Arrest Made in Shooting at the National Zoo


From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department announced today an arrest has made in connection to the shooting that occurred in the 3000 Block of Connecticut Avenue, NW

On Monday, April 21, 2014, at approximately 5:17 pm, an individual fired a handgun multiple times outside of the zoo striking two individuals who suffered non-life threatening injuries. An in-depth investigation has indicated that a lone gunman was responsible for this offense.

On Saturday, May 03, 2014, Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department arrested a 14-year-old juvenile male from Southwest, DC and charged him with Assault with a Dangerous Weapon (Gun).

Today’s arrest demonstrates the ongoing commitment of the dedicated men and woman of the Metropolitan Police Department and its partners in law enforcement to aggressively pursue these types of crimes. Gun violence in our city is unacceptable. As a team, we will continue to methodically investigate these types of crimes and protect our city. Particular to this arrest, the use of firearms in a violent act will not be tolerated in the District of Columbia. The Metropolitan Police Department has worked tirelessly on this matter to ensure the perpetrator would be apprehended and were assisted by the Metro-Transit Police, the Zoo Police, Prince George’s County PD, several other government agencies, and citizens. The Metropolitan Police Department along with the close cooperation of its citizens will not relent in bringing to justice those who wield illegal guns and carelessly risk the public’s safety. This arrest should serve as a reminder to criminals that law enforcement will continue to pursue individuals engaged in violent criminal activity.”

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  • A 14 year old. With a gun. Geez.

  • Does this mean they can reopen the rear gates and parking lot now?

  • assault with a dangerous weapon? – how about attempted murder? Can we please start throwing the book at everyone who uses guns.

    Can an attorney tell me how serious “assault with a dangerous weapon” is – versus attempted murder with a gun?

    • In DC you can charge ADW or Assault with the Intent to Kill, or of course Murder. My guess is the kid was shooting at a crowd meaning he didn’t have an intended victim but he did know that his actions could cause serious injury or death.

      I will wager that the victims weren’t very cooperative, which could lead to a lesser charge as well.

    • There is no such thing as “attempted murder” in the D.C. Code. In D.C. the charge is assault with intent to kill D.C. Code 22-401. However, without a specific target in mind, my guess is that the likely charge will be D.C. Code 22-402 assault with intent to commit mayhem.

      Both of these crimes can carry enhanced penalties by operation of DC 22-4502 (committing a crime while armed).

    • +1,000

      This kid is already past gone.

    • Just add a mandatory one year minimum jail term for every crime that involves a gun.

  • 14 years old. Wow.

  • MPD’s statement makes me wonder if they put their efforts up front to keep guns out of the hands of juveniles in DC they wouldn’t have to shine so much light on their post event investigative prowess!

    • My thoughts exactly. Whoever wrote/ approved that statement should be ashamed to be so utterly tone deaf.

  • Given the lax juvenile justice system in DC, he’ll just get a slap on the wrist. In a sane world, he’d be tried for attempted murder. As an adult.

    • He’s already out looking for another gun to steal. I predict he will kill somebody within 2 years, and still be let out because he will still be a juvenile. These kids do this kind of thing just for fun, because they know there are no consequences.

  • I’m really impressed they were able to make an arrest. With such chaos, the shooting happening outside the gates, no video cameras, who do they to even ask if they knew who it was?

  • This kid’s parents/guardians have failed at life, but serious props to MPD for their hard, and often thankless work.

    • You’re making some pretty big assumptions here. Not every parent of a troubled kid has “failed at life” – just as not every parent of a ‘successful” kid has succeeded “at life “. The ideal, of course, would be for every kid to have loving, functioning parents, safe, supportive, functioning schools, and a peer group and other concerned adults who are also doing well. If you don’t think that these things matter, read some of the posts here in Popville as people agonize about choosing schools, daycare, and housing options in neighborhoods that they deem as being suitable for raising their kids. I sincerely hope that your parents are proud of you for all of your accomplishments. And I also sincerely hope that you recognize and acknowledge the multiple levels of support and resources that it likely took for you to get to wherever you are now.

      I heartily agree with your last statement: Major props to the cops – their role in making DC a wonderful place to live cannot be acknowledged too much!

      • I’d say the parents are responsible for raising a kid who would do that.

        • While others might blame the NRA. Even if you were homeschooled in a hole somewhere, society’s values still seep in. We have a society in which it’s easier for at least some 14 year olds to get a gun than to get a solid education and meaningful employment and life skills.

  • the arresting charges are often lesser than what they charges become when they go on trial.

  • Just stop having Easter Monday at the Zoo,. Literally an invitation for trouble. At least make all children be accompanied by an adult.

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