PoPville PSA – It’s Still Not Ok to Clip Your Nails on Metro


Man, woman, young, old, black, white, gay, straight, dog lover, dog hater, cyclist, car enthusiast, native Washingtonian or newcomer – I think this is something we can all agree on – please stop doing this. It is freaking disgusting. Thank you.

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  • I agree! (Female, Black, straight, native Washingtonian, middle-aged, dog lover, pedestrian/Metro rider.)

  • Thank you! Why do people think this is okay to do? Can we add the office as another place where it is unacceptable to clip your nails?

    • I had a coworker who would do this in our weekly meetings. It was like part of his Monday routine or something.

    • My favorite was the middle-aged guy who decided to take off his dress shoes and socks and pick out his toe jam and trim his toe nails on the Metro. Lovely.

      • Wow, that is absolutely disgusting. How could he think that is any way acceptable?

      • EEEEEEW! I can see a discreet clip or file in an “emergency”. I can sort of see how someone starting with what was intended to be a discreet clip or file could take it a little too far. But toenails is way too far by any standard that I can possibly imagine.
        But, erm, full disclosure: At least twice, in a metro or station, I’ve peeled off my sock and put on a bandaid when I’ve had blisters on my heel. It was disgusting, but I was in pain, and didn’t want to do more damage by waiting until I walked several more blocks and made it to a more private space.

        • Personally I don’t think putting a bandaid on is disgusting and that situation is understandable. Now if you were taking it OFF and leaving it on the ground, yes that’d be disgusting.

      • I really shouldnt have decided to open this post while eating…. EW

    • I have worked with at least 4/5 men who clip their nails at their desks. At least some had offices…but still. Never quite got it…

  • I think applying nail polish is worse.

  • How do we feel about ladies who file their nails on the train/public spaces.
    It’s basically the same effect as using a nail cutter, just a different tool.

    • I don’t file my nails in public (if one tears, I wait until I can at least find a public restroom, which is in public, I guess, but not the same as other public spaces), however, I don’t think it’s the same at all. When you clip your nails, they can go flying and potentially (and likely) enter other people’s space. It’s pretty easy to file your nails into your own purse/on to the floor/etc.

      • “on to the floor”
        This is why you can’t have nice things.
        The floor of a public space isn’t your personal grooming garbage can. I don’t leave my body hair trimmings out in public.

        • But I imagine (if you’re a female) that you put stray hairs on the “floor” before you get all holier than thou. Or even strings from your clothing.

          • Right, like I said, I don’t personally do it-I wait until a can find a public restroom, then do it either into the trashcan or the toilet (in the case of, say, a nail that breaks that I don’t want to break further or snag my clothes, otherwise I just do it at home). But, I think it’s disingenuous to act as though clipping one’s nails in public has the same affect as filing them.

          • This was meant as a reply to anonymous at 1:50.

        • Isn’t this the same thing you’d do at home though? I don’t file or cut my nails (they always break before I need to) but I didn’t think people did it standing over a trashcan.

          • “At home” is a major major difference though. Besides I think many people do it over a trashcan or other receptacle.

    • HATE HATE HATE. This is the most grating noise for me – almost as bad as nails on a blackboard. My mom always does this in the car and it drives me crazy. Plus then you leave little tiny nail filing dust all over, which seems rude.

      • My mom kept using an emery board on her nails in my living room and then just leaving it on the upholstery. I had to insist that she do it only in the bathroom or the guest room.

    • you were not raised well.

      • I think this is supposed to be a reply to me, but I can’t really tell. Apparently you were not raised by someone who thought reading comprehension was important. As I’ve stated more than once, I don’t personally file my nails in public. The rudeness on this blog is really at an all-time high lately.

  • I have occasionally stealthily clipped a hangnail while on Metro (so that it didn’t make me go crazy for the remainder of the ride), but I do not understand why anyone would do non-emergency nail clipping in a public place.

    • Who carries a nail clipper with them?!? I’m guessing your purse is massive.

      • Haha, I was thinking the same thing! That is definitely not on my list of items I have to have with me at all times.

      • It’s not any bigger than a lipstick. I keep one in the cosmetic case in my (medium-sized) purse. If I don’t have a nail clipper on me (like when the TSA wasn’t allowing them after 9/11), it’s almost a guarantee that I’ll get a hangnail.

      • I almost always carry one in my purse and keep one at work. It is small, and if I crack or break a nail or get a hangnail during the day, it is much better to take care of it sooner rather than later (I always seem to snag the broken one on any available snaggable surface, thus doing further damage to the nail and to my clothing, upholstery, etc.). I do, however, try to clip in the privacy of bathroom or office, and clip directly into the trash can. Also, I find filing nails isn’t very efficient (plus it gives me the nails on the chalkboard feeling).

    • Same here. Hangnails occasionally get to the point where they drive me crazy – and they’re painful – so once or twice I’ve had to quickly snip one off.

      I carry a nail clipper in my purse too. Being without one when I get a hangnail or break a nail is a paaain…

    • I also have nail clippers in my purse. I use them for hangnails or if a nail breaks and it’s sharp. I try not to fix a broken nail in public, but sometimes if it’s annoying enough- they get stuck on everything and can ruin clothing- I’ll do it.
      I’m not carrying around a tote bag as a purse, though it might be a touch disingenuous to call mine medium, but there are some things I like to have on hand. It’s nice to have nail clippers in a pinch, they can sometimes be used as a stand in for scissors for small things and it’s nice when traveling to have them on me in case of broken nail or hangnail.

  • Not sure what the big deal is. I’ve seen a lot worse on the Metro.

    • My boss saw some kids pour cheetos on the train floor, then stomp on it. Lovely.

      • The NYC subway equivalent would be pissing on the floor and then sitting in it.

        • The stuff you see on NYC subway is soooooooo much more crazy than what we get on the Metro. I’ve seen – multiple times – projectile vomiting, crapping, pissing, masturbating, etc. It’s just another level of savagery.

      • Yeah, I don’t get it. I’ve seen people defecating, having sex and walking barefoot on the Metro. Clipping nails should be pretty low on the totem pole.

        • Well excuse us if we want to set the bar a little higher than shitting on the train.

          • You haven’t really lived life if you haven’t shit in a box on a train.

          • It’s the fact that this is a PSA but in reality, there are things a MILLION times worse than clipping a finger nail or two on the train.

          • Well fine, next time you see something a MILLION times worse, snap a photo and send it to PoPville and it’ll get a PSA also.

          • This comment and the one above made my afternoon. My office-mate had to ask if I was crying bc I was laughing so hard. God bless Metro and the weirdness of humanity!

    • RIGHT? We get a PSA for this, but not for masturbating on the metro. Lolz.

  • To the wiiiiindow. To the waaallllll!!!

  • I think that all public grooming, except for maybe applying chapstick or lipstick, is rude and gross. If you can’t find a bathroom or somewhere else private, don’t do it. It can wait!

  • And please do not brush you hair on the Metro either.

    • Are you one of those people that wears surgeons masks when going out in public?

      • I agree with him. The kind of people that brush their hair usually have fine hairs that fall out all over the place. That’s kind of gross.

  • On Boston’s subway, I watched a rather large guy pull up his shirt and peel skin off his sunburned chest and stomach for a good 15 minutes. It was way worse than nail clipping.

  • Heck, I can’t stand hearing my spouse clipping her nails in HER bathroom, down the hall!

    So, in public? Oh no. No, no. no. It would be interesting to know, though, What Is Wrong With Those People.

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