Washington, DC


“I saw a teen being arrested, horses bikes helicopters, huge police presence!”

A reader also tweets us just before 6pm:

“Pop pop pop” at the zoo. Hoping it’s fireworks. Police helicopter and units suggest otherwise.”

Confirmed by MPD:

“Shooting_1752 hrs._2300 Connecticut Avenue NW”

From MPD:

“This afternoon at approximately 5:17 pm, two individuals were the victims of non-life threatening gunshot wounds while walking in the 3000 block of Connecticut Avenue NW. At the time of this offense, there was a large crowd of people patronizing the National Zoo and there may be witnesses to this crime. Anyone with information on this offense is encouraged to contact the MPD Crime Information Center on 202-727-9099. The police report numbers to this case are 14-055-269. You are not required to provide your name, address, or other pertinent information.”

Ed. Note: We spoke about gun shots in Woodley Park on Mon. 4/14 here.


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