Reader Seeks Help in Identifying Mother’s Attacker from Last Thurs. Night on Capitol Hill

“Dear PoPville,

On Thursday night at approximately 1015pm while walking home from the Eastern market metro my mother was robbed and attacked with a knife at the intersection of 9th and C St. SE. She suffered serious injuries to her neck but will make a full recovery. She’s lived on the Hill for 30 years – it’s just so awful that this type of senseless violence happens.

If anyone has any information please call MPD 1st district and ask for the lead Detective Ray Stargel.

MPD 1D Phone: 202-698-0555 or 202-727-9099

Hoping someone saw something suspicious that will help lead to an arrest.”

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  • So sorry for your mom… hope she makes a full recovery and that the scumbag(s) who did this are caught. But what’s going on in this area? Anyone else notice the graffiti at 9th and North Carolina, and on the garage of the house at 8th and Independence?

    • What does the graffiti say?

      • I live next to the 8th & independence one, and it’s indecipherable. But as I recall there was a spate of graffiti that week that occurred throughout the city and not just in our neighborhood.

  • Sorry this happened to your mom, but I’m glad she’ll make a full recovery.

  • That’s awful!

    Is she able to provide any sort of description about her attacker(s)? Physical appearance, clothing, anything?

  • So scary. And isn’t this right by where that man was attacked at his door by supposed high school kids. Could this be related?

  • I live a block away but unfortunately didn’t see anything. The amount of street crime we’ve been having the past few years is really surprising. I hope your mom is doing ok both physically and mentally after that experience.

  • Sorry this happened. Is it me, or does it seem like there has been an uptick in crimes of this nature around Eastern Market over the past few weeks?

    • Not just you. Has anyone else seen the grafitti at 9th and North Carolina, or at 8th and Independence?

    • Seems like that to me as well. But, there’s always an uptick when the weather warms.

    • justinbc

      “Violent Crime” has statistically doubled in the area, from last year to now.

      • but not statistically significant. It’s still relatively low, especially by DC standards. If you go from 3 incidents to 6 it’s a 100% increase in violent crime. I have no idea what those number are, but if you look at the historic district I’m pretty sure I’m not that far off.

        • justinbc

          It went from about 15 to about 30 (numbers are not exact because it’s based on a 1500 foot radius from 8th and A St SE, a random point I picked near Eastern Market). That means you go from a little over 1 per month to about 2.5 per month. So to people who are easily afraid of this kind of thing that’s a pretty noticeable increase.

  • WTF is happening at Eastern Market?

  • So sorry to hear about this. I’m glad your Mom is going to be okay. Please let us know if we can help. I’m over at 16th and A SE so I’m in the neighborhood as well.

  • More money for cops, less for “affordable housing”… amiright?!

  • Poor lady. 🙁 Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • Very sorry to hear about this. I can’t imagine what I would want to do if something like this happened to my mother. I wish her the best in her recovery.
    I used to live in that general area. Loved it during the day, but at night it just got weirdly quiet. I’m now in a less-gentrified area, but feel more comfortable simply because people are always around.
    This really confirms my reluctancy toward just “giving up my possessions because they aren’t worth getting hurt over.” If I’m going to get attacked regardless, I’d rather at least try to sway the odds in my favor. How would MPD address this?

    • “How would MPD address this?” Well, they’d tell you not to file a police report, and that there’s really no use looking for a suspect since you couldn’t provide an immediate description, being that you were in the hospital and everything. And then they’d go to the hospital, give you a ticket for jaywalking, and tell you that you’re lucky things didn’t turn out worse, seeing as how you were outside after 9:00 pm.

    • I don’t know how long ago you lived there, but it’s certainly not weirdly quiet anymore. Even after midnight I can still hear people out on the sidewalk making their way home from the bars and restaurants.

      • Moved away a couple of months ago. Obviously then it was a function of the weather, but I was also there through the summer/fall. Quiet probably wasn’t the right word. Especially after midnight it just feels deserted. You do see some people walking home, but for the most part it seems like no one is OUT. I always sensed that most people came to the area for dinner/their first drink, but then headed back up to the NW for the rest of the night. Even with all of the bars on Penn (at 3rd and at 7th or so), that whole stretch is eery after 11:30 or 12.

  • I was mugged and beaten at 7th & E St SE and even though my guys weren’t caught, I did hear a good tip to go door to door in that area to see if anyone has cameras pointed to their porch that may have caught something. I used to live in the area (moved after my incident) and had a camera installed that could see the sidewalk since I was having a problem with packages being stolen.

  • Best wishes to your mom for a fast recovery and that she feels the support of the community.

  • This will not be solved until MPD employs beat cops around the Eastern Market area, on the street, not in squad cars playing with smartphones. At the very least this should be done during the summer months when all the darling little muggers are on vacation.

    • There are, in fact, a ton of beat cops out here. More than I’ve ever seen anywhere else in DC.

      • I would agree that most of the ones you see are just sitting in their cars, windows up (is this a rule?), looking at their laptops/phones. I always consider screaming to see if they would hear it (I never will, still curious though).

  • MPD has released surveillance video of a possible suspect in this attack:

  • It happened again. A woman was walking up 8th Street SE and got pulled into an alley and stabbed. Fortunately she is ok. This was around 9:30 or 10pm. There were a ton of cops and detectives around right after it happened– given how busy 8th street is there were a lot of witnesses. Praying they caught the guy.

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