Reader Reports of Scooter Accident in Bloomingdale, Possibly Involving High Speed Chase, Also Stabbing at Florida and North Cap

2nd and Rhode Island Ave, NW

A reader first sends word and the photo above via email around 5:30pm: “Sadly, it looks really serious.”

On Twitter @kebursaw tweets us the photo below:

“It’s a mess at North Cap and Florida Ave NW. Don’t drive near here. 90, 92, and X3 are blocked too”


@DCPolicedept tweeted:

“100 blk. of R. Island Ave NW. PT is cons/alert. R. Island Ave btwn 1st & 4th St’s is CLOSED both ways.”

@LPayne3 tweeted:

“heard it was a carjacking suspect, had police in pursuit. I think a scooter though, not motorcycle.”

@NewtoBD tweeted:

“High speed chase followed by hit and run”

Updates as more info becomes available.

UPDATE: From @DCAlerts:

“CONFIRMED A Stabbing_1600 Hrs_Florida AVE and North Capitol St NE_ LOF B/M.”

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  • This is more likely the cause of the hit and run on RI Ave:

    DC Police Department [email protected] 34m

    Robbery Gun_1715_1700 BLk of 5th St NW_3 B/M’s armed w/gun Black toyota highlander 9150

  • Just drove through here – avoid the area completely!

  • It was a total Schyte Show! Worst I have ever seen DC in my 6 years here. Between the Cherry Blossom traffic and this fiasco it took me 1 hour 20 minutes to get home from work (5 miles total) and I still never made it, parked on the street and walked home 3 blocks. It uzzz bad yall!

  • Crime isn’t a problem in DC at all! I hope Bowser takes a tougher approach to crime than Gray.

    • Gray’s approach is a joke!

      Which candidate is in favor of flooding crime hot spots with cops and drug dogs with orders to start crackin’ skulls? That’s who I’m voting for.

      • well your not going to get that from Bowser. Have home in Ward 4. Drug dealers working over time on the block and Bowser did zip to help alleviate the problem. She could have cared less. MPD and AG’s office were of more help but Bowser couldn’t even to be bothered to direct us to them to help. One of the neighbors reached out to them and we started getting results.

    • I’d like to see the rising crime rate be a major part of the election. Who’s going to come out harder against criminals and those that harbor them?

  • That liquor store needs to close

    • no. we just need anti loitering laws.

    • I sincerely doubt that this liquor store had anything to do with the robbery/carjacking/stabbing. Thugs gonna thug, with or without a liquor store,

      • That particular liquor store breeds, incubates and harbors thugs. Shut it down.

      • I think specific places (intentionally or otherwise) can end up encouraging loitering just by their very nature. This is why I support getting rid of Popeyes on Barracks Row and McDonalds in Chinatown and replacing them with something like a tapas or Greek restaurant. It’s not so much fun hanging out in front of a Greek or Albanian restaurant. There are definitely things a community can do to discourage loitering if you can’t get your city council to introduce common sense anti-loitering laws.

        • I’ve been to plenty of Popeyes and Mcdonalds that did not seem to “encourage loitering” – I have no idea what you mean by that statement. You can bet that restaurants don’t want loiterers to drive away potential business.

      • I live 3 blocks from this location. There are 2 more liquor stores within a 5 minute walk of this one. Big Bens (which is even worse) and then one at North Cap. and R, which is actually fine compared to the others. This liquor store always has people stumbling out, arguing, and fighting. People purchase their booze, stumble across the street, and sit in the greenspace arguing and passing out. It needs to be better.

    • I was sitting at the light by that Liquor Store, and saw a guy stagger out of it into the street, stumble and fall flat on his face. That particular store is the locus of a lot of bad behavior.

    • I’ve heard some rumblings that there are plans to turn the space above the liquor store / DCity Smokehouse into condos/apartments.

  • brookland_rez

    How can you have a “high speed chase” involving a scooter? They only go a maximum of 35mph.

    • I was wondering the same thing. Also, was it a “scotter-jacking” where the police were chasing the suspect who was on a scooter or was it a car-jacking where the suspect hit someone riding a scooter while running from the cops in a stolen car.

      • It was that, which is what led to all of the traffic problems. The issue happened at the busy intersection of North Capitol and Florida and they had that roped off then he fled in the vehicle up first street and hit somebody on a scooter (serious damage sad to say) at First and Rhode Island which shut down that major intersection. Po Po did a very poor job of it, they could have had somebody or signs up miles ahead of time telling people to reroute.

        • Accident scene was misreported, it was at RI Ave and 2nd NW. They had RI blocked off from 1st to 3rd, however, funneling all traffic to those streets. EVERY side street in Bloomingdale was wall to wall cars for about an hour as people tried to find a way around.

    • Not snarking here, but some scooters are 200cc which can easily go 65 mph or higher. That would probably register as a high speed chase in our congested and pedestrian-oriented city.

    • The phrasing of all the reporting was a little wonky – the scooter was an innocent person driving by, hit by guys driving a stolen truck that was apparently(?) carjacked…

  • My roommate told me she witnessed a stabbing on the X3 while around this location and this time. The men involved ran off the bus.

  • I was the person on the scooter. I had gone to a bookstore in Dupont Circle and was happily scootering home with a basket full of gardening books. The next thing I knew I was in the hospital and 5 hours are unaccounted for. I’ve suffered a serious [4+ hours unconscious] concussion and serious body bruising. A police officer came to see me in the ICU– all I could ask was, “What happened.” He told me I never saw it coming. That the police were in a high-speed chase with a carjacker and the “jacker” rammed me from the rear at a high rate of speed.

    I ask that anyone who say the accident please get in touch with me………….I so need to make sense of this horrific event. I would also like to thank anyone who tried to help me at the scene. The police officer said many people helped by jumping out of their vehicles in an to attempt to render aid to me. [Many thanks to the two doctors that helped]

    What do people thing about police involvements in “high speed chase”. I for one am not a fan in tight congested?
    Peace~ Shelly Gardner {Glad to be alive]

    • Sorry that happened to you – it sounds awful.
      I do think the police need to chase dangerous criminals. We can’t just let them run rampant and get away because they are running.

    • High speed chases have no place on crowded city streets, and most police departments have strict guidelines on when they should be used. I don’t think a carjacking should warrant such a chase, especially during rush hour, when the risk of harm or death to others is just too great.

      • The guidelines are strict. I believe if the carjacking involving an associated major crime such as kidnapping (kid still occupying the vehicle), the police have very strict limitations to pursue. It become extremely hairy for everyone’s safety.

    • Shelly,
      I am so sorry this happened to you. I was biking through the intersection as it happened and don’t think I will ever forget it. I am glad to hear that you made it through, though I am sure the healing process will be arduous. It was a police chase and there were at least 8 cop cars on their way through the streets in pursuit. Whether it was a high speed chase I can’t say, as the streets were crowded. A bystander in the median flagged them down once you were hit and they stopped and blocked off the intersection. I don’t know if they ever apprehended the driver. I was amazed that an ambulance arrived within 90 seconds. You will continue to be in my thoughts.

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