Silver Line Opening Date will be Saturday July 26

by Prince Of Petworth June 23, 2014 at 11:24 am 24 Comments

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“Metro General Manager and CEO Richard Sarles today announced the opening date for Silver Line service.

“We have set the opening date for the Silver Line as Saturday, July 26,” said Sarles. “The five new Silver Line stations will open to customers at noon, and the first Silver Line train will depart Wiehle-Reston East, bound for Largo Town Center, at that time.”

The announcement of an opening date follows two weeks of progress by the Airports Authority and their contractor to resolve open work items. Sarles noted that there are still remaining items — such as obtaining Certificates of Occupancy — that are expected to be resolved prior to the opening date.

Silver Line trains will operate between Reston and Largo at the same frequency as most other lines. During rush hours, trains will run every 6 minutes; at off-peak times, trains will run every 12 to 20 minutes. Five new stations will be added to the system: McLean, Tysons Corner, Greensboro, Spring Hill and Wiehle-Reston East.

To finalize employee familiarization and confirm schedules, Metro plans to conduct a week of “simulated service,” starting Sunday, July 20. During the service simulation, Silver Line trains will run on the system without carrying passengers to or from the five new stations. However, the “simulation” trains will carry passengers between East Falls Church and Largo Town Center.

As a result of Silver Line service, riders at stations from East Falls Church to Court House will see trains arrive more frequently at all times, and riders from Rosslyn to Stadium-Armory will notice more frequent service outside rush hours. On the Blue Line, trains will operate every 12 minutes at all times of the day, and during rush hours, trains at Vienna, Dunn Loring and West Falls Church, will arrive and depart every 6 minutes.

Riders can check fares and travel times, get station information and learn more about the project by visiting silverlinemetro.com.

Metro took control of the first phase of the Silver Line less than a month ago, on May 27. The milestone, known as the “Operational Readiness Date” (ORD), marked the point where care and control of the line was formally transferred from the Airports Authority to Metro.”

  • So when do we think the first Silver line train will break down and at what station? *…

  • wonder when they’re going to update the map/trip planning options on wmata.com?

    • Anonymous

      I actually hope they don’t add this as an option on the trip planner too soon, it would be awful for someone to look up that it takes 30 minutes to go from Metro Ctr to Reston East when in fact that trip isn’t possible! I’m not optimistic that they;ll have correct settings so that it will only spit back results if you choose a date that is after the opening.

      • not yet they don’t. you can plan trips as far out as 26 july but the silver line stations aren’t yet an option. nor are the station names showing on the map, even though they have them on the maps in the train cars (right?).

        • Anonymous

          Changing the physical maps in stations and cars is a process so it makes some sense that they started that a few weeks ago. They could change the website over at any moment before the Silver line actually opens. Whether they will, I obviously don’t know. I do know that no matter what they do, someone will complain that they did it wrong.

          • i get that. just surprised that they made the Big Announcement but hadn’t updated their website yet.

    • DCNative

      I agree with anonymous — I’m guessing that they’ll change the trip planner either on the day it opens or just before. The potential downsides of being able to plan trips that are not yet possible is huge, and unless you’ve been eagerly awaiting the opening of the Silver line, you might not pay attention to the dates — as in noticing that while you CAN do a trip on July 26 , you CAN’T do that same trip on June 26.

    • Anonymous

      trip planner includes a date of your trip. they will update the planner soon and it show expected trip schedules for dates in which the line is in service.

      they update the trip planner all the time to account for scheduled trackwork.

      One of the reasons wmata took so long to get their info into google maps was because google doesn’t update as often, so track work is not reflected in google maps.

  • Finally! Congratulations Metro.

    Dulles here we come – well in another few years.

  • Anonymous

    The silverline is so dumb; it’s still going to take over an hour to get out there…I wish there had been a fancy high speed rail to connect dulles to civilization instead of another clunky old metro line.

    • Anonymous

      Well, driving to Tysons can often take MORE than an hour, and not everyone has a car, and some of the purpose of the silver line is to increase the ability to move around within the suburbs without a car rather than just to or from the central core.

      • Anonymous

        It took me longer than an hour just to park at Tyson’s once. If I ever have to go back there for some reason I’m definitely taking the metro.

        • Oh_Sweet_Thing

          Yep, this. It’s a long metro ride for me to Tyson’s but ANYTHING is better than trying to drive out there and park, especially around the holidays or even just on a weekend.

          • yup. my fabulous hairstylist (joy at zoe salon!) works at tysons and i HATE having to drive out there. can’t wait for the silver line to open!

      • Anonymous

        I wasn’t comparing it to a car. I just dont think it will save much time from the current orangeline+bus combo. I would still have to do take a bus from the a silver line stop instead of an orange line one to get to most places. I avoid tysons like the plauge haha and usually only have to out for the occasional Reston work training.

    • Nonsense.

    • Dumb? That is a strange response. Come on, have you ever been caught on the Dulles Access Road in your car… sure you a train could break down but the sky fall in too…

      Clearly a high speed rail is not an option… civilization begins at the border of Dulles Airport. I don’t think the train could even reach a high speed.

      I personally hope Metro continues to grow through the generations giving everyone – options.

  • dc_mike

    I find this strange:

    “The five new Silver Line stations will open to customers at noon, and the first Silver Line train will depart Wiehle-Reston East, bound for Largo Town Center, at that time.”

    So if you’re at Wiehle-Reston East you can get in at noon to watch the first train depart without any passengers?

    • lindz0722

      This was my first thought as well. Typical Metro :)

  • Anonymous

    Did that free range pig in the other post just grow wings?

    • textdoc

      Chuckled out loud.

      • anon

        chuckle, yes!

  • Next to the new Petworth Safeway…best news I’ve had this year. (My office is 300 yards from the McLean station, and I take Metro 4 days a week.)

  • kook47797

    Are metro operators getting training on how to pronounce “Wiehle”?


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