of Arrested Development.

    Buster: “These are my awards, Mother. From Army.”

  • These guys have the WMATA account, not sure about these ads though:

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