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Building Collapses next to Cloakroom in Mt. Vernon Square

by Prince Of Petworth May 2, 2014 at 4:12 pm 18 Comments

400 block of K St, NW

Whoa @WeinDC tweets us the photo above at 4:10pm:

“Building just collapsed!”

@ShoesMcCoat tweets us:

“Whoah! Building collapse , louis rouge just collapsed hope everyone out ok big police fire response”

@WeinDC sends an updated photo at 4:23pm:


Update – @dcfireems tweets:

“UPDATE: 400blk of K St. NW – Structural collapse. Units on scene. 1pt transported with minor injuries.”

Another reader from CityVista sends a shot from a higher vantage point:

photo 2

  • Truxton Thomas

    Looks like the dancers aren’t the only ones on this block who are topless.

    • Anonymous

      hahahaha! I was wondering if they escaped without clothing on but it seems to have happened to the building next door?

  • JS

    Not a good week for old buildings on that stretch of K St.

  • dck

    WaPo says “Debris from the buildings that fell damaged a strip club called the Cloak Room, and forced the evacuation of patrons and entertainers”

  • h st ll

    hope everybody’s ok!

  • kallie

    next up on stage…the ceiling.

  • recon::decon

    Veronica and Cammy’s striptease truly brought the house down.

    • Anonymous

      I told them again and again “shake it, don’t break it”. They shook it and broke it.

  • bruno

    Maybe destabilized by the 2011 earthquake? The plumber said lots got knocked loose that only gradually becomes apparent.

  • Anon

    Something tells me there is one happy developer out there somewhere.

    • Anonymous

      My guess is that the retaining wall between Louis and the red brick shell next door failed. It will be interesting to see the lawsuits fly between these two property owners. The red brick shell on the left is in a truly decrepit state.
      This is what happens when the city doesn’t apply the blighted tax promptly and force the owner to either develop it or conduct a fire sale of the asset. Shell buildings can become extremely dangerous, even to the otherwise structurally sound building next to them.

      • StatingTheObvious

        Well, there was also an approval for structural work to the club building in 2012 that exists, so it’s possible that work was done improperly. Bet this also means the end of Dacha’s plans to open a beer garden next door, since if the club is determined to be structurally unsound, there’s no way they’re going to allow an outdoor bar that abuts the exterior wall.

  • the dude

    Without the roof it’s not so much of a shady place any more

  • !!!

    When making it rain goes wrong!!!

  • Cop at the scene told me they think it was a satellite that crashed through the ceiling. No black vans or FBI there, so I doubt it was true.
    But hey – at least I got to see Darcy Spencer and Pat Collins in person.

  • Job

    Not a load bearing pole apparently.

  • nek

    Just a coincidence that there were two collapses within two blocks of each other?? When the last of the old NPR building came down, just a block from this, people nearby reported that it felt like an earthquake, and like too much of it seemed to fall at once. Could have shaken nearby buildings and caused unnoticed structural damage (made worse by recent rains/water damage).

    • bruno

      And there was an earthquake in 2011.


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