“Walmart on H Street. English speakers allotted 25 items in Speedy Checkout. Spanish speakers 20.”

Update from Walmart:

“It was a mistake at the store level. We immediately corrected the number as soon as we became aware. The top numbers were changed to 20 items or less.”

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  • pablo .raw

    Que bueno saberlo.. I mean! Good to know!!

  • My guess is English speakers $9/hr and Spanish speakers $7.75/hr.
    But food stamps for EVERYONE! YAY!

  • That totally sucks!!!! And surely must violate some enforceable law and/or better business practice! And how awful that they either didn’t think anybody would be bilingual and notice, or didn’t care. One more reason not to shop at Walmart.

    If I spoke a few more words of Spanish, I’d definitely go bilingual on them with my 45 items. Thanks for the idea gotryit!

    • As much as I hate walmart, I’m pretty sure it was just a mistake.

      • I hope you’re right. But then what does it say about Walmart that nobody noticed? This took a lot more effort — and should have had a lot more people to sign off on it — than a handwritten or typed up sign.

  • HAHAHHA I love it

  • I guess Wal-mart’s incentive to be more fluent in English?

  • As long as the person’s only buying food, it doesn’t take any longer than a debit card, since an EBT card is just like a debit card. If they’re buying diapers, soap, etc. as well it just means 2 separate transactions–not a huge deal.

    WIC, though. WIC can take forever. I’m glad it exists but there has GOT to be an easier way. My brother was a cashier at a grocery store and needed a 2-hour training on processing WIC vouchers.

  • pablo .raw

    Every time I need to talk to somebody at some company that offers service in Spanish, I go for it; it’s usually faster than waiting for the next available person!

  • Wal-Mart has failed in in number of countries because they’ve been tone deaf about cultural stuff., and they’ve lagged behind other Western chains in China for this reason. Some how this doesn’t surprise me.

  • Wal-Mart has failed in several foreign countries, including a couple in Latin America because of cultural stupidity. They’ve lagged other Western retailers in China for the same reason. No surprise here.

  • The imminent departure of Jim Graham is paying off already!

  • My guess is both signs once said ’20 items’ but the English sentence was later modified with a sticker to say 25 items. That would explain why the ’25’ number is on a lighter blue background than the rest of the sign.

    • Turns out I was right. GIS ‘speedy checkout’ and you’ll see that ’20 items’ was once the standard. Looks like they forget to change ’20’ to ’25’ on the Spanish-language version.

  • I remember how my favorite pollo a la brasa place used to have a sign with something like, “whole chicken for takeout: $12” and “pollo entero para llevar: $10.”

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