Small Business, Q West Nails 2, Affected by Building Collapse in Mt. Vernon Square Reopens – Show ’em Some Love if you Can

468 K Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Q West 2, located next to the buildings that collapsed a couple of weeks ago in Mt. Vernon, has re-opened for business. They had just opened the new location a few weeks before the accident and were starting to build the client base there. Obviously, the accident has set them back a bit. I’m sure they’d appreciate if you could help spread the word.”

I felt so bad for them when I first saw the photos – def. show them some love if you live or work nearby.

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  • FWIW – I have been going to the Q West on 18th street for the past several years – they’re great! I havent been to the new location, but if it’s as good as the first location, I highly recommend it! The ladies are super friendly, it’s clean and professional, and they do a great job on mani/pedis, waxing, and massage. Solid on all fronts – if you work near there, check them out!

  • What are they asking for publicity or money? Do they have insurance?

    • No, they’re just asking for your business. They’re trying to build a customer base for the new location, but their efforts were set back by the accident and ongoing clean-up going on next door. It can be hard to see that they’ve re-opened for business (despite the signs they’ve put up on the plywood that keeps pedestrians out of the work zone).

  • I’ve been going to QWest on 18th for over 10 years. I still go there even though I’ve moved from the neighborhood. I’ve never had mani/pedis last as long as when I go there, even pricier ones. And I’ve never had any issues with cleanliness. Not a paid shill just a longtime, satisfied customer! And some employees are working at both shops so I’m sure the new location is great too!

  • I hate to do this (as I do really feel bad about the building collapse – live around the corner and saw how bad the damage was) but I would NOT recommend this location.

    I’m a pretty frequent manicure client at Tammy’s on the Hill – which is AMAZING btw – but went here in a pinch when I needed my gel manicure removed. I waited about 30 minutes with my nails soaking in acetone before someone came over to help me. She started to use unsterilized tools and seemed really annoyed when I asked her to open a new kit. She proceeded to do a pretty sloppy job, but I didn’t say anything because I’m not super picky. However, when I noticed that she had missed a large part of my one nail, I pointed it out to her and she rolled her eyes and muttered something under her breath. She spoke to the front desk girl in another language who came over and pointed out the large missing spot to her – it was clear she didn’t want to do anything more and was very annoyed to not be able to rush me out. The nice front desk girl tried to apologize to me while she roughly fixed the nail.

    The next week when I took my manicure off I noticed that there was still gel manicure residue left on every nail. I’m sure the other location is great and maybe there are other manicurist at this location who do a good job but I will never be going back.

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