If You See a Bee Swarm Don’t Panic, It’s a Good Thing – Call (202) 255 4318 for Help by DC Beekeepers


Thanks to a reader for passing on:

“Hi all —

Hope you all don’t mind this swarm reminder again!

It’s FINALLY Spring, and we beekeepers are at least as happy as you are about that. The weird weather has created a situation where we believe, now that it is warm, that survivor bees in the wild are likely to build up quickly and swarm, and WE WANT THEM!

Because of losses nationwide, many new, trained beekeepers are having a hard time getting bees, and these are probably the best possible bees they could get. We could really use your help if you see a swarm of bees which we could catch and give a safe place to live.

If you see a swarm of bees, or even think you might, please call (202) 255 4318 or email dcbees at dcbeekeepers dot org — and we can get an experienced beekeeper over there quick to help you out. Insecticides truly will not take care of your situation, but we can.

The news on bee health has really not changed since last year. We are fighting climate, pesticides, pests, habitat loss, pollution and lots of the things that challenge human health, too. DC turns out to be a place where lots of folks make pro-pollinator, pro-environment choices, and we are so grateful to you for that! Please help us create more survivors.

Please remember: honeybees are under extreme threat, and those swarms represent the unique populations that have not only figured out how to survive pests, pesticides, and climate change, but THRIVE. We beekeepers can grab those bees, give them safe homes somewhere else, and help ensure a healthier future where honeybees can continue to make our food supply and green spaces grow. It is a kind of compliment to DC that we have a place where honeybees and people can collaborate so well.”

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  • If I saw a bee swarm like this on my front porch, my first instinct would be to run…run for my life.

  • What an odd place for them to choose.

  • fire works 10 times out of 10

  • interesting! i haven’t seen a nest or anything but there have been a TON of bumblebees in my bloomingdale backyard, so there must be a nest nearby. i thought it was early for that, but maybe it’s this survivor mentality thing.

  • Yeah, the bumblebees are all over my and my neighbor’s house. Every spring they buzz and fly over our shared roofs. When I open the front door and keep the storm door locked so that the cats can bask in the sun coming through the glass door I can see their reflections as they buzz around on the porch. Lord knows I’ve looked up at the roof to see if there’s a hive up there but I don’t see anything. Trying to get into the house with them buzzing around is an adventure. I always tell them don’t sting me – I’m not bothering you, I’m just trying to take the groceries into the house. So far so good – no stings!

  • Christ on a bicycle! If I saw that I would pee my pants and run home, crawl under the covers, and not come out for a week.

  • skj84

    That picture gave me the willies. Shuddering.

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