Behold the Beaver of Rock Creek


@The_Har tweets us the latest volume of wildlife seen in the city:

“Rock Creek Beaver?

right by waterside drive. Just hanging out eating. And scaring the crap out of @little_ape”

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  • oh god kill it with fire

  • orderedchaos

    That’s totally Bigfoot.

  • In seasons past, I’ve seen adolescent beavers on some of the lower stretches of Rock Creek around this time of year, when they’re searching out their own territories. I don’t think the sections where the park is just a narrow strip, would really have enough trees to support their diet, and I haven’t seen any beavers establish permanent residence (maybe with some discouragement from the Park Service?).

    But it’s great to see them in our neck of the woods anyway, definitely a positive sign that the creek is reasonably healthy.

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