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  • Yikes, I wonder if the Zumba class is happening tonight.

  • Rock Creek Parkway is a disaster area. I figure it’s gonna take some time before it’s all cleaned up and open once again. The same thing happened about six or seven years ago, and it was closed for a week or two. The roadway was damaged in places and completely covered with sand, and it took months to get the trails back in order.

    • oh damn. i take rcpw to work in VA. working from hom etoday because the traffic was so bad. what am i going to do. 🙁

      • Leave earlier and take 23rd St?

      • Wow, you get to work from home when traffic is bad? Wish my office had that policy!

        • I’ve never heard of such a thing. Do your coworkers who live in the suburbs just never go in?

        • i get to work from home basically whenever i want. 🙂 our entire company works remotely, doing services in client offices, so we are set up for it. my clients are all virtual so I usually work in the home office, but no need for me to be there.

        • tonyr

          It’s not that unusual, I can work from home two days a week per company policy. I usually go in unless there’s a snowstorm since I like being in the office. My coworkers stick to their three days in religiously though.

  • Oh, and I heard that Peirce Mill was badly damaged from the flooding.

  • Canal Park did not suffer any water damage due to the storms. Canal Park’s dancing water jets opened today on schedule! Water got into the Yards Park pump room and the canal basin, waterfall, and water jets will stay closed until repairs are complete. But the Yards Park boardwalk is open, as are the restaurants, and Vida’s free fitness classes in Yards Park start tomorrow (5/2)! Go to the events page at http://www.capitolriverfront.org for the most up-to-date schedule of summer events.

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